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Okay guys, this is the time where Disney Channel is going to make a decision on if there will be another season of Girl Meets World. History shows (ha think of Cory) that the only way Disney ever renews a show for a 4th season is if the fans are vocal! Start flooding them on every social media outlet they have. Rowan even put out a tweet yesterday saying that she hopes for another season so lets do this guys! Below is where you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtags must be used so make sure you use:  #girlmeetsworldseason4 and #savegmw when you tweet and post to them!

We can do this guys! Austin and Ally fans did and that’s how they got a season 4. Chcek out this link and the quoted portion of the article. LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD! WE CAN DO THIS. There are only 4 episodes left of Season 3. If we don’t get vocal now that could be it forever.—ally–exclusive–disney-channel-renews-the-series-for-a-fourth-season-210210797.html

The fans spoke — and Disney listened. After a series of social media campaigns from superfans (and one enthusiastic cast member!), the tween sitcom “Austin & Ally” has been renewed for a fourth season by Disney Channel, Yahoo TV can exclusively confirm.

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In an official statement, Disney Channel’s Executive Vice President Adam Bonnett said, “The strength of this series helped make 2013 Disney Channel’s highest rated year ever among tweens, an audience that is invested in the ‘Austin & Ally’ stories and the fun they experience on a journey with the characters. We’re looking forward to delivering many more engaging stories soon.”

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thumbsPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Vevo Channel on Youtube

It’s about time that Sabrina’s music become main stream on the radio! Her new single Thumbs is going to be main stream come January 2017 and we couldn’t be more proud of her for this. Her new album #EVOLution is amazing and if you haven’t heard it yet you must go buy it!

Thursday afternoon, Hollywood Records confirmed that the song will receive a formal pop radio push.

It will officially go for adds on January 3.

Source: Headline Planet

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Sabrina sat down with Now105s’ Tyler Layne to do an interview as well as a game called the Heads Up Challenge. She also did an interview with iHeart radio where she played a small game of Thumps Up or Thumbs Down. Check them out they are both really cute interviews.

Source: iHeart Radio Youtube and Tyler Layne’s Youtube

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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instgram

Sabrina sat down with D.C station 99.5 to talk about her music, tour, and more. It’s a great interview.  You can watch it below. We are so proud of you Sabrina!


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cykkbpywiaayl41Photo Credit: Nicole’s Twitter

Nicole uploaded another VLOG this time it’s of Sabrina’s show in Freehold NY from last night! If you all remember a week or so ago I made a post on here with a video that Nicole put on her Youtube of Sabrina’s performance at the Listening Lounge for 92.3 Radio. Well you all should check out the new VLog she did with highlights form Sabrina’s show in New Jersey! It’s another great video/

Source: Nicole’s Youtube

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Auggie and his friend Mattie have released their rendition of “Away In a Manger” on iTunes. I couldn’t be prouder of Auggie as well as his friend. They do both such an amazing job on the song. Go buy it on iTunes all the proceeds go to to #endepilepsy. Go here to download the song:


Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter

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Photo Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Dear Peyton,

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! Today is a big day in your life. You turn 18 years old which means you are now officially an adult! What a big milestone to hit right? You  know what else is awesome about this day? Your birthday falls on Thanksgiving of all days which I am sure has happened many times before since you are a Turkey baby! I hope you have a wonderful day spent with your family(and friends if you have something planned with them) I’m so proud of you in all you have done. You are one of the most kind hearted people I know. Each time that I have met you on the set you were nothing but nice and welcoming to me. It’s been awesome watching you grow these last almost 4 years! You’re an amazing actor and have a lot of fans that love you(including myself obviously)so very much. I’ve included a bunch of messages on here in written form and also on video from your fans that sent us in birthday messages for you. Happy Birthday again and also Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 <3


Dear Peyton,
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!! i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year! I miss you so so so much. you are genuinely one of my only sources of happiness, and you have always cheered me up whenever I get anxious or sad and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. i’m completely aware of how extra that sounds, but I seriously mean it. I hope you know how much I love you, because I do. a whole lot. thank you for always being there for me and for always being you. 18 has never looked so good 😉 LOVE YOU FOREVER
Love, Nicole (@NicoleFriar on twitter)

dear peyton graham meyer:
i honestly can’t believe you’re already 18, i remember i started to like you when you were just 16 so little so cute. I’ve been here for you for like a year and a half now and i don’t regret it to be honest, i don’t regret it at all even if you pay me dust and ignore me :p im not going to write like 18 reasons why you mean a lot to me and shit smh, instead I’ll write just 10 lmfao because that’s so cheesy i know but whatever…
-i love you so much, words can’t even describe my love for you
-maybe you won’t believe this but you inspire me to do what i love, you inspire me to do what makes me happy
-you probably think im annoying but you haven’t said anything so that’s cool
-you make me smile, like a lot
-you mean lots to me really
-i love lucas friar just bc you’re him lmao you’ve grown so much as an actor since episode 1
-you (and sabrina) are like my favorite cast member, you two are like my favorite ppl in the entire world (counting my family, my friends and ofc selena :p)
-you make me so happy, i love seeing you happy, you make me happy when you tweet and interact with us, when you like our tweets and things like that
-you’re the cutest little thing just like a puppy
-i would love to meet you someday, and tell you how much you mean to me and how much i love you in person, and I’d give you like the biggest hug 🙁
anyways HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY GRAHAM💛 i can’t believe you’re an adult now! my 18th birthday was 3 days ago and you didn’t wish me happy birthday but that’s okay i still love you with all my heart. sincerely diana aka @sabrinasmeyer on twitter :p

so basically well first i wanted to say i love you SOO much to be honest, you make me so happy when you come online or even when i see a pic of you or see you on my tv on gmw. You probably dont even know how much you mean to me, you may think this is weird haha but i just love you so much,, i love seeing you on gmw because your acting is so great! and you are just an amazing person, bc im not gonna lie ur character is my favorite on gmw! i really hope i get to meet you one day bc you are a great person, and i just LOVE the way you are with your fans on social media and in real life! I hope one day i will get to meet one of my favorite people ever and thats you:) -des! aka @iostindarkness on twitter

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The ratings are in for Girl Meets Hollyworld the episode that aired on 11/19. The episode brought in a total of 0.27M adult viewers with 1.2 million viewers in total.


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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter

Sabrina was on The TODAY show this morning where she talked with Kathielee and Hoda as well as performed her new single Thumbs. You can watch both the interview and the performance below.


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Photo Credit: Elvis Duran’s Twitter

If you missed out on Sabrina’s interview with Elvis Duran then don’t worry because you can watch it here! She talks about the tour life, her music, puppies, and more. There is also a video included of her performance where she sang Twenty One Pilots Song “Heathens” and once again she slayed it.