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Mar / November 17th, 2015


I am so excited to be able to say that the episode I saw at the taping back in May has finally aired! It was so surreal for me to watch it on TV knowing I saw the scenes actually being filmed live. The scenes that we saw at the live taping were the opening scene with Maya and Riley in the hallway, the scene that followed that one of all the kids in the classroom, the scene where the kids were studying in the Matthews apartment, both classroom scenes where they go in and switch partners,the Bay Window scene with all four kids, the scene where they discuss their project in front of the class (fun fact Ben and Rowan kept messing up their lines in that one. LOL), the scene where Maya puts the 5 dollar bill where she found it and the boy picking it back up, and the last scene with Maya and Riley in the Bay Window. The rest of the scenes were shown to us on the monitor. I’d also like to add that August Maturo did such a fantastic job in this episode. The scenes he had were some of the most emotional he has ever done. He really did a good job pulling at the heart strings.

I thought that Girl Meets Belief was a fantastic episode and I am so glad that the writers touched on this topic. For those that may be curious I’d like to tell you all that my parents raised my sister and I as Catholic. Even though this episode did not mention Jesus it did mention God and I’m so glad that the writers did an episode on this considering that religion is a very sensitive topic to most people. Personally I love that regardless of it being a sensitive topic that they did an episode on it anyway. It wasn’t so much about God but about how you should respect what others believe in which I think was a great way to go about it because disrespecting others religious beliefs is one of many problems in this country.

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Sef / September 21st, 2015


Girl Meets World drew in 2.423 million viewers and 0.6 adults from last Fridays episode.

Source: TvByTheNumbers.zap2it.com

Sef / September 16th, 2015

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Written by Sef and Mar

This episode was about Autism Asperger’s syndrome and we thought they did great on this episode. It was a heartwarming and emotional and it spoke to the kids with Autism.

This episode was about Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder on the Autism spectrum. We think that they did a great job on this episode and Mark Blutman wrote it beautifully. It was heartwarming, emotional, and spoke to the audience, especially those on the spectrum. The episode was Farkle centric. Corey and Ceci (Smackle) did a fantastic job in it. We got to meet his mom, Jennifer Bassett-Minkus, who is portrayed by Kristanna Loken from Boy Meets World. She was Shawn’s ex that kept Shawn and Cory away from each other (An Affair to Forget). It was nice meeting Farkle’s mom and seeing her with Minkus (although it’s hilarious on how Minkus is with her).

The episode opens up in the classroom with Cory teaching a lesson when the class is interrupted by the Guidance counselor who wanted to speak with Farkle. Farkle finds out that he scored very high on the IQ test and was above everyone in his class. The whole class had scored average. The next scene is in Topanga’s bakery where Farkle’s parents and his friends all were celebrating Farkle being a genius. We finally got to see Farkle’s mom Jeniffer Bassett-Minkus who had the birth certificate. She told everyone that they were going to find out if Farkle was a boy, robot, or a clone. It turns out that Farkle is obviously a real boy. The camera pans to Riley, Maya and Lucas (along with the class in the background) who were giving each other money since they did a bet on what the result would be. Towards the end of the scene Smackle shows up and tries to convince Farkle to join Einstein Academy.

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Girl Meets World / August 24th, 2015

We love how the writers spoke in this episode about how important art and music is in schools. In this episode the school board of Riley’s school wanted to get rid of art and music. We loved the way the kids used creative ways by singing, dancing and taking down the paintings from the wall to show everyone that the world would be dull without art and music.

Maya painted a picture of a door that was a bit opened and Ms. Kossal loved it. Riley had a painting of a purple cat and made fun of her, poor Riley. Ms. Kossal then informed them that Maya’s painting is her last one immediately making Maya worried and she asked Ms. Kossal on what’s going on. Ms. Kossal stated that school is running out of money, and that they’re cutting art and music classes immediately after the next school meeting.

After school we see Riley and Maya in the bay window talking about if they are going to do something about the issue with the school pulling the arts. Maya is upset because its something she loves to do and wants to know how they are going to fix it. They decide to go talk to Topanga and she tells them that legally there is nothing she can do about it but tells them to fight for it.

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Girl Meets World / August 20th, 2015

This episode was written by Will Friedle, who by the way, did an absolutely fantastic job writing the episode. There were some really good emotional moments. We were re-introduced to Matthew Lawrence (Jack) in this episode. I have to say – what a wonderful way to bring him back to Girl Meets World. The storyline was perfect with Riley’s dilemma. It seems every time a Boy Meets World cast members return to Girl Meets World, the storyline perfectly matches with what their character is currently up to. I think it is a great way to introduce them to the younger fans so that those who haven’t seen Boy Meets World kind of get an understanding as to how the current situation relates back to the original show.

In this episode we met “Charlie” who asked Riley to the semi formal before Lucas had a chance her. Riley assumed that Lucas was behind the whole charade in the hallway with balloons, flowers etc that lead up to being asked to to the semi formal. She agreed to go without realizing that it was Charlie and not Lucas who asked her out.

Later on, Jack came back and we found out he works at an evil company trying to buy Eric’s vote. He and Rachel are no longer together. Jack joined the Peace Corps with Rachel, he left, she stayed, he joined an evil company and she stayed at the Peace Corps. It hasn’t been the same since. However Eric revealed that he and Rachel still talk all the time.

