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Mar / May 5th, 2016


Happy Birthday, Danielle! We hope you have a wonderful day. For your birthday you requested that fans do a random act of kindness and then share their stories of what they did. We got several stories from fans  have done a random act of Kindness. Thank you to everyone who sent theirs into us!

Mar’s Story – 

Hi Danielle, I hope you have a wonderful day! <3 My random act of kindness is that sometimes when I have my cousins kids after school I take them and my nephew down to the local store to get ice cream.  Also another thing I did was back in October for Rowan’s 14th Birthday I was able to gather her fans and raise $1000 in her name for U.S National Committee for UN Woman. 🙂


BMWSequel Admin Kendra’s Story – 

Hey Danielle! I wanted to first wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your day. 😊 Back in February when Sabrina released her single Smoke and Fire she was also selling a limited amount of shirts. I bought myself one and then got to talking to a fan who said she really wanted one but couldn’t afford it. I decided to buy her one as well. I sent her the shirt along with some artwork I made soon after her shirt arrived. She was so grateful she cried about the joy it brought her that someone would do that for her.

Sunehra’s Story-

I noticed a lot of kids in my class were often unprepared for school. When I asked them why, they said their parents don’t care enough to go shopping for school supplies. So, I saved up on my allowance and bought pencils, pens, and notebooks for my classmates so they never get points taken off their grade for being unprepared again. I carry around extra pencils in case someone forgets theirs.

Trisha’s Story-

A few weeks ago, I was heading to school in the morning, and I was walking through the shopping centre and at one of the crossings between buildings there was a homeless man. I then went into a store and bought him a bread roll (I didn’t have much money on me), I walked out and went back towards the crossing and gave him the roll. I felt a lot better knowing that he would be able to at least get a little bit of food. It really bothers me, there are all these office people walking past and they have the money, but they don’t offer much or even by food for someone who can’t afford it themselves. I generally hesitate to give money in case they use it for drugs/alcohol/cigarettes, but if I can afford to, I will buy some food.

Donna’s Story –

I work at McDonald’s at there’s always an elderly man who comes in with a walker so I let the man pay and then I tell him to take a seat and I will bring him his food

Rob’s Story –

well i work in a high school cafeteria i graduated from the school as well and the teachers get stressed due to paperwork so after i get off work i walk around and check up on them and tell the how phenomenal they are or talk to the kids about holding on to the friends they have and stuff then i hug the teachers and thank them for making me the guy i am


Jennifer’s Story –

First of let me start being saying Happy Birthday Danielle!!! For your gift you wanted your fans to write you a random act of kindness and my random act of kindness is… So I don’t have a washing machine and my mom and I have to go to a laundromat to do our laundry, every time we go I help people out by picking up other people’s clothes or change that they drop and end the conversation with “Have a nice day” I believe it can brighten people’s day. Hope you have an amazing birthday Danielle.

Megan’s Story –

Hi Danielle I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and from the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you for inspiring me and being my biggest role model in life. I hope that your special day is everything you hoped it would be and more. Here is my act of kindness. I am a 21 year old college student and I’ve always loved working with little kids. Making a difference in the lives of young children has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 or 11 years old. Now I work with the two year olds in the nursery at my church. One day, we got a little girl who came in and she was crying because she didn’t want her mom to leave. I noticed this and decided that I would volunteer to stay with her the entire
time so she wouldn’t feel so scared. So for the rest of the time I played with her, made sure she was okay, and let her sit on my lap during TV time. I could tell that it made her feel a lot better and it made me feel really good to be able to help her.

Love, Megan
Twitter: @AdmiresDanielle

Alyssa’s Story –

I hope this counts as a random act of kindness. This past weekend in my town had it bqq thing there was a elderly lady down there wanting in line,so I thought It would be nice to let this lady go ahead of me and my little sister she was happy that I let her go ahead of us it made me happy I let a elderly lady go ahead of me 🙂 Happy birthday Danielle have a wonder day!!! 🙂


Gretchen’s Story –

Around Christmas, I was in Boston and I donated $20 to the worldwide Santa foundation, which gives kids in poor countries Christmas presents. It felt really amazing to help other people.

Megan’s Story –

For your birthday, i gave money to my sister in law who for the next year will be serving the people of Tijuana, Mexico by building houses for the homeless people with Caravan Ministries. In your honor, someone will have a home! Have a great birthday! You are an amazing role model and in so glad this generation gets to look up to you as I did when I grew up watching you on BMW!

