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Girl Meets World / July 15th, 2015

Scroll down if you want to be spoiled. You have been warned.



A fan asked EOnline a scoop for Girl Meets World.

Sara: Girl Meets World is my guilty pleasure, I cannot lie. So how about some scoop to reward me for my confession?
Hey, ain’t no shame in your TV-watching game! Get ready for a major Maya storyline as we’ve learned the show will be introducing her much-discussed father in an upcoming episode. Roguish and goodlooking, Kermit is sure to stir up trouble for Shawn’s new relationship with Maya’s mom when he comes back into the picture.

Check out this link for more scoops that EOnline gave for other respective shows: http://www.eonline.com/news/675753/spoiler-chat-scoop-on-vampire-diaries-walking-dead-empire-arrow-and-more

Source: EOnline.com

Girl Meets World / April 10th, 2015


Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here.

Source: RileyAndAuggie.Tumblr.com

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  • First Date:  Thank you for [the] full circle bus scene finale. [Riley] Went from not being able to speak to giving kiss. Beautifully done. How a Cast grows in 21 weeks 😉 “That was the intended takeaway. Thanks for getting it.” (x)
    • I loved the continuity errors reference when it comes to Corpanga’s first date in the last episode! “Yeah. One was purposefully out of continuity.” (x)
    • I was kind of confused when Maya asked Lucas out how did it help Riley? “It pushed Lucas. Maya has been pushing Lucas all along.” (x)
    • okay, one question. When Riley+Maya were sat in the window, did Maya hint that she liked Lucas?! Or was I dreaming it?! “y’know, dreams are manifestations of what people think.” (x Did she hint it or not?! I’m confused! “So are we” (x)
    • Why did Lucas call Maya the other one? Was it lucaya foreshadowing? “No, they already have an interesting relationship. Foreshadowing would be if I said: Look at those leaves in the wind…” (x)
  • DemolitionCan you give me another Corpanga line from demolition please! You know I love them ”You’ll love that [episode]. Lots of Cory and Topanga. Well there’s 1,200 bucks I’m not getting back.” (x)
    • Are we going to see more Cory and Topanga scenes like just them, no kids? “Not their show, but strong in next episode.” (x)
    • Give me a word that someone says in Demolition. Give the word and who says it “Timberlake. Auggie. Last word of episode.” (x)
    • Maya line: “Agg-hugghh” (x)

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Mar / April 10th, 2015


Disney Channel has uploaded a sneak peek/promo for Girl Meets Demolition! Don’t forget to tune into the episode on Friday, April 17th at 8:30PM est on the Disney Channel!

Source: Disney Channel’s Official Youtube

Girl Meets World / March 28th, 2015


Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here.

Source: RileyAndAuggie.Tumblr.com

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] [nine] [ten][shawn&angela] [q&a]


  • First Date: why are they making 7th graders kiss on a Disney show I’m “Watch before you judge. Then watch Girl Meets The New World. Then judge. We think you’ll be ok.” (x)
  • Demolition: What is Demolition about? “We’d like to sell all of our clothes, please!” (x)
    • Why do they want to sell their clothes? Tell me something!! Anything!! “Buy something. buy something for meeeee.” (x)
    • Wait, is it Riley that’s saying that to Maya? Or Cory saying it to Riley?? This is so confusing!!! “Riley Topanga.” (x)


  • Season 2 premieres in May (x)
  • Gravity: Feeny will return in this episode (x)
  • Pluto: Does Riley ever meet Lauren? “Not sure. But she will find out about her in Pluto.” (x)

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Girl Meets World / March 27th, 2015


Written by Mar.

Since Girl Meets First Date was added to the WATCH Disney application, I had the pleasure of being able to watch it this morning. I’ve watched it four times already so that goes to say how good the episode is. First off, the episode was directed by Rider Strong and he did a fantastic job with it. Secondly, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but this episode was written by Susan Estelle Jensen who was a writer from Boy Meets World. Amazing writing job to her as well. Now onto the episode. I think it is one of the best this season so you definitely don’t want to miss it! This episode is about Riley wanting to go on her first date and Cory realizing that his little girl is not so little anymore. This episode paralleled “Boy Meets World” in the way that Shawn got the ball rolling when it came to Cory asking Topanga out. Maya got the ball rolling by asking Lucas to go out with her which in turn confused Riley who later realizes that Maya did that to help her out. She realizes later that Maya did it to help push her and Lucas together. Lucas being the gentleman that he is, comes over to the Matthews house to ask Cory for permission to take Riley out on her first date. Cory agrees to it as long as it is a double date with Farkle and Maya. Josh is in this episode as well. He is going to be taking summer classes at NYU which makes Maya very happy. Maya hits on him and he tells her that she’s 3 years younger than him so it won’t work. There was also a very funny scene with Cory when he said to Lucas “Do I look like a man who would let his child go out on a date this young?” and then out walk Ava and Auggie. I actually laughed out loud at that. It was perfect. Ava told Topanga that Auggie proposed to her and she shows Topanga her ring. Topanga realizes the ring Ava is wearing is actually hers that her Grandmother gave her.

There is a scene with Maya and Riley in the bakery. Josh is there with his campus adviser who is telling him all about NYU. Riley notices that he is there and tries to leave before Maya sees them. She knows that Maya really likes Josh and doesn’t want her to be upset by seeing that he is with another girl. However, Maya being Maya, turns around anyway and is clearly upset that because she thinks they are on a date. The next scene is Riley and Maya before their date. Before Maya shows up there is a scene with Riley and Topanga. Topanga tells her that she looks beautiful and Cory probably won’t let her leave the house. Riley asks her about her first date with Cory so Topanga tells her about it. Shortly after that Maya shows up. She and Riley comment to each other about how good they look. Maya says she’s giving Farkle 84% because she knows it means more to him than it does her. The next scene is with Cory, Auggie and Ava. They have a fake wedding and it’s another cute moment where I laughed. Topanga says she is going to be the first to take Ava over the threshold. She basically kicks Ava out. Really funny scene.

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Girl Meets World / March 25th, 2015

640_Girl_Meets_World_Finale_02Picture Credit: ETOnline and Disney Channel

ET has shared an exclusive clip of Girl Meets First Date. Cory being Cory like always – we so can’t wait for this episode! Girl Meets First Date premieres Friday at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel!

Source: ETOnline via Rowan’s tweet


Mar / March 22nd, 2015



girlmeetsworldhd has uploaded a small clip from “Girl Meets First Date” via the episode being on demand. Check out the clip below.

Source: https://instagram.com/girlmeetsworldhd/

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Mar / March 12th, 2015


The writers went on a tweeting spree today answering some fan questions! We brought over some interesting ones that they answered. We thought one of the most interesting ones was the one where someone asked if Eric or Morgan will have any kids and the writers answered that one of them might. Check out the tweets below!

Source 1Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5, Source 6, Source 7, Source 8, Source 9, Source 10, Source 11, Source 12, Source 13, Source 14, Source 15, Source 16, Source 17,

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