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Mar / January 21st, 2017

Girl Meets World fans,

This post contains information that you need if you would like to join in on the efforts to save Girl Meets World. I wanted to put this information all into one post. We encourage to to focus on Netflix. Hulu, and Amazon Video. Below has contact information for all three platforms PLUS my quoted post from the other day when all this information came out about Netflix not being an option anymore. For those that may not know I talked to someone who is close to the show and that quote explains what was said. Keep fighting guys you are all appreciated!

You can find more campaign info here: http://savegirlmeetsworld.com


PS: Make sure you click on “Continue reading” for the contact info.

Copied and pasted this from a post I made yesterday in regards to Netflix things. I also want to add that I talked to Linda and she understands and has no hard feelings towards BMWSequel for posting this to you guys. She understands we want to encourage you guys to keep ALL efforts going! Also want to say that the info in the quote is what I was told when I asked someone close to the show if I should stop efforts towards Netflix.

Hello everyone,
I have spoken to someone that is close to the show and was told I could post this. There are active discussions going on right now with a number of different venues. They have no knowledge of being shot down by anyone at this point. Please keep doing what you are doing. Send the planes, write to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. Take this as you will believe it or don’t. I know there has been a lot of confusion and looked into what the Wrap posted today and this is what I was told!

Planes 4 GMW (Keep sending those planes.)


Disney Channel

Twitter: @DisneyChannel
Instagram: @DisneyChannel
Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyChannel

Disney Channel
Attn: Gary Marsh, President
3800 W. Alameda Ave
Suite 2151
Burbank, CA 91505


Go on the contact form and suggest Girl Meets World:

Netflix’s PR Site:

Ted Sarandos – Chief Content Officer

Jonathan Friedland – Cheif Communications Officer
jofriedland@netflix.com or (310) 734-2958

Reed Hastings – Founder and CEO –
Reed.Hastings@netflix.com (He also has a Twitter which you can tweet to @ReedHastings)

Jessica Lee – PR Rep

You can also call Netflix at:

100 Winchester Cir.
Los Gatos, CA 95032


Email: support@hulu.com
Phone Number: 1-888-265-6650.
Address: 2500 Broadway Santa Monica, California 90404
Twitter Accounts: @Hulu and @Hulu_Support

Mike Hopkins, CEO

Craig Erwich, Head of Content

Jenny Wall, Head of Marketing
Twitter: @JennyRWall

Corporate Phone
Corporate Fax:
(310) 571-4701

2500 Broadway Fl 2
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Amazon Studios
1620 26th St
Suite 4000N
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Amazon Studios Email Contact Form: 

Twitter Accounts: @amazon @amazonvideo @amazonstuidos @royprice
Go to the Feedback Form and in the menu select “Titles in Prime” suggest Girl Meets World as an original Amazon Prime series. Tell them how much you love the show etc. I spoke to an Amazon rep and they send the feedback to the production department. Make sure you nice and very clear that you want this to be an ORIGINAL SERIES. I would even go as far as compliment them on their service in general. Amazon loves their customers.

Another way to contact amazon is at this link below where you can call, email, and chat with them online! Make sure you are nice to them and clear you want this to be an original series. Basically do what you have been doing with Hulu and Netflix! 🙂


Amazon General Contact:

Direct Contact:
Roy Price, Head of Amazon Studios
Email: Royprice@amazon.com, roy.price@amazonstudios.com
Twitter: @RoyPrice

Albert Chang, COO of Amazon Studios
email: AlbertChang@amazon.com, Albert.Chang@amazonstudios.com
Twitter: @Albert_Chang  (VERY active on Twitter…)

Secondary Contact:
Mathew Ball, Head of Strategy, Amazon Studios
Email: MatthewBall@amazon.com, Matthew.Ball@AmazonStudios.com
Twitter: @BallMatthew (doesn’t seem to be very active)
The address for the three contacts above is:
1620 26th St.
North Building
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Third Contact:
Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO
Jeff@Amazon.com (he apparently does read these emails himself)

Cathy who sent me the above new info for Amazon contacts said this in her email to me:

(I have found both emails for the above contacts – @amazon.com and @amazonstudios.com – listed multiple times, which is why I gave you both.  I have sent off an email to each and so far – it has not bounced back at all – therefore I am inclined to believe both email address are valid and correct – if I get a bounce back later – I will let you know so you can adjust – but so far nothing)

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