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Mar / January 21st, 2017

Girl Meets World fans,

This post contains information that you need if you would like to join in on the efforts to save Girl Meets World. I wanted to put this information all into one post. We encourage to to focus on Netflix. Hulu, and Amazon Video. Below has contact information for all three platforms PLUS my quoted post from the other day when all this information came out about Netflix not being an option anymore. For those that may not know I talked to someone who is close to the show and that quote explains what was said. Keep fighting guys you are all appreciated!

You can find more campaign info here: http://savegirlmeetsworld.com


PS: Make sure you click on “Continue reading” for the contact info.

Copied and pasted this from a post I made yesterday in regards to Netflix things. I also want to add that I talked to Linda and she understands and has no hard feelings towards BMWSequel for posting this to you guys. She understands we want to encourage you guys to keep ALL efforts going! Also want to say that the info in the quote is what I was told when I asked someone close to the show if I should stop efforts towards Netflix.

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Mar / February 25th, 2017

Sabrina did an ask me anything where fans submitted questions and she answered them. She talks a lot about her music. Her interviews are always fun to watch!

Source and Photo Credit: AskMeAnythingChat Youtube

Mar / February 25th, 2017

We have told you guys before that Corey LOVES photography.  He’s even got his own Photography account on Instagram which you can find here: https://www.instagram.com/outofthedarkroom. For the next two weeks he is selling a limited edition Polaroid T-Shirt.  This is the reason why he’s created this shirt:

“In creating this shirt, I wanted to portray the subjectivity of photography. The nonspecific background is a green screen for your imagination. Hope you like it.” – Corey

If you are interested in buying one of these shirts they are available worldwide and you can purchase one buy going here: https://represent.com/corey Stay tuned to his Instagram as he’ll be posting more info on Giveaways and will be doing an Instagram Live Event!

Source and Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Excited to launch my limited edition t-shirt – only on sale for the next 2 weeks, link in bio! Stay tuned for info regarding Insta live and special giveaways! #polaroidcorey https://represent.com/corey

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Mar / February 24th, 2017

Ceci is going to be starring as Ariel in the theatre version of Footloose. The production will be held on 3/2/2017-3/5/2017 in Santa Ana California at the Orange County School of Arts “The Web Theatre”. Below is a link where you can get tickets! I’m so proud of you Ceci! I wish I could be there to see you. 🙂


Source and Photo Credit: Ceci’s Instagram

Mar / February 20th, 2017

Rowan recently sat down with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens to talk about the new live action Beauty and the Beast that both star in. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m excited for this movie!

Source and Photo Credit: Emma Watson Source Youtube

Mar / February 19th, 2017

Just wanted to post this reminder to you all that the third season of Girl Meets World is now up on Netflix. It was released this morning Feb 19th at 3:00AM EST. Enjoy re-watching the season over again or to those who have not seen it yet enjoy watching Season 3 for the first time! It’s a great season! 🙂

Mar / February 17th, 2017

Photo Credit: Mark’s Instagram

As you all know I’m supportive of everyone who of the cast, crew, and writers of Girl Meets World. I love to support all of them including their family members. I wanted to share with you guys that Mark’s son Liam just like his dad has a love for writing but most of all is a big sports fan. If you are a sports fan you should check out the articles he writes for scorespace.com.! You can find Liam’s articles by going here:


Side Note: Now that the show is over with the news on the website will have more to do with the acotrs, writers, crew, and their family members than it will the show itself so expect more posts like this in the future if any of their family members have projects too! 🙂

Source: Mark’s Twitter

Mar / February 13th, 2017

Michael Jacobs and his son Joshua were interviewed by “Written By” magazine! It is a wonderful interview. I really enjoyed reading it. They both talk about writing Girl Meets Commonism the episode in Season 2. The idea for the episode was actually Josh’s idea and he came up with it from personal experience which led to him and Michael writing it together. Go here to read the interview it is a great read! The interview starts on Page 26 and goes until Page 31.

Click here to read Micheal and Josh’s Intervew

Mar / February 12th, 2017

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram and Peyton’s Instagram

There isn’t a lot of information out on this but we wanted to congratulate Corey as well as Peyton Clark on their new roles! I think is for a movie called “Squad Goals” but I am not 100% on this. When more info comes out we will share it! Congrats again to Corey and Peyton! Looking forward to seeing what this is all about. For those that don’t know Peyton is dating Sabrina’s sister Sarah and was on Disney Channels’ show “I Didn’t Do It”.

Source: CartelHQ Twitter

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Also don't forget to send in those Paper Airplanes! Info on Planes4GMW Campaign.
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