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Mar / November 28th, 2015


The long awaited episode which was in continuation of Girl Meets Texas has finally aired. This was another heavy episode full of emotions. Mark Blutman did a fantastic job writing it and the kids did a fantastic job in acting it out. I even had to go dig out my moms Jane Austen book so that I could start reading Sense and Sensibility! So kudos to you Mark for making me want to read. 😉

The episode opens up with Riley and Maya eating mac and cheese at Riley’s house. Maya is trying to avoid talking about what happened with her and Lucas in Texas when Riley tries to get her to open up about it. Riley, however, assumes that they kissed but Maya tells her that is not what happened that he just simply grabbed her face and looked into her eyes.

In English class, Ms. Harper’s lesson is about Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility.” Harper explains that Sense and Sensibility focused on the multiple loves of two young woman and how Jane Austen felt there were two approaches to love which are Sense and Sensibility. Sense meaning good intelligent judgment and sensibility when feelings get in the way of that. Maya and Riley realized that what she is explaining kind of sounds like what is going on with them and Lucas so they ask her different questions about it.

Later on after school while at Topanga’s Bakery, Riley and Maya are reading Sense and Sensibility when Riley decides that she wants to have a New Years party. Charlie overhears the conversation and asks if he’s included on it so Riley invites him. He leaves and then Lucas and Farkle enter a few seconds later. Lucas tells Riley that Charlie told him that she is having a party. He explains that he told Charlie he didn’t know about any party to which Riley replies that of course he (as in Lucas) was invited to it. Lucas tells her that he doesn’t want to be a last minute invite. Riley tells them that everyone was invited and that she was just talking about it. Charlie comes back in and makes a comment about who will be with who at midnight. Farkle pulls Riley outside and tells her that she cannot start the New Year off with a lie and that she has until midnight to tell everyone the truth about her feelings for Lucas otherwise he’s going to do it himself.

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Sef / November 11th, 2015


“Forgiveness is one of our finest qualities as human beings”

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project was very emotional, and we’re sure it hit close to home for many people. Kudos to Matt Nelson for doing such an incredible job on it. He and the other writers have been doing a fantastic job writing this show. Before I start the recap, I’d also like to say bravo to Sabrina on her outstanding performance as well as Cheryl, David and Ben on theirs.

This episode was about forgiving people Cory wanted the class to do a project on Forgiveness. Each student was to to write a letter to someone that they needed to forgive. Lucas and Zay chose Farkle because it really annoyed them when he would he would spoil the endings to the movies that they would watch together. We find out later in the episode that the reason Farkle spoils movies for them is because he tries to impress them with his mind. The person Riley chose was Auggie because he ripped the face of her teddy bear. We find out that the reason Auggie did that was because she never spends time with him due to always being with Riley.

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Mar / October 15th, 2015


When the episode opens up we learn that Riley wants to try out for cheerleading. Cory has Maya try to convince her not to but it doesn’t work. When they get to school Maya is still trying to convince Riley not to try out because every time she does the coach doesn’t let her. She tries to explain to Riley that the coach already has her team picked out. During day one of the try outs Riley is asked to catch one of the girls but fails at it. The next thing she is asked to do is the flying in the air thing but also fails at that. As Cory was doing a lesson on Thomas Edison, Riley walked in with a bag of ice and put it on her chair and sat on it as she was in pain. Lucas realizes that Maya hadn’t convinced her to not try out yet and Maya gets frustrated when Cory in teacher mode encourages her to try out.

In the next day of try outs Riley is asked to do cartwheels and the coach tries to bully her but she does them anyway. Lucas, Maya, Farkle and Zay are there cheering her on. When they get home Riley is hiding under her covers and doesn’t’ want to come out. Maya along with Lucas, Farkle and Zay are trying to convince her to come out when Cory, Topanga and Auggie come in. Maya asks Cory why would she encourage her to try out at school but tell her not to at home. Cory explains because as her teacher her never wants her to give up on what she wants and at home he wants her to just stay there under the covers and not be out in the world.

