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Hello Girl Meets World Fans!

The support that you have shown for Girl Meets World, the cast, the crew, and the writers has I’m sure been overwhelming to all of them! It has been amazing to see the fandom come together. I wanted to make a new updated post about the Paper Airplanes Campaign! Keep on sending in those planes into ALL THREE Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu! Keep sending them to Gary Marsh at Disney Channel as well. Be respectful! Also if you want to I would love if you send in pictures of your planes because I will share them on the website’s Facebook page. With all this being said here is why I continue to encourage all platforms regardless of the reports. As a fan of the show myself I want this show to continue and won’t give up without a fight! Lol

Please Note: This has nothing to do with me thinking the reports are false.

The reason I encourage all three is that I have been told by two different people that are close to the show(for confidentiality reasons cannot name who) to keep pushing on Netflix, Amazon ,and Hulu. We DO NOT want to just focus on Netlfix nor do we want to cling onto hope for just Netflix! Send those planes to Amazon and ESPECIALLY Hulu! The reason I say this that on the shows end they haven’t been told by anyone “We’re not picking up the show” (this is my quote not theirs I am paraphrasing so people understand what I mean) and that they have been in active discussions with various platforms. The way I feel about all of this is that if people close to the show are telling me not discourage fans on Netflix then why should we stop doing our efforts with that platform? Our goal is to support the show and this is NOT me telling people to cling to the Netflix hope so I want to reiterate do not just focus on Netflix. We should focus on ALL THREE platforms. 

I respect Linda Ge and other reporters. I am in no way saying their reports are wrong because for all we know people close to the show might not have been told directly from Netflix that it’s not happening nor do we know if there were even negotiations.  I say and (this just my opinion on the entire thing) until people close to the show tell me to stop pushing for Netflix then shouldn’t give up on it just yet. They could be telling me this for a reason maybe it is still an option. Like I said why should we give up when they are telling us to keep on it?  Remember what learned in the show. Don’t ever give up hope in Pluto, hope is NOT for suckers! 🙂

Now onto what you have to do when it comes to the paper planes! I have included a step by step instruction on what to do.  Here is a step by step instruction and addresses on where to send your paper planes. 🙂

Here is all you do:

1.  Create your own paper airplane (example in the above picture) you can put it anything on it but make sure that obviously it is clear that its about saving the show. Make sure that you are super nice in everything you say. We do not want to be rude.

2. Mail it to Disney Channel, Hulu, Netflix at the addresess below:

2500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

100 Winchester Cir.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Disney Channel
Attn: Gary Marsh, President
3800 W. Alameda Ave
Suite 2151
Burbank, CA 91505

Amazon Studios
1620 26th St
Suite 4000N
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Important Go-to Links For This Campaign:

1. http://savegirlmeetsworld.com/planes4gmw/


For more information on other campaign activities head on over to the newly launched website: savegirlmeetsworld.com.

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