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Girl Meets Crazy Hat

Picture Credit: FanLaLa.com

Promotion for Girl Meets Crazy Hat:

Here is also a clip:

Description of the episode:

Girl Meets World “Girl Meets Crazy Hat”
(8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)
Cory divides his class into two fake companies for a lesson, one driven by profits and the other by making people happy. Meanwhile, Riley and Maya encounter a lady in the subway who is quite different than they first perceive her to be.
Guest Starring Jackée Harry as Evelyn Rand

Credits: Disney Channel

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Rider Strong

Picture Credit: TVLine.com

Shawn Hunter finally returns — as a director, at least — on Friday’s Girl Meets World (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c), and TVLine has an exclusive batch of photos from the time-traveling episode.

Friday’s episode, the first one directed by Boy Meets World star Rider Strong, involves Cory giving his class a “living-history assignment that takes the four friends [including Riley, not pictured] back to New York City in 1961.”

Strong is slated to reprise his BMW character — in front of the camera this time — in a future episode of the Disney Channel series.

Girl Meets 1961 premieres tonight at 8:30 on the Disney Channel!


Picture Credit: TVLine.com

Check out the rest of the pictures from TVLine here.

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Disney Channel PR tweeted a picture of Rider Strong directing.

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Maya Hart

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Picture from Dr Raquel with Danielle at the Naperville IL signing





I wanted to share what a delight it was to meet Danielle Fishel after being
a fan of her’s for nearly 20 years. I have always wanted to meet her since
I was a child. She made an appearance at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville
last Friday. As soon as I heard that she was appearing, I felt as though I
was a little kid again and was so excited to meet her. When it was my turn,
I walked up to the table and asked what her favorite episode of “Boy Meets
World” is. She replied “And then there was Shawn,” which is also my
favorite episode. She also mentioned that she loved all the time piece
episodes where they traveled back in time. She told me that in the episode
where Topanga travels through the time continuum in the closet, she was
actually wearing a pair of Lucille Ball’s shoes, which she said was an
awesome experience for her. I was surprised she actually took the time to
chat with me although there was a huge line of fans. Danielle is just as
sweet as her character Topanga and meeting her was a very memorable
experience. I have attached a photo of me with Danielle.

Thank you,
Dr. Raquel Richards

Sent to us by cheerjmj with Danielle in Naperville IL



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The Girl Meets World writers commented about singing and dancing on the show.

Singing and dancing

There is nothing to worry about.

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Girl Meets World writers

A picture of the Girl Meets World writers.

The Girl Meets World writers: “As promised: writers at the office. ”

Credits: https://twitter.com/GMWWriters

Will, Rider, Danielle and August

Will, Rider and August went to support Danielle at her book signing on September 15 in The Grove at LA!

Picture Credit: August’s Twitter https://twitter.com/AugustMaturo.

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Hi guys! We are going to do a new thing called “Fan Letter of the Week”. Each week we’ll pick a fan letter and feature it on the site! The letter can be to the cast, one of the cast members, the writers, or all of them together. Once we put it on the site we will tweet it to whoever the letter is written to! You can email us your letters to: [email protected] along with your Twitter handle.  We think this will be a great feature to add to our website.

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