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Mar / July 22nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Danielle’s instagram 

Danielle recently did a new interview and it is a great read! She talks about Boy/Girl Meets World, being a positive influence, future plans, and more. I’ve copied some of the part where she talks about Girl Meets World but definitely make sure you read the whole thing by going here:


Source: jenniferusa.com

So you did Girl Meets World also—did you ever expect to come back and revisit that character?

Not even in a million years could I have ever guessed that I would revisit that character or done a show that called it back somehow. Never. It was a total shock and surprise. I mean, I’d actually gone to school for psychology. I’d just been accepted to Chapman University. I was going to get my Masters in family therapy. So it was kind of like, “Whoa, where did this come from?” I had kind of left acting and entertainment behind. And the great thing—one of the greatest gifts Girl Meets Worldgave me—I was able to direct and it kind of showed that this is like the next path I want to take: writing, directing, producing. It’s nice to now be behind the camera.


Yeah, that’s so cool. And you did leave Hollywood behind—was that an intentional choice?

It was.


And why was that? 

I mean there’s several reasons… It’s getting better now, but there aren’t that many great parts for women. And I got tired of feeling like I had to take parts that I didn’t want because I needed money. And I was like, “I don’t want to be in this situation anymore.” I’m also type A and a control freak and the fact that, as an actor, you have zero control over when you work or what the projects are that you work on—I just didn’t like that. I [didn’t] want to do that anymore. And I knew that I could find something that I didn’t think of as being plan B, it was something I looked at as being ‘I love this just as much.’ So it’s like a secondary plan A. That’s what psychology was for me. Psychology and marriage and family therapy and doing that kind of stuff was like, secondary plan A. And then, I don’t know, I’m very spiritual and kind of feel like God was like, “Yeah, that’s a good path for you,” but then He brought Girl Meets World into my life and that then showed me like, “Hey, there’s also all this stuff behind the scenes that you can do!” And now, with that, I really feel that I’ve totally found my passion and my purpose.


Mar / May 5th, 2017

Dear Danielle,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day. I just want you to know that I admire you so much and you are truly one of the nicest most kindest inspiring people I have ever met. I’m so thankful that I can say I met “Topanga”. It is something I will truly never forget. Today on your birthday I have put together this post of random acts of kindness stories sent in my a bunch of your fans. My story for you is that twice a week I have been volunteering at my mom’s hospital. I volunteer on the Long Term Care Unit which is the nursing home part of the hospital and then on another day I in the lab where my mom works and I help bring up specimens from the downstairs lab. It’s been so much fun to be able to help out over there. I especially love volunteering with the elderly patients. 🙂  I hope that you truly enjoy the rest of the stories from you fans. I have put them below. 🙂


Faith writes:

I’m not sure if this counts as a random act of kindness, but I recently saved someone from suicide. I got her the help she needed right away. There’s so much to live for. And I always try to help people at school with little things they may be dealing with. Like, I’ll try to make them laugh if they’re having a tough day, or I’ll help them with a question they’re stuck on, or I’ll just encourage them to keep pushing, because nothing bad lasts forever.

Hoor wrote:

I am your huge fan and for the random act if kindness i bought a pair of boots and gave them away to a girl with the same size of shoe i had but that girl was poor and it was winter so i gave the boots to her

Cecia wrote:

Well first of all I’d like to say happy birthday and I hope you have an excellent day and I’d like to say you’re the best tv mom ever. My acts of kindness were I opened the door for two strangers and I helped a grandmother cross the street.

Dakota wrote:

A few years ago I went with a youth group to repair houses for those who needed repairs but were unable to do them. The trip lasted a week, but the lesson I learned from it will last forever.

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Mar / April 18th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

Rowan is on the cover the latest issue of NYLON magazine which is on stands now! I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thee is an article that NYLON posted on the website where Rowan talks about political issues, Girl Meets World, and much more. I’ve copied part of where she talks about Girl Meets World and there are some quotes from Danielle Fishel (Topanga) in there as well. Make sure you check out the rest of the article at the source link!

Source: NYLON.com

Earlier this year, after three seasons, Girl Meets World was canceled amid dwindling ratings. “I feel good about it now in the sense that, as much as I loved my Girl Meets World family, working for the Disney Channel is stressful, and I have more freedom to do what I want and talk about what I want without feeling inhibited,” she says, sipping her shake. Perhaps surprisingly, she says there was never any blowback or criticism from Disney brass regarding her vocal politics: “I think they actually figured out somewhere along the line that no matter what they said I wasn’t really going to stop.”

Blanchard initially balked at doing the series, a reboot of the popular ’90s-era ABC sitcom Boy Meets World featuring protagonist Riley Matthews, the daughter of the original’s much-beloved couple, Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel). “Absolutely not,” she recalls thinking. “You know what happens to those girls.” Blanchard is often asked about her Disney predecessors, most gallingly during a radio program on which the question was posed whether she’d be “a Miley, a Demi, or a Selena” (as in Cyrus, Lovato, and Gomez). She hates this narrative—the game, not the players. “I knew the show would end someday, and I didn’t want there to be this weird part where it was like, good girl, good girl, good girl, and then, all of a sudden, bam, she’s going to show her boobs,” says Blanchard, laughing. She occasionally punctuates her serious thoughts with a reflexive giggle, and sibilant words reveal the faintest lisp.