Eric and Jack reunited with Cory at the dance and Jack met Riley for the first time. He didn’t know Cory had a daughter. He was surprised and asked how it feels to have a kid. Cory said that he was going to let Jack deal with Riley’s dilemma as Jack would relate to what is going on the most. Riley asked Jack how to handle to her problem about Lucas and Charlie asking her out to the dance and explained that she wasn’t sure who to choose since she likes Lucas. Jack and Eric told her ot be friends as long as she can. Jack explained how he lost Rachel as he loved her while Eric and her remained friends till this day and they talk all the time. Eric told Riley that Rachel only thought of him as a brother.After that everything was resolved and Riley decided to continue being friends with Lucas.

Jack and Riley meeting was a wonderful moment. Beautiful job by the writers, Will Friedle and Michael Jacobs.

Boy Meets World references:

Eric yelling “RACHEL!”

Eric and Jack talking about the past and Rachel.

Eric and Jack reuniting with Cory and talking about the past.

Eric said the truth to Jack on what happened and sneezed. In Boy Meets World, he sneezed and saw the future.

How did you like the episode? Comment below!

Girl Meets World / August 12th, 2015

Girl Meets Yearbook entered a new ground for Girl Meets World. It was mainly about the core group – Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.  It was an hilarious episode and a great message. They find out that the 7th grade voted Maya and Lucas the favorite couple (a bit later after the opening), Riley was voted for smile herself to death, and Farkle was voted for “Most likely to be Farkle, Farkle”. After seeing what they got voted for both decided to change themselves. Riley turned into a dark Riley and Farkle turned into “Donnie Barnes: Regular Guy” (which they did an awesome parallel to with Boy with Minkus where he went from the nerd character to “Stuart Minkus: Regular Guy”).

Katy was back in this episode (we loved seeing her back).  Maya wanted to turn into Riley to make her realize that she shouldn’t change herself.  Katy said to Maya that she may learn things about them that she didn’t know before and that she may learn a secret even they don’t know about themselves. Riley replies “Nonsense, it’s impossible to become somebody else.”

She dressed up as Riley by putting her wig on, went to the classroom and mimicked her and Lucas and while she was doing that, realized that Riley thinks of  Lucas as a brother. After coming to that realization she said she didn’t want to be Riley anymore.

Lucas was a big part of this episode and we loved his lines.

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Girl Meets World / July 29th, 2015

For those of you that don’t know, Girl Meets Fish was a season 1 episode but was moved to season 2 due to the “Who dun it” theme weekend that Disney wanted to do.

This episode was for the young audience. Riley was bringing the goldfish home but before she even got to do that, the fish died in the classroom. Auggie was narrating the episode (such a cutie) and he was investigating everyone to see who killed the fish but it turns out that he killed the fish accidentally by feeding it a lot of graham crackers. Ava was also back in this episode. Aren’t they cute? It was a cute episode for the young audience. There were some funny moments. Phil was hilarious as well. It was neat seeing the black and white setting in the episode just like in Boy Meets World “As Time Goes By” where Topanga was transported when she went into her closet to a black and white setting then the whole Boy Meets World cast was there.

Hugh Dane who played fish store Phil played Cory’s coach in “The B-Team of Life”

This was the first time both Topanga and Auggie was in Cory’s classroom.

Boy Meets World reference:

Cory said the class will take a class trip to the Berkshires mountains. That’s where Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, Mr. Feeny and the class went and that’s where Cory met Lauren.

Comment below on how you how liked the episode!

Girl Meets World / July 23rd, 2015

We’ve all waited impatiently for this episode – Mr. Turner returned!

Bravo to the Girl Meets World writers, cast, and crew. It was an incredible episode and a brilliant statement to the world. As a fan stated on our Facebook, all school administrators should watch the episode. We cannot agree more with that. This episode was connected to Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight”. A new teacher (Tania Gunadi, who played “Harper Burgess”) was introduced to Girl Meets World. She reminded Boy Meets World fans of someone who taught just like her – Mr. Turner. Ms. Harper was trying to teach the kids about good vs evil which was from the book which would turn into literature which makes it easy for the kids to learn. It encourages them to learn and they have fun that way instead of having to read books and study all the time (take notes schools, doing standard tests, etc. doesn’t help). The principal (Stuart Pankin who voiced Earl Sinclair in “Dinosaurs” (also created by Michael Jacobs)) who we’ve also met for the first time had an issue with Ms. Harper teaching comic books as it was against the school policy. Ms. Harper kept ignoring him as she knows this is the best way to teach the kids. Cory hoped it would get bad as he supported Ms. Harper.

The next day principal Yancy fired Ms. Harper. Riley and Maya grab Cory quickly who was most likely in his classroom and brought him to where Ms. Harper and the Principal were. Cory was defending Ms. Harper to Principal Yancy who then fired Cory as well. Later on during the day/evening, Cory, Topanga, the kids and Maya are the diner table. Topanga of course showing her lawyer skills to them at the dinner table with Maya there as well and Riley says “Do you know everything?” and Topanga replies “Yes”.

Principal Yancy had a meeting the next day with Cory and Ms. Harper. Mr. Turner came through the door shortly after while they were waiting for him. This was the first time we’ve seen him since Boy Meets World when he was in a motorcycle accident.  Mr. Turner says that he married his nurse, that he’s a superintendent and was the one to hire Cory. Cory also apparently bought Mr. Feeny’s car (Sedan) and that scene was hilarious.

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