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Girl Meets World / March 28th, 2015


Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here.

Source: RileyAndAuggie.Tumblr.com

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  • First Date: why are they making 7th graders kiss on a Disney show I’m “Watch before you judge. Then watch Girl Meets The New World. Then judge. We think you’ll be ok.” (x)
  • Demolition: What is Demolition about? “We’d like to sell all of our clothes, please!” (x)
    • Why do they want to sell their clothes? Tell me something!! Anything!! “Buy something. buy something for meeeee.” (x)
    • Wait, is it Riley that’s saying that to Maya? Or Cory saying it to Riley?? This is so confusing!!! “Riley Topanga.” (x)


  • Season 2 premieres in May (x)
  • Gravity: Feeny will return in this episode (x)
  • Pluto: Does Riley ever meet Lauren? “Not sure. But she will find out about her in Pluto.” (x)

    • Why is it called Girl Meets Pluto?? “Because Pluto’s a little cutie pie and I would kiss it on the face.” (x)
  • The New World: Maya and Farkle’s marriage: I bet it’s a school project “I bet it’s not.” (x)
    • Is Stuart at Farkle and Maya’s “wedding?”“Just the kids in the hall.” (x)
    • Does Maya appreciate/enjoy her and Farkle wedding or is she unhappy about it?“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” (x)
    • Is it a dream or something?“No, it’s something” (x)
  • The cutest Rucas Episode of season 2?“New World is pretty adorable. Secret of Life isn’t adorable but you will love it.” (x)
  • Secret of Life: shock value out of 10 of Secret of Life and Lucas’s secret? Will we hate Lucas afterwards or how will we feel/react? “8. There have been hints. You will like him better. He is a work in progress like the rest of us.” (x)
    • Stage Direction: “Riley takes the bucket and…” (x)
  • The Tell Tale Tot: Josh/Maya line: “I’ll walk them home.” (x)
  • The New Teacher:  A new character is added that will resemble one from BMW (x)
    • Is the new character for Girl Meets teacher gonna be someone like John Turner?  “Ya think?” (x)
    • The new teacher is a woman (x)
    • She is teaching English (x)
  • “Season 2 will be a complete delight for BMW fans.” (x)
  • Will we see Riley become more confident throughout the series? “absolutely. season 2 is about growth.” (x)
  • more Topanga please she’s not in many scenes 🙁 “Lots of Topanga coming. Doy. Dewey. Doy. Dewey. Doy Doy Doy Doy Doy Doy, Doy Doy Doy Doy Doy. Dewey.” (x)
  • Any mother/daughter scenes in season 2? Love Topanga & Riley “Yes” (x)
  • Is something gonna happen next season with Cory and Topanga’s relationship? “Yeah. They love each other even more.” (x)
  • Lucas & Maya Quote: Lucas: you’re going to be the one on the floor and I’ll be the one who walks away. Maya: Oooooooooo!!!! (x)
  • A line Lucas says to Riley: “I really like you.” (x)
  • Cory & Topanga stage direction: “Cory holds out the laundry basket. Topanga tosses in a pair of socks.” (x)
  • Will Farkle ever have feelings for Smackle? “Yes. Strong feelings. This season.” (x)
    • WHAT? Nooooooooo I don’t want Smackle to end up with Farkle “You have to read our responses carefully. We’re tricky.” (x)
  • Any hints on the new characters? Names, story lines? “Harper” (x)
  • Is your “guest writer” a GMW actor? “Will is writing his 3rd episode.” (x)
  • They haven’t decided whether to call the episode Maya’s dad appears Maya’s Father or Forgiveness (x)


  • Morgan: so you’re bringing Lindsay back next season “I think we’ll begin chronologically.” (x)
  • Will Cory ever hand over his silver boxing gloves he received from Alan, or did he never get them back? “He has them. And he will.” (x)
  • Will Morgan or Eric have any kids? “One won’t. one might.” (x)
  • Can Eric adopt? “He will want to one more time.” (x)
  • We are asking the question about Corpanga […], is he going to call her TOPY??!! “Yes” (x)
  • Cory and Topanga: You keep ignoring the swamp thingy question, the Jean jacket, and the vows… “We did not. Jacket yes, swamp thingy probably not vows maybe” (x)


  • Guys i have an idea for an episode! its called Girl meets Hold On. Its about the best thing to hold onto in life is your friends “That’s what the whole series is about.” (x)
  • …The @GMWWriters tweets, which are sometimes frustrating & intentionally confusing!! “never intentionally confusing. Sorry if they’re frustrating. And one was intentionally confusing.” (x)
  • Girl Meets World Movie? “Maybe someday if we can think about something worth talking about for two hours.” (x)
  • Will we see Maya become closer to her mom throughout the series “Yes” (x)
  • Will Farkle’s mom be predictable or will she be a surprise? “Well, she’s certainly not predictable since we got 1,000 guesses and only 2 right answers…” (x)
    • Farkle’s mom is NOT Kelly Packard (x)
  • Will there be another episode with vintage theme? “Eventually” (x)
  • Are you going to do an episode on sexism? “it’s on the table for down the line.” (x)
  • Why do people argue over Rucas and Lucaya? I don’t want a repeat of Creddie vs. Seddie. GMW isn’t iCarly. “Agree. It’s not about a sensitive brunette and her tough blonde friend or anything like that.” (x)
  • Will Farkle like someone besides the girls? “Yes” (x)
  • Will Maya get a crush on someone besides Josh? “Could be” (x)
  • What are some of the things Lucas likes about Riley? “She is a calming influence on him. You’ll see.” (x)
  • Simple yes or no, Michael. Is Rucas the new Corpanga? “no. Rucas is Rucas.” (x)
  • It would be interesting if Lucaya happens….  No! Interesting if Rucas happens 🙂 “Whatever happens, we promise it will be interesting.” (x)
  • Do you realize how many people ship Lucas&Maya over Lucas&Riley? what do you think of that? “I think I gotcha just where I wantcha.” (x)
  • I really wish younger fans got that you’re going to write the story you want to write/the journey the characters take you on, that’s not going to be influenced by how many times they tweet you about their favorite ship.   (You said it before, Rucas/Lucaya are tied in your eyes and you’ll be the tiebreaker.) That’s not to say they shouldn’t be passionate about whatever ship, but there’s a point where it seems to become troubling (Some of the things I’ve read sent to you… yikes.) There’s so much more to this show than who dates who, and I think you’re doing an incredible job doing that. “We really appreciate that. And completely agree.” (x)


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