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According to, the live taping dates for Season 3 so far are: ★ 7/26/16 ★ 8/1/16 ★ 8/2/16/strong>
If you would like to attend then you can order tickets (they become available a month prior to the show date) by going here:
Please note that the tickets to attend a Girl Meets World taping are free! If you are watching from home, join us for our fun Live Chats and let us know what you think! Download the free HotSwitch app for iPhone, or sign up for Android.
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13876320_10153587636941968_4571436601443760341_nPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook

Sabrina’s new song On Purpose comes out in 2 days! She did a live chat on Radio Disney’s Facebook where she answered fan questions. You can watch it below.

Source: Radio Disney’s Facebook

Mar   Tuesday, July 26th, 2016   11:25 pm EDT   16 Comments


Listen up Girl Meets World Fans,

We need to let our voices be heard to Disney Channel that we want more Girl Meets World. The audience was told to change “One More Season” tonight at the taping. If you do not have twitter please sign up for it. We need to tweet Disney Channel, FreeForm, and Disney Channel PR! We also need to try and get it to FreeForm which is why they need tagged! Everyone tweet #OneMoreSeason and tag the following Twitter accounts below! We are a powerful fandom lets do this! Also download the HotSwitch application! If we can get a lot of viewing parties on this app we might be able to get Disney’s attention! 

Source: DJMighty Twiter, The MEBBS5 Twitter , and Auggie’s Instagram

We just taped the finale of #GirlMeetsWorld and this is what the audience had to say

A video posted by August Maturo (@augustmaturo) on

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We totally forgot to post the ratings last week! Girl Meets True Maya brought in 1.8 million viewers and 0.3 million adult viewers on Friday July 15th. Girl Metes Ski Lodge brought in 2.1 milion viewers and 0.3 million adults.

Source 1 and Source 2

Mar   Monday, July 25th, 2016   11:24 am EDT   1 Comment


Hey guys I had some things come up which caused me to run out of time(Season 3 wraps on August 2nd) to put the photo book/messages together and order it for him (was going to do it via shutterfly) in time for him to get it. Instead of the photo-book what I’m going to do is use all the messages and photos you sent and either make a video or a website post then send it to him on Twitter. This way I don’t have to worry about a deadline and can he get it on his actual birthday! Below is the quoted post I made previously so you can get a general of idea of what kind of entries we want. We have got quite a few entires already:

Corey’s birthday is not until August 13th but we are doing this super early so that we can get the gift to him before he wraps up filming of Season 3 on August 2nd. Corey loves photography so the idea we have in mind is to send him a photo book of pictures that you guys have taken along with a message to him for his birthday. Please make sure your message isn’t too long as we would like to fit as many as we can in the book. As for the picture we’d like to limit ONE photo per person and for it to be something other than a selfie obviously. We hope that you guys will take part in this awesome project. You can send us your photo and message to: or via Twitter and Facebook. Hope to have lots of you participate in this awesome project as we know he will love it.

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13724555_1884853801741922_1205959231_nPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina will releasing her new song “On Purpose” on July 29th! We are so excited for her to release this song as well as her new album! Sabrina has performed this song at her concerts and it’s a really catchy one. Make sure you get it on July 29th! You can hear a sneak peek of it below!

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter 

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We just wanted to let you all know that Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2 is now up on WATCH Disney and On Demand! If you don’t have these then make sure to tune in at 8:30PM EST on July 29th on Disney Channel!

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Hey guys,

HotSwitch is hosting’s watch party during the east coat/central and Pacific viewing of Girl Meets Ski Lodge!  Join in on the fun and chat with other fans as you watch the episdoe.  If you have an iPhone,iPad, or iPod then go download the Hotswitch application so you can be a part of’s live watch party!  The application is currently being developed for other phones such as android and windows! As soon as they are available on those phones we will let you guys know! After you download the application onto your phone, you just sign in with your Facebook account, and then search for Girl Meets World! Make sure you follow Girl Meets World Season 3 watch party so you can be updates etc on the nights we have them!

Download link here:


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The Wrap posted an exclusive clip from Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2. Make sure you tune into the all new episode Friday July 29th at 8:30PM EST on Disney Channel!

Source: The Wrap

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This morning Michael tweeted “Both Morgans” which has caused a lot of speculation that Morgan might be returning to the show and will be played by both actresses. If she’s returning then this is great news and we can’t wait to both Lindsay and Lily back in the role!

Source: GMWWriters on Twitter