Megan Lawton

Heather’s Story-

Happy Birthday Danielle! I truly believe that one person can make all the difference in the world with just one random act of kindness. I consider it an honor to be able to share this story with you. A couple of days ago I was leaving a training for my job in LA when I saw a homeless mother with two children standing on the corner asking for money. My heart broke for them instantly. Across the street from them was a motel and I offered to pay for them to stay a few nights at the motel so they would be able to clean up and have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. They graciously accepted and the mother had tears in her eyes. I want to make sure I keep helping others whenever I can. No matter how big or small the act of kindness is, it makes a huge difference in not only the other person’s life, but our lives too.

Heather Marie

Grace’s Story-

Dear Danielle,

I would like to start out by saying how much I love you. Also kind of irrelevant but
I’m 15 if you were wondering. You have impacted my life in such a positive way and
you have no idea. I love you so much and you are gorgeous and so cute. Anyway enough
about my thoughts and opinions. You wanted a random act of kindness story. Mine was
about a year ago. My grandpa who I’m very close to (my father figure in my life) had
hip surgery. In the process of his hip surgery they made a mistake tightening his
pins and split his femur. He could not walk for months and he ended up having a
severe bleeding ulcer in his stomach due to medication. The doctors said it’s a
miracle he even lived through all of this trauma. I was at Walmart and I saw this
old man with a walker who reminded me much of my grandpa. We were at the front of
the store and he was trying to get a cart. I remembered how hard that was for my
grandpa in that moment. So I walked over and got the man a cart. He was so happy and
thanked me profusely. I felt so great. Anyway if you actually read this thank you. I
also want you to know one last thing. If I have a daughter one day her name will be
Danielle. I love the name and think it’s so pretty. Hope you have an amazing 35th
also we all know that you look like it would be your 25th because you are so pretty
and goals.
Love you lots,

Sara’s Story –

Happy Birthday Danielle,

Your random act of kindness birthday gift inspired to show appreciation for
the preschool children that I work with. I have been a preschool teacher
for 7 years, and this year has been a very challenging one for all of us at
our school. I realized that I had not been thanking the children for the
good things that they were doing as much as I used to. So I made 24 thank
you cards for the children. Each card had a hand written message in it
thanking them for being helpful and kind at school, or I would write about
something that I saw them do that they seemed to enjoy. When I gave the
thank you cards to the children I told them how much I loved them all and I
thanked them for everything that they did to help at school.

Thanking the children showed me that it is important to tell the people in
your lives no matter how old they are that you value them.

Wishing you a wonderful time with friends and family on your special day
Danielle. I wanted to let you know that I grew up watching Boy Meets World,
and I learned so much about growing up during my teenage years. Even today
at 31 I still watch it on DVD and learn new lessons. Thank you Danielle,
for helping me grow and learn about life.

Hugs and Love,


Thank you to all my preschool children.

Laurie’s Message-

Well I the happiest birthday ever you are a dearest person and you very well person
. And I hope I read book and big fans I watch grow on on other show too. Lots people
what know lots about know more and also I best wishes on birthday I wish I could
know more about you my favorite. When We like Cory in the show like the name Topanga
out loud make me laugh so hard. That make you are your cheacter are Topanga I
can’t image other Topanga you are one of a kind. Happy Birthday Danielle (Topanga)
😀 🎂😀

Franseca’s Story-

“I started a new government job with Contra Costa County a few months ago.
I’m a shy, introverted person and I had just started getting to know the
other appraisers and joining them for walks on breaks when I found out one
of the guys who’s been there for a year is moving to Sacramento to work as
an appraiser there. I hadn’t talked to him much, but I was sad I hadn’t
gotten to know him sooner. People aren’t very warm in my office and had
even made playful jokes about not missing him. He laughed, but I don’t know
if it made him feel good. So after lunch I wrote him an email and told him
I would like to keep in contact with him and asked for his email. This was
a big deal since I didn’t know him that well, but I wanted him to know that
he would be missed by someone. He sent me his personal email address and
promised to let me know how the new job is going.”

Debra’s Story –

My act of kindness story Every year I do the walk for hunger this year was my fifth
time doing the walk on June 5 I’m going to be doing the aids walk I loved walking for
a good cause and donating money for a good a cause

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