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Mar / October 8th, 2015


Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter

The show opens up with Auggie, Ava, and Doy dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. Auggie is the scarecrow, Ava is the Wicked Witch and Doy is the Cowardly Lion. Auggie narrated but there was also a part where Ava talking to the audience. I think this was the writers way of acknowledging the fans by having Ava say that she is not that way in real life that they just write her that way, and that she’s a good person but her character is a brat.

The episode is basically about the ghost of the bay window who is a flapper from the 1920’s. She told Riley that she should dress up as a flapper so that’s what she and Maya are for Halloween. There were some cute moments of the ghost making them dance and sing. The episode was geared more towards the younger kids. The ghost wasn’t a scary one either, she was actually quite funny. Later in the episode they go to a haunted house with Topanga and that’s where we see an appearance from Ross Lynch and Laura Marano from Austin and Ally. Cory took the younger ones trick or treating. The ghost tells them about her friend Tessy who is in the bay window of the haunted house. The ghost makes Austin, Ally, Riley, and Maya sing and dance again. It was her attempt to get Tessy to come out. Tessy makes them dance as they go into the haunted house to get Tessy but they come out screaming.

There is a funny scene with Cory, Topanga, and the kids after they get back from trick or treating. Ava took all the candy and ends up falling asleep from all the candy she ate. The girls come back and Doy makes them go into Riley’s room. After that he and Auggie decided to eat Auggies candy. When Riley and Maya are in their rooms the ghost turns them into a cartoons. As we said before it was a very kid centric episode. The ghost decides to leave since she knows that Maya and Riley treat her bay window good. She says that she’s going to go over to the haunted house bay window to be with Tessy.

At the end of the episode, the kids are all passed out so Topanga steals all their candy leaving Cory to put the kids to bed. We thought that was a really funny part to the episode.

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Mar / October 1st, 2015


This episode was by far my favorite of the season. As someone who has been bullied both in school and online, I appreciated it so much that they touched on this topic in Girl Meets World. The acting in the episode was fantastic as the actors really outdid themselves. Rowan Blanchard especially showed us what she can do and her acting had me tearing up.

The episode starts out with Maya coming to Riley’s room before school. When Riley doesn’t want to get out of bed Maya is confused and tries different things to get her to get her moving. When Maya makes a comment about her being in Rileytown, Riley gets upset and calls her a bully leaving Maya even more confused than she was before.

While in class, Cory is doing lesson on Conflict Resolution: Hamilton vs Burr when Riley’s cell phone goes off. Cory tells her that she shouldn’t be texting during class and Riley agrees before putting her phone away. She tells Cory that she needs to learn how to resolve a conflict and when Cory asks what it is Maya explains that Riley thinks she is bullying her. Cory says that a bully isn’t someone who says something you don’t like ,that they are someone who uses power and intimidation to hurt others. He explains there is a difference and to not throw that word around. As Maya and Riley continue to go back and forth Riley finally stops and asks Maya why they have to keep talking about it. Cory explains because the way to solve conflict is though words. Instead of talking it out Riley challenges Maya to a duel.

