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According to, the live taping dates for Season 3 so far are: ★5/24/16 6/1/16 ★ 6/15/16 ★ 6/22/16 ★ 6/29/16 ★ 7/12/16 ★ 7/19/16 ★ 7/26/16
If you would like to attend then you can order tickets (they become available a month prior to the show date) by going here:
Please note that the tickets to attend a Girl Meets World taping are free!
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According to TVByTheNumbers Girl Meets Triangle brought in a total of  2.1 mil viewers and 0.6 in adults 18-49


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I didn’t think to post this until now. Sabrina mentioned at Darien Lake on Sunday that there are only four weeks of filming left for Season 3. Hard to believe right?

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13402494_257599447936058_643483472_nPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina recently sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about her newly released move “Adventures In Babysitting”, Girl Meets World, and her music.  We’ve copied some parts of the interview below but you can read it in full here:

TV: What stuck out most to you about Jenny?

SC: Jenny is kind of annoying, I’m not going to lie, but she’s got a lot of great personality.[Laughs] I promise I’ll make her sound great after I just said that about her. She’s kind of like the picture-perfect babysitter, but not only that, just a picture-perfect teenage daughter, you know? The child that apparently every mother would want because she gets good grades, she has her priorities straight — or so she thinks — and she’s very by the book. She doesn’t like to break the rules or live on the edge, or really take any risks. That can help her only so much in life just because of the path that she does want to take. There’s always risk-taking that has to be involved in order for you to make something special, or to stand out, [but] she doesn’t quite realize that yet. It’s cool to see that whole story arc happen.

TV: How did you and Sophia figure out the dynamics between your character, Jenny, and Sofia’s character, Lola?

SC: That was something that happened very seamlessly. Actually, our first audition was the scene where we’re first meeting at the interview, and it was the perfect scene to audition with because I didn’t know her. Therefore, I could not like her very easily … until you start to get to know Sofia and it’s really hard not to love her. Throughout the film, we just had more fun with each other, and we were able to go off and add things that we felt that our characters would really say to each other. Our director and our whole cast and crew were so open to having us experiment and try things. It was really fun. It literally is just kind of what it looks like on screen. It was nothing but good memories.

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Michael will be doing a twitter Q and A on Friday July 1st at 3PM EST/12PM PST. Make sure you tweet him your questions!

Source: @GMWWriters Twitter

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Someone uploaded Sabrina’s Darien Lake concert in full to Yotuube! Check out how amazing she is live!

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In May Michael tweeted that if he hit 100K on Twitter that he’d do another Q and A with fans. He finally has reached that goal and will be doing a Q and A this week. If you have Twitter make sure you tweet your questions to @GMWWriters!

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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter

Hello everyone!

First of all THANK YOU Sabrina for making my little nephews day! He just loves you and was so happy after we left the meet and greet. You couldn’t have been more kind to him and I’m so glad he got to meet you. Also your show was so good. I was just in awe of how talented you are whether it be on the TV screen or on the stage! You are wonderful and I loved watching you! The next time you are around me I will be going to another concert of yours! 🙂

Now on to my experience! I attended Sabrina’s concert this evening(June 25th) at Darien Lake with my sister and three year old nephew Johnathan. One of the main reasons my sister and I went to this was not only see her perform live but because my 3 year old nephew Johnathan absolutely adores her. He knows the lyrics to several of her songs and sings right along to them. In fact one night his mom (My sister) asked him what song he’d like to listen to and he told her “Smoke and Fire”. I really wanted Johnathan to be able to meet her so I bought the three of us VIP passes in the beginning of June. After that I had my friend make him a t-shirt that says “Can I be your Huckleberry? on it as I knew it was something that she would get a kick out of. So yes the little boy in the picture that she tweeted, put on Facebook, and Instagrammed is my 3 year old nephew Johnathan.



Let me just tell you she absolutely kills it on that stage! If Sabrina ever comes near you to do a concert you need to go watch her live. She is absolutely amazing, singing, entertaining the crowd and I LOVE that she has her big sister Sarah right up on the stage with her. Her band is incredible as well. She’s just the sweetest person ever. It was just so incredible watching her live. She puts on such a fun concert and she really interacts with the crowd. Everything about it was amazing. As I said before if she ever does a concert near you I urge you not miss out on it! So talented/

I’ll tell you a little bit about my experience at her concert as well as the meet and greet. First off all hats off to VIP Nation because I expected to not have a lot of time with her when we met her but I actually got to talk to her for a few minutes. She LOVED the shirt and told Johnathan that of course he could be her huckleberry, gave him a hug, and told us how much he reminds her of Ocean Maturo (August Maturos little brother) she also mentioned about them being on set yesterday and that Peyton randomly started laughing and when she asked him what was funny he said that he got a message saying that someone who is meeting her was going to be wearing a funny shirt. So it seems he got a kick out of the shirt too! So glad you fans liked it as well. She’s also heard my sisters cover of Eyes Wide Open that I posted on the Facebook page!

The concert was incredible! I can’t get over how talented and amazing she is. Sabrina can do it all. I almost teared up at some parts of it and I know my nephew had a blast! Below are some pictures from the fun filled day!


13532851_10153519899951851_116637502900016763_n  13533233_10153519900026851_5332949018035440311_n

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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina and Sofia were interviewed by Alison of Everyday Shortcuts about Adventures In Babysitting. We quoted parts of the interview of which you can see below.


On their role models:

Sofia Carson: My role model’s always been my mom. She’s the most incredible woman in the world. Most incredible woman I know. I strive to be just a little bit like her every day, even if it’s just like 10% of what she is, that would be enough, because she truly is my hero.

Sabrina Carpenter: My mom and dad, and my older sisters. My whole family. The Carpenter bunch is kind of a special bunch. My parents always stressed in my head that I was unique, special and different and that I could do whatever I put my mind to. Those are the kind of people who you want to have in your life forever. And I’m lucky to call them family.

On their favorite part of the movie:

Sofia: My favorite part of the movie besides the part where we first meet, ’cause I think that totally shows the dynamic of these two new babysitters and gets you ready for the adventure that you’re about to go on and the rap battle.

Sabrina: I love the simple bathroom makeover scene for Jenny. She’s not getting a full makeover where they’re glamming her up and making her look like someone she’s not. But just kind of letting her hair down in a way where she can be a little bit more adventurous like Lola. It just kind of shows you what she’s taken from this whole adventure that they’ve had together. I also like how she’s a little bit more confident than she was before and of course, the rap battle scene.

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As most of you know, our team is always looking for new ways to make our community more engaging and fun! That’s what separates us from other fan groups out there, we never stop getting better! For that reason, you may have seen that we recently started a whole new trend in TV watching: online watch parties – and our family (you!) is totally loving it.

That’s right! What started out as an experiment is now a fun part of our weekly routine. By downloading the free HotSwitch app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you have VIP access to jump into live chat rooms for every episode of Girl Meets World, and share your reactions and thoughts as you watch with us.

Simply log in with Facebook (don’t worry, the app won’t post anything to your timeline!), and visit the HotSwitch newsfeed on Fridays to find the watch party. You can even enter the chat early and see what everyone’s saying before the show. Make sure to follow the show to get a notification on your phone when it starts!

Android user? Don’t worry! Simply sign up for the upcoming Android version at and you’ll be the first to know as soon as the app is released on Google Play.



We’re so excited for all the watch parties left to come, and we hope you’ll spread the word so our family can continue to grow. See you in the HotSwitch app! 😉

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