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Girl Meets World   Tuesday, November 25th, 2014   9:21 pm EST   0

Rowan Blanchard

Here is another interview with Rowan from TJ Martell event. She teases that past characters from Boy Meets World will return in Season 2.


Girl Meets World   Tuesday, November 25th, 2014   8:13 pm EST   0

Girl Meets Friendship Discussion

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

This episode was very cute and funny. Cory wanted the kids to learn about running in elections and told them that they could run for any kind of government that they wanted to. Farkle wanted to run for class dictator, Lucas wanted to run for class president and Riley wanted to be a princess. Maya chose not to run for anything and instead help Riley by being her campaign manager.

The campaign started to go in Farkle’s favor after he showed a video that he sneakily took when Riley and Maya had the horse in her bedroom. Lucas told Riley and Maya to not attack Farkle since they’re friends and not to make the campaign tear them apart. Maya decided that her and Riley should go after Lucas instead of Farkle. Riley didn’t want to, but Maya told her that there was a secret about him that they didn’t know and how she wanted to sue that secret against him.

The next day Riley and Maya overheard Lucas talking on the phone with his dad about how he wanted to go home for the weekend. Lucas was upset because he didn’t understand why they couldn’t go home when his dad had told him before they moved that he could see his friends on the weekend if he wanted to. He told his Dad that he had friends at John Quincy Adams but they were all destroying each other. At the end of the conversation Lucas told his dad that he didn’t want to come to the school in the first place. After saying that he realized that Riley and Maya had overheard the entire conversation and asked them if they were going to use it against him. Maya told him that she was going to and Riley told him not to worry that it was Maya’s word against his. Maya then proceed to pull her phone out of her pocket and play a recording that she took of the conversation.

The next day was election day and Cory was about to announce the winner but Riley and Maya interrupted him. They told him to hold on because they had a very important campaign commercial that everyone needs to say. Cory said that everyone had already seen the campaign commercials and that the votes were in so the video wouldn’t change anything. Riley argued that it would and that it wasn’t about the votes that it was about Lucas. Cory turned and asked Lucas if he had known about this and if it was okay with him. Lucas said yes he knew about it and that if this was the kind of friends Maya and Riley wanted to be then it was fine with him. The video was of two of Lucas’s friends from Texas who had nothing but good things to say about him. It turned out that not only did it cheer Lucas up to see that video but Maya and Riley actually helped Lucas win the election.

Girl Meets World   Monday, November 24th, 2014   10:25 pm EST   0

Girl Meets World Logo


For those of you who are attending tomorrow’s (November 25) taping of Girl Meets World, we would love to hear from you. Please send us a recap of your experience along with your first name and we will post it on our website and message boards. We are still going to post spoilers but will be using discretion when doing so. This just means that we won’t be posting major ones anymore. You can email us your pictures and recaps to:

If you use Twitter, please feel free to include your Twitter handle in your email and we’ll tag you on our Twitter account.

Mar   Monday, November 24th, 2014   6:02 pm EST   2


Happy 16th Birthday Peyton! We hope that you had a fantastic day!

Girl Meets World   Monday, November 24th, 2014   5:17 pm EST   1

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Girl Meets World drew in 2.206 million viewers and 0.5 million adult viewers on Fridays premiere.

Source TvByTheNumbers

Mar   Sunday, November 23rd, 2014   6:07 pm EST   0


You can check out Jennifer’s channel here as I’m sure if she attends other taping she’ll upload more videos.

Girl Meets World Season 2 Curtain Call

Meeting the cast of Girl Meets World after the taping:


Girl Meets World   Sunday, November 23rd, 2014   2:51 pm EST   0

Girl Meets World Logo

Thank you everyone for emailing us.

Experience by Evan

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a live taping of season 2 episode 2 of Girl Meets World. I arrived at Los Angeles Center Studios at 3:00PM for the 5:00PM show; already there was a long line of people to get in. At about 3:30, I was ushered into sound stage 5 and took my seat in the audience section.

At about 4:15, Robert, the host for the audience, introduced himself. The party got started at 4:30 when we watched a previous episode titled Girl Meets Flaws on the studio’s TV monitors. At the end of that show, Robert introduced Michael Jacobs, the show’s Executive Producer. Michael gave us a brief synopsis of what the episode was about and also gave us an idea of what to expect in future episodes of Girl Meets World in season 2. Then, the moment we were all waiting for, Michael introduced the cast one by one. He also introduced the directors for this particular episode, Rider Strong (who we all know played Cory’s best friend in the original series), as well as Rider’s brother Shiloh.

The studio bell rang promptly at 5:00, which meant the 1st scene was underway. Production lasted until approximately 8:00, with various breaks in between for set and wardrobe changes. During these breaks there were prize giveaways, talent competitions (mainly just singing), and dance offs. After the curtain call, the cast stayed around for autographs and fan pictures. I got to meet both Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter; I was only able to grab a couple pictures with Rowan.

Girl Meets World   Sunday, November 23rd, 2014   1:47 pm EST   1


Picture Credits: Fanlala and Disney Channel

Sneak Peek for Girl Meets Brother:

You can see the clip and promotion for Girl Meets Brother that we posted the other day here.

Description for Girl Meets Brother:

Cory and Topanga are going out to celebrate their anniversary and decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time. She enlists Maya’s help, which leads Auggie to rebel against the girls.
Guest starring award-winning jazz musician and composer Herbie Hancock as Catfish Willie Slim

Girl Meets Brother premieres next Friday at 7:30PM EST/PST on the Disney Channel.

Girl Meets World   Saturday, November 22nd, 2014   4:25 pm EST   1


via press release:

December 2014 Programming Highlight for Girl Meets World
*All programming subject to change*

December highlights include special holiday-themed episodes presented as part of “Fa-la-la-lidays,” Disney Channel’s annual winter programming event.

Friday, December 05

Original Series – Episode Premiere
Girl Meets World “Girl Meets Home for the Holidays”
(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)

It’s Christmas at the Matthews, and Cory’s best friend, Shawn Hunter, Riley’s grandparents, and Uncle Joshua are coming over for a holiday dinner. Meanwhile, Topanga works on executing the perfect meal to put her mother-in-law at ease while Shawn sees his likeness in Maya and forms a bond with her and Riley.
Guest starring are Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews, William Russ as Alan Matthews and Uriah Shelton as Joshua Matthews

You can see this and the other respective shows for December here:

Upcoming Live Taping Dates
You can get tickets to attend a taping for the following dates:

★ 11/25/14 ★ 12/9/14 ★ 12/16/14 ★ 12/23/14
★ 1/13/15 ★ 1/20/5 ★ 1/27/15

If you would like to go to a taping you can get tickets here: Please note that the tickets to attend a Girl Meets World taping are free!
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Friday, November 28

“Girl Meets Brother”
(7:30 PM– 8:00 PM ET/PT)

Cory and Topanga are going out to celebrate their anniversary and decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time. She enlists Maya’s help, which leads Auggie to rebel against the girls.
Guest starring award-winning jazz musician and composer Herbie Hancock as Catfish Willie Slim