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Mar / September 24th, 2015


The episode starts off with Cory and Topanga in the kitchen doing late night work when Riley comes out pretending that she’s sleep walking. Riley wants to know what they are doing up so late and Topanga tells her that people are trying to kick out the owners of a bookstore so that they can put in a new fast food restaurant. Riley then says to her dad “Mom’s trying to save the world how are you going to top that?” and Cory answers by saying he’s trying to get through Maya’s paper. Riley tells him that he definitely won.
The next morning Maya crawls through the Bay Window and Riley is pondering how she will ever be as good as her parents. Maya tells her that she’ll do stuff and that she’s lucky to have them because not many kids do have parents like them. In the next scene they are in class and Cory ask them what they know about Ferdinand Magellan and ask them to write down the one thing in life that they consider impossible. There is a funny scene between Maya and Farkle when Cory tells Farkle to take a shot by throwing their crumpled paper and when he does it hits Maya in the head. Maya turns around smiling at him and Farkle asks her why she’s smiling so pretty at him and she answers “because I want the last thing you ever see to be nice” and she jumps out of her seat to get him but Lucas jumps in before she can get to him and puts Maya back in her seat. Cory tells Farkle he’s going to become an athlete and that, Lucas will teach him to be one. He then turns to Riley and asks her if there is anything in her mind that she considers to be impossible and Riley tells him that she could never be as good as him and Topanga. When the bell rings Riley says that the only thing going away is her and that she can’t compete with him in life and that she must do it all alone by herself then hollers’ to Maya.

Riley thinks that she should be a nun at an orphanage because she’ll never be as good as Cory and Topanga. The Nun tells her that she’s sorry to hear that Riley thinks that life doesn’t hold a promise for her. Maya explains to the Nun that Riley feels she’ll never be as good as her parents. Topanga comes out of the orphanage and which makes Riley change her mind about being a nun. In the mean time Lucas is trying to teach Farkle how to be an athlete. After Riley leaves the orphanage she then takes Maya to the circus where she tells the clown that she wants to join. The clown tells her he relates because he felt that he could never live up to his Dad. The clown tells her that he has a teacher who dedicates his time volunteering for them. It turns out that the teacher is Cory.

In the next scene Riley and Maya are now back home and Riley is freaking out because she’ll never be able to compete with her parents. When Riley picks up the blanket from her bed it turns out Auggie was hiding under it eating spaghetti. After Auggie leaves the room Riley begins to tell Maya the story of her parents how the first time she went over to her dad’s house. It then flashes back to the scene in Boy Meets World when Cory is trying to teach Topanga to play basketball with throwing socks in the laundry basket. It shows that Maya and Riley are there. We also see the Donut in the Sky flashback and in the background you can see Maya doing it as well. At the end of the episode Riley realizes that she is unique and has the best of both parents in her. There is also a last scene in the classroom where Farkle high fives Maya which mirrors the scene in Boy Meets World when Topanga and Cory high fived. Only with Maya and Farkle there was no connection there. There is also the scene at the very end when Riley tells her dad in front of the cast that she’ll never be him and Topanga. He pulls out his read baseball cap and puts it on. Cory asks where she got it and she tells him that he gave it to her along time ago. They then share a hug.

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Girl Meets World / May 15th, 2015

Written by Sef and Mar

This episode was most likely written for the Boy Meets World fans. A lot of references and of course we get to see Philly and Mr. Feeny. It was so wonderful!

The episode opened up with Cory teaching a lesson about history. Riley starts reading a book and she reads about Pluto. She didn’t know Pluto wasn’t a planet and was upset about it. Maya and Cory were trying to make her happy but she was down about it. Cory is talking about history and they mention there was a time capsule found in Boston from 100 years ago and then he remembers that 15 years ago he put a time capsule with Topanga and Shawn in Philadelphia in Mr. Feeny’s backyard. After realizing this Cory decides he wants to go back to Philadelphia to dig it up.

In the next scene the kids are in Topanga’s Bakery. They’re hanging out and then Katy comes over to give them life advice (it seems that Katy might be offering them advice when they go there which we cannot complain about ) . Lucas said that he rode on sheep and they all laughed at him and he said “Are you laughing at me, Riley?” and Riley tells him that she wasn’t. Katy tells him and the gang to go for your dreams.

