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Mar / February 1st, 2016


The kids are headed to High School which means we will be seeing some upperclassmen in season 3. The show has cast three new roles for upperclassmen. You can read about them and see their pictures below:

“Girl Meets World” heads to high school in Season 3, and Riley and friends are about to meet some new faces.

Luke Benward, Ashley Argota and Claudia Lee have been cast in guest star roles, presumable as upperclassmen who come across incoming freshmen Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) at their new school.

Source: http://www.thewrap.com/girl-meets-world-casts-luke-benward-ashley-argota-claudia-lee-for-season-3-exclusive/

Mar / January 13th, 2016


Lindsey Lamer will be portraying a young Riley in Girl Meets The Bay Window.  According to Lindsey’s Twitter, the episode is slated to air on February 19th. Isn’t she super adorable?

Source: Lindsey’s Twitter

Mar / October 27th, 2015

Photo Credit: David’s Facebook

David Thomas Jenkins will be playing Maya’s dad Kermit in Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project. The episode is set to air on Friday November 6th at 8:30PM EST on the Disney Channel. Pretty perfect casting choice if you ask us!

Source: He’s in the pictures on the Disney/ABC press site.

Mar / September 24th, 2015


Photo Credit: Danielle’s Instagram

You all remember Harley’s sister, T.K. (Theresa Keiner) right? Well Danielle Harris the actress who played her on Boy Meets World recently made a post on Instagram that she was going to audition for Girl Meets World and told fans to tweet the show if they think she looks like Riley. We can only assume that means she was looking to audition as an adult Riley, probably as a dream sequence. She also tweeted that she was going to be meeting with the producers of the show. Our question is, is she going to play an adult Riley in an episode or will Michael Jacobs decide to bring her back as T.K.?

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Girl Meets World / March 19th, 2015

Girl Meets World Poster

The writers tweeted a fan today saying they just finished writing “Girl Meets The New Teacher” and that there is going to be new characters in season 2. We previously posted about there being a new teacher on the show so we are very curious as to what the other new characters roles are going to be.

Check the tweet below:


Mar / February 3rd, 2015



ET Online has exclusively learned that Angela and Chet Hunter are going to be returning to Girl Meets World for Season 2! Here are some details on Angela’s return via Michael Jacobs the shows creator:

“We know that [Shawn’s] relationship with Angela Moore was a very important relationship to the audience, but we also know something more which is that with Shawn, nothing good ever really happened to him,” Jacobs explained to ETonline.

“He lost his father, he lost his mother, he lost his girlfriend,” Jacobs said. “She left him, and her rationale for leaving him was that she had a mother who had left her. That plagued so deeply in [Angela] that she never thought that she would be a good parent, a good wife, a good anything, but clearly she cared very deeply for Shawn.”

Those quotes were basically the biggest part of the article. I’m sure Shawn’s dad will be returning as a ghost. To read the full article go here:



Mar / February 1st, 2015

Feeny Crew

Picture Credit: Ben Savage’s Twitter

The writers confirmed via Twitter that William Daniels will return to Girl Meets World as Mr. Feeny for two episodes in Season 2. We can’t wait to see our favorite iconic teacher return!

Girl Meets World / February 13th, 2014


The “”Moms” a brand New series” Facebook Page is reporting that Samuel Caruana has joined Girl Meets World has a recurring role. We’re unsure if this is true or not but we wanted to post it anyway in case it was.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/MomsABrandNewSeries/photos/a.343179582442939.81069.336950716399159/587053258055569/?type=1&stream_ref=10

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