Blanchard read the script, felt it was different, and clicked with the creator, Michael Jacobs. Like any Disney show, Girl Meets World was hammy, lesson-oriented, and scrubbed of nuance, but for a target audience aged six to 14, it tackled smart topics like cultural appropriation and autism. She grew close with her TV mom, and together they tried to influence the direction the new series would take—specifically avoiding focusing on romance, the way the original series had.

“I had expressed very adamantly that I wanted the character to be smart, self-sufficient, and to have interests 100 percent outside of relationships,” says Fishel, who was one of two women to direct episodes. “I didn’t necessarily get my way in that regard.” There were eventually some dating plotlines, though Fishel concedes the primary relationship in the show was between Riley and her best friend, Maya.

Blanchard was tight with her castmates, though her taste for old movies, abstract painters like Agnes Martin, and her fierce engagement with politics surely set her apart. Fishel remembers a day when she took her young female co-stars to the Huntington Library near Pasadena and asked them a bunch of thought-provoking questions she’d prepared ahead of time. One of them related to personal happiness, and Blanchard took the opportunity to reflect on the rah-rah positivity of glib self-empowerment. “Her response was basically, ‘It’s important that we recognize that our happiness is not 100 percent self-determined, and it bothers me when people act like our circumstances are something we just need to think our way into,’” says Fishel. “I almost had to stop walking. I tend to be one of those people who think it’s within your power to change anything. How utterly incorrect and privileged.” She pauses. “Rowan really is pretty special


Mar / April 1st, 2017

Photo Credit: Danielle’s Twitter

Hello everyone,

Danielle’s birthday is on May 5th and I’d love to do what I did for her last year and that’s the random acts of kindness project. For her birthday last year I asked fans do a random act of kindness then share their stories with us. The idea was requested by Danielle herself and she absolutely LOVED reading the stories that you all shared last year. I would love to do this for her again. You can read the post from last year by going here:


What we will do is have you either email us your story, comment with it on Facebook, or even tweet us it then compile them into one post for the site and send it to her. The random act of kindness can be anything from opening a door for a stranger, smiling at a child, or tipping your local starbucks barista. We really hope that many of you will take part of this! Please send us your submissions by May 4th by submitting through the contact form on this post.


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Mar / May 5th, 2016


Happy Birthday, Danielle! We hope you have a wonderful day. For your birthday you requested that fans do a random act of kindness and then share their stories of what they did. We got several stories from fans  have done a random act of Kindness. Thank you to everyone who sent theirs into us!

Mar’s Story – 

Hi Danielle, I hope you have a wonderful day! <3 My random act of kindness is that sometimes when I have my cousins kids after school I take them and my nephew down to the local store to get ice cream.  Also another thing I did was back in October for Rowan’s 14th Birthday I was able to gather her fans and raise $1000 in her name for U.S National Committee for UN Woman. 🙂


BMWSequel Admin Kendra’s Story – 

Hey Danielle! I wanted to first wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your day. 😊 Back in February when Sabrina released her single Smoke and Fire she was also selling a limited amount of shirts. I bought myself one and then got to talking to a fan who said she really wanted one but couldn’t afford it. I decided to buy her one as well. I sent her the shirt along with some artwork I made soon after her shirt arrived. She was so grateful she cried about the joy it brought her that someone would do that for her.

Sunehra’s Story-

I noticed a lot of kids in my class were often unprepared for school. When I asked them why, they said their parents don’t care enough to go shopping for school supplies. So, I saved up on my allowance and bought pencils, pens, and notebooks for my classmates so they never get points taken off their grade for being unprepared again. I carry around extra pencils in case someone forgets theirs.

Trisha’s Story-

A few weeks ago, I was heading to school in the morning, and I was walking through the shopping centre and at one of the crossings between buildings there was a homeless man. I then went into a store and bought him a bread roll (I didn’t have much money on me), I walked out and went back towards the crossing and gave him the roll. I felt a lot better knowing that he would be able to at least get a little bit of food. It really bothers me, there are all these office people walking past and they have the money, but they don’t offer much or even by food for someone who can’t afford it themselves. I generally hesitate to give money in case they use it for drugs/alcohol/cigarettes, but if I can afford to, I will buy some food.

Donna’s Story –

I work at McDonald’s at there’s always an elderly man who comes in with a walker so I let the man pay and then I tell him to take a seat and I will bring him his food

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Kendra / May 1st, 2016


It’s finally here!!! Season 3 of Girl Meets World premieres with a big 2 part episode airing in June. Check out the promo for Girl Meets High School below!

Source: RileyandAuggie on Youtube/ Disney Channel

Mar / April 18th, 2016


Hi everyone,

As I’m sure you all know Danielle’s birthday is right around the corner on May 5th. I spoke to her about wanting to do something with her fans for her birthday and she told me that she would love it/request it that you all do a random act of kindness for someone then tell us about what you did. She would love to read your stories. What we will do is have you either email us your story, comment with it on Facebook, or even tweet us it then compile them into one post for the site and send it to her. The random act of kindness can be anything from opening a door for a stranger, smiling at a child, or tipping your local starbucks barista. We really hope that many of you will take part of this! You can email your stories to: daniellesbirthday@bmwsequel.com  The deadline for this project is May 3rd! We hope to hear from all of you!

BMWSequel Admins

Kendra / April 10th, 2016


Season 2 of Girl Meets World is now streaming on Netflix!! Sit back and re-watch an incredible season of growth. Whether your binge watch or watch an episode a day. Take in the growth the characters make from season 1 to season 2.

Source/Photo Credit: Netflix.com

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