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According to, the live taping dates for Season 3 so far are: ★ 7/26/16 ★ 8/1/16 ★ 8/2/16/strong>
If you would like to attend then you can order tickets (they become available a month prior to the show date) by going here:
Please note that the tickets to attend a Girl Meets World taping are free! If you are watching from home, join us for our fun Live Chats and let us know what you think! Download the free HotSwitch app for iPhone, or sign up for Android.
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Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Rowan is did a speech at WEDay and they will be showing her speech soon. Details on how you can watch it are below:

Source: Rowan’s Twitter 

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Cq1gjMEVIAANzmUPhoto Credit: Auggie’s Twitter

Dear Auggie and Ocean.

I hope that you both have an amazing birthday. I LOVED the Girl Meets Bear.

Auggie you are such an incredible talent and it has been awesome watching you grow up on the TV screen that past years. Your scenes on Girl Meets World are some of my favorites. You are going to go so far. I’m so proud of you! Happy Birthday!

Dear Ocean: Happy 5th birthday! You were so cute in Girl Meets Bear and did a great job as playing a younger version of your brother. I’m so proud of you and hope we will get to see you in more flashbacks soon! Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you!

We hope that you guys like the birthday wishes that Mommy reads to you below. 🙂

Love Mar

Happy Birthday guys – Chrissy

Happy birthday august and ocean!!!!! You are both awesome kids!!!!!! Keep
up the good work!!!🎂🎁🎀🎈🎆🎉🎊🎇🎁🎁🎁🎁 – Mae

I would like to wish mark,august, and ocean a verrrrryyyyyy HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much for a great show for my two girls can watch and
love. Keep up the good work!!!!! So from my small family again HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-):-):-) – Tia

Happy birthday Ocean ,and Auggie, love GMW best show ever and hope u
all have the best birthdays ever!! GMW rocks!!:) -Michele

Happy Birthday !! Auggie and Ocean . I love how auggie acts in the series and
dying to see Ocean . I hope you spend great love them !! – – Brune

Happy birthday August (& Ocean)!! I love your character so much, you are
such an amazing person. – Molly

Happy Birthday Auggie and Ocean! l And Hope All Your Dreams and Wishes Come True

Love~ Mark
P.s Please Give us a Season 4

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14134594_673308532816896_1763491043_nPhoto Credit: Mark’s Instagram

Dear Mark,

We hope that you have the happiest birthdays! Thank you for being one of the many reasons we have such an incredible show that we can look forward to watching every week. Thank you for being so kind 13260173_10153449292296851_4318307627744812349_nwhen we have met you the times that we have. You’re an amazing writer and we love Girl Meets World. I know that Girl Meets World is geared more towards children but even at 31 years old and 23 years old it has taught us a lot about life.  Thank you so much for being so nice to us when we came and visited the set. You’re amazing and you were a big part of my childhood and now adult life. I can’t wait to see what you create next! happy birthday! Here’s to another year of awesome and hopefully one more season if not more!!  We hope you love these messages that your fans sent to us. 🙂

-Mar and Natalie-  

Hi Mark!

Thank you for all the wonderful episodes that you have written and shared with us. You’re one of my favorite writers. It’s a real privilege to see your writing brought to life. I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it! Here’s to hoping for a season 4! 🙂


To Mark happy birthday🎈🎂 and thank you for making GMW a fantastic show

for all us to watch, its an amazing show,And the cast and crew are
awesome, i also hope u have an amazing birthday and hope for a season 4!!!
Everyone one is great on GMW and the writes are sweet with the episodes the
and you write !! Yall Rock . happy birthday Mark and thank you from the
bottom of my heart !! Have a great birthday😎😀😎😀😎😀 -Michele-


I want to congratulate you on your birthday. I hate to let you know that
you’re getting a year older, but it’s all in good spirit!! As a 29 year old
man with no kids and a girlfriend; I often times find myself watching Girl
Meets World and I actually enjoy it despite the show being intended for
younger viewers. I fully believe that the writing of the show is critical
to the success of the show. How is it that you as an “older person” (you’re
only older in age not in spirit) can write such deep content about younger
people? It is absolutely incredible that you can keep this mindset despite
all that exists out in the world (war, racism, money, children, etc. etc.).


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Sabrina was in Pennsylvania recently due to the fact that she had two concerts she was going to be doing. While in PA she visited the Philly’s Children Hospital and sang to the sick children. You can watch the video below

Source and Photo Credit: Ryan Seacrest Foundation on Youtube

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Over the course of Season 3, something special has happened to our group. BMWSequel members have started watching GMW together in our brand new Watch Parties. And those parties continue to grow every week!

This is great for our show ratings! The more we watch live, the higher the ratings, which means we have a better shot of saving our show!

The HotSwitch team has even been working with us directly to make the experience more exciting every week. As of last week, we can now answer live polls and share new emojis. (Check them out in the video above!)

That’s right! What started out as an experiment is now a fun part of our weekly routine. By downloading the free HotSwitch app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you have VIP access to jump into live chat rooms for every episode of Girl Meets World, and share your reactions and thoughts as you watch with us.

You’re Invited!

So join us tomorrow for Girl Meets Bear! And become part of the most exciting GMW group out there!

Android user? Don’t worry! Simply sign up for the upcoming Android version at and you’ll be the first to know as soon as the app is released on Google Play.


We’re so excited for all the watch parties left to come, and we hope you’ll spread the word so our family can continue to grow. See you in the HotSwitch app! 😉

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14039996_859759567456858_4262504529160917714_nPhoto Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Check out this small interview Peyton did interview while in attendance at the Say No To Bullying Festival. It’s a short but very cute interview! Check it out below.

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REMINDER: if you would like to send a birthday wish along with a message for Boy/Girl Meets Writer Mark Blutman and also for August Maturo and his brother Ocean you can send them to:! We would love for you guys to send messages to us so we can put them on the website for their birthday! Make sure the subject is the name of who the wish is for. Their birthdays are August 27 and August 28th so make sure you get them to us. 🙂

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CqVTD7zW8AEjkAIPhoto Credit: Radio Disney on Twitter

We would like to take a moment and just say how proud we are of Sabrina Carpenter and also congratulate her on the fact that her music is now going main stream on the radio! SiriusXM Radio has been playing ‪#‎OnPurpose‬ on their SiriusXM Hits 1 channel. Congratulations, Sabrina! We love you and are so happy for you. if you all haven’t heard #OnPurpose yet go listen to it on Youtube and buy it off iTunes!

Side Note From Amin: 

Sabrina, I’m SOOOO proud of you. I have been waiting so long ever since the release of your Eyes Wide Open album for your music to go main stream like this. On Purpose is so good and one of my favorite songs at the moment. There is not a song of yours that I don’t like. I love you to the moon and back. I couldn’t be more happy for you than I am right now! <3 


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The has released a new sneak peek that has a huge reference to Boy Meets World in it! You can check it out the scene between Cory and Auggie below. Make sure that you tune into Girl Meets Beart on August 26th!

Source: The