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Get ready guys! Linda from The Wrap has some Girl Meets World related news coming for you first thing tomorrow morning! First news will be at 8AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern then more news later in the day!

Source: Linda’s Twitter


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Happy Birthday, Peyton! We hope you have an awesome day and can’t wait to see what is in store for Lucas on Girl Meets World. Keep up the amazing work!

-Mar and Sef

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10520261_1437046933223014_318202971_nPhoto Credit: Danielle’s Instagram interviewed Danielle about family shows (Girl Meets World, Fuller House, Gilmore Girls) that are being revived and her movie “Boiling Pot” that you can rent or purchase online here:

On family shows being revived:

“I do think there was an age of television back in the ‘90s that was a little bit more wholesome,” Fishel, 34, tells Us. “I think society has reached a point where they are tired of seeing the disgustingness that they’re seeing on television. They’re craving television that they felt comfortable [with] and they felt okay laughing at and watching and being with their kids. And they didn’t feel like you needed to change the channel if your grandparent was in the room.”

“I think it’s great,” Fishel adds to Us. “I think the more wholesome things that come back to television, the better off we’ll be.”

On her movie “Boiling Pot”:

US WEEKLY: What drew you to this film?

DANIELLE FISHEL: I really couldn’t believe that the things that I was reading within the script were actually true events that had taken place. . .within the last 10 years.

Read the rest of the interview here:

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CUB4TV_UcAERhfb.jpg largePhoto Credit: Will’s Twitter

A fan on Twitter posted a video of Will at Wizard World Comic Con’s panel. He talked about how the Thundercats Ho! was handed down to him by Larry Kenney and then went onto say that he did the same thing with the Feeny Call by passing the torch to Rowan and Sabrina. We quoted what he said below:

[To Rowan and Sabrina] The Feeny Call is yours now. Treat it well because it was important to me but it’s yours now so now you’re the only ones that can do it, so out of respect for them, they’ll be handling the Feeny Call.

Aww! How nice of Will to say that.

Watch him say it below:

Source: Paolapinto95’s Twitter

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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter

Sabrina is in attendance for the 2015 AMA’s! She looks so beautiful tonight. You can check out some pictures and videos in the embedded tweets below.

Source: Sabrina, Hollywood Rec’s, and Billboard’s,The AMA’s on Twitter

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CTLfB0MUkAA1R19.jpg large

Photo Credit: Trina’s Twitter

Trina McGee and Maitland Ward were reunited on November 6th at the red carpet for a fashion show at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. They were interviewed separately. Trina said it was natural for the new generation to be with the old generation as they’re passing on lessons to the kids.

Source: ChristyReports’s YouTube account

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Disney Channel released a promo for Girl Meets The New Year. If we find a better version we will add it to the post. Until then enjoy!

UPDATE: We posted a better version.

Girl Meets The New Year premieres Friday, December 4 at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel.

Episode description:

Farkle tells Riley that she has until midnight on New Year’s Eve to tell everyone how she really feels about Lucas.

Picture and video via: RileyandAuggie’s YouTube account

Mar   Friday, November 20th, 2015   11:19 am EST   1 Comment

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Facebook

Auggie is doing a meet and greet today at 11AM PST – 12PM PST at the Los Cerritos Center. If you attend it make sure you bring an unopened gift to donate to the toy drive! All info is on the Facebook post below!

(Side Note: Auggie’s Facebook post that is embedded below was posted yesterday.)

Source: Auggie’s Facebook



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SabrinaPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter 

You all got to check out this cover of Adele’s song that Sabrina did. She is so beyond talented it’s not even funny. This cover brought me to tears because it was just that good! I’m so proud of you Sabrina for all you have and are going to accomplish in your life.

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