The next scene takes place at Cory and Topanga’s apartment which is where all the Boy Meets World references start to roll in (we absolutely loved it!). Cory and Topanga are talking about Philadelphia. Cory wants to get shovels but won’t say anything and Topanga is getting annoyed that he’s considering it. Cory finally says he’s getting shovels then Topanga laughs. Cory told Topanga that in order to get Shawn to come over he told him it was a life or death situation. We hear a knock on the door, and surprise, it’s Shawn! Shawn is worried and asks Cory if everything was was okay. Shawn said that they’re going to do everything Cory has ever dreamed over before anything happens to him. “We’re going to your favorite restaurant, we’re going to take the rolls.” Cory goes: “They want you to take the rolls!”

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Mar / May 12th, 2015


Written by Mar

Last night (May 11th) Girl Meets World’s second season premiered with an episode titled “Girl Meets Gravity”. This episode was fantastic and really hit close to home for me. The episode started off with Riley introducing herself and telling where she’s from as well as the name of her school which she says is where she and her friends are the center of the universe or so she thought. I thought that the writers were on point with writing how teenagers start acting around the age Maya and Riley are. They think everything should revolve around them, get embarrassed by their parents, and think they should be able to do things without their parents being involved. Riley and Maya of course starting 8th grade didn’t want Cory to be their teacher again. I mean really what 8th grade girl would want their father to be their teacher?

When the girls got to school they ran into Farkle and Lucas. Things were a bit awkward for Lucas and Riley because they hadn’t really talked about the kiss that they shared in the beginning of the summer. When the four of them entered the classroom they were rather surprised to see that Cory wasn’t their teacher. The girls were a bit smitten with the new teacher which I thought was realistic too. I can remember when my friends and I would think certain male teachers were cute. The girls kept trying to talk over the teacher who ended up having a enough of their disrespect and walked out. Cory came in and the girls told him they wanted to transfer so he let them which surprised the girls because they didn’t they think he would. The next class was with a female teacher who also didn’t tolerate them disrupting the class. Maya and Riley were acting again as if things should be about them and the teacher ended up kicking them out of class. It then shows Riley talking about how sometimes you think that the world revolves around you but it really doesn’t. We then get to see what Cory is up to in his class. He is telling the students that the lesson is going to be that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted. In the meantime we see Topanga and Auggie at Mrs. Svorski’s bakery. Mrs. Svorski talks Topanga into taking over the shop for her. Topanga doesn’t want to but Mrs. Svorksi eventually talks her into it by telling her that things change. The girls come there after school and are taken by surprise that Topanga is there. Cory shows up about 20 minutes later and Topanga tells Mrs. Svorski she has the perfect manager for the bakery when she can’t be around. The manager that Topanga hires is Maya’s mom! The girls tell their parents how they want to do things on their own and don’t want them to be around all the time. At the end of the episode it shows us that when Riley was talking it was in the bakery at Mrs. Svorksi’s memorial service. Riley and Maya learn that you should never take things for granted and always appreciate having your family around because you never know what can happen. The girls learned a hard lesson that not everything is about them and they need to appreciate what they have. The very last scene of the show is Cory calling Mr. Feeny to see if he is doing OK.

This episode really hit me hard and I was crying by the end of it. 3 years ago my family and I had an unexpected tragedy when my father passed away unexpectedly. My sister and I had breakfast with him that morning and then later on that afternoon he took a bike ride. He never made it back home. This hit our family so hard as we never expected it and especially because at the time my sister was 6 months pregnant with my nephew whom my dad never got to meet. The part with Mr. Feeny also got to me because it made me want to call my Grandpa to check in on him but I can’t because he needs a speaking valve in order to speak. I hope that all the teenagers who watched this episode learned an amazing lesson from it. My hats are off the writers and cast for such an excellent episode.  I know that this episode is one that parents can relate to as well. I have a friend who has a daughter that is Riley’s age (she actually turns 13 this year) who just said the other day that having a teenager daughter is trying. Her girl is at that age like Riley and Maya where everything is about them.  I told her to sit her daughter down and make her watch this episode because she’d learn an amazing lesson from it.

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