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Mar / September 26th, 2017

Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Instagram

Hey guys,

Cheryl is offering one on one coaching via Skype!  . If you or anyone that you know is interested hit her up for details by contacting her via Facebook for more details on rates etc.

Source: Cheryl’s Facebook

Mar / September 26th, 2017

Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Instagram

Tune in tonight at 8PM EST on CBS to see Cheryl guest star in the season 15 premiere if NCIS. It will be so nice to see her on our TV again!

Source: Cheryl’s Twitter

Mar / July 26th, 2017


Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Twitter (Side Note: this picture of Cheryl is from her audition and now new role on NCIS!)

Cheryl is doing her acting class again and she’s explained exclusively to bmwsequel.com what it is and how everything works. Check out her letter below:

Hey guys!!! Cheryl here!

When I first moved to Hollywood, I was completely lost on how to actually pursue a career in acting.
And this was after I majored in Performing Arts at a fancy university & owned a theatre company in New York.

I didn’t know how to find auditions or even how to get into the union.

There was so much information I had to learn.
And it took years of trial and error before I finally landed my first professional gig.

I always felt like it would have been easier if someone could have just streamlined everything and told me what I needed to do.

That is why I created my Business of Acting Course.

It gives you all the must-have information for building a professional acting career once you hit Hollywood – and I’m starting this summer’s session by offering a FREE online introductory class.

Here’s What You Will Learn in the FREE Online class:

-Must-Have Websites

-How to Get a Great Headshot

-Make Your Resume Look Pro!

-Union vs. Non-Union: The benefits to both.

-How to Get Your SAG-AFTRA Card

-And MORE!

You can sign up here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/1877703461162075393

And if you want to learn more about the FULL Course, click here: cheryltexiera.com/classes

Passion can only take you so far. At some point you need to have tools, techniques and business strategies that will help you get work professionally.

Hope to see you in class!!!


Mar / January 6th, 2017

Uriah and Cheryl have both released statements in regards to Girl Meets Wrold being cancelled. I’m a little late in posting Uriah’s but Cheryl just recently posted hers on Facebook.

Source: Uriah’s Instagaram and Cheryl’s Facebook

Cheryl’s Statement:

Girl Meets World has come to an end – but the story it leaves behind is timeless.

Michael Jacobs created an incredible show that transcends generation after generation and I’ll forever be indebted to him for giving me the opportunity to play Katy Hart-Hunter.

To the cast, thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your world and for being insanely fun to play off of.

To the best crew in town, thank you for always smiling, laughing and occasionally shedding a tear if a performance moved you so. It kept us actors on our toes and more humble than you may ever know.

And finally, to the fans – I’m continuously blown away by your outpour of love and thoughtful emails, messages and tweets broadcasting your support.

I’ll never forget this wonderfully special chapter of my life and regardless of what lies ahead, I’ll forever be grateful I got to be a part of #GirlMeetsWorld!

Uriah’s Statement

Thank you Girl Meets World. #GMW

A video posted by Uriah Justus (@uriahjustus) on

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Mar / November 20th, 2016

14718437_1620764344891246_3350919139148431360_nPhoto Credit: Cheryl’s Instagram

Cheryl is offering a 3-Week Online Business of Acting Course for anyone interested in pursuing a career in acting.

You’ll get insider tips on how to succeed in the entertainment business – and learn practical techniques and approaches that Cheryl personally uses to further her career.

The course is open to all ages, though she recommends if the student is under 14 years, they have a parent watch it with them.

All of the classes will be online. So you can watch it in the comforts of your own home.

Best part, from now until Nov. 30th, it’s only $49.

For more info and how to sign up, Click here:


Mar / October 6th, 2016

14033722_1760703784187191_2066272188_nPhoto Credit: Cheryl’s Instagram

BMWSeeque.com would like to wish Cheryl Texiera a very happy birthday! We hope you have had a wonderful day. You bring so much to the character of Katy and we really enjoy watching you on the show. It’s so fun watching you and Sabrina interact as well as watching you act with the other characters too!  🙂

Mar / July 5th, 2016

B8YMx5qCUAAidi3Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Twitter

Cheryl recently sat down with Celebmix where she talked about acting, Girl Meets World, her web series, and more. We copied the part where she talked about Girl Meets World. You can read it below!

Source: CelebMix

How do you feel the dynamic of Girl Meets World would change if your character Katy, and Shawn Hunter got married?

Hypothetically speaking, I think Katy would probably feel a bit more sure of herself in certain areas of her life. I mean, marrying someone is a huge game-changer. I think Maya would feel very differently and probably be a bit – or a lot – more hopeful towards the future if that were to happen.

Do you see any parallels to yourself in your character since she’s an aspiring actress?

Haha! Sorry, I have to laugh. Sometimes I see too many parallels. I think what Katy and I have in common the most is that the people we love come first and foremost in our lives. Even during Season One, when Katy really wasn’t there for Maya as much as she would have liked – it wasn’t out of selfish impulses. It was because Katy was honestly doing what she felt was the best thing for her daughter. She may have fallen short a bit in doing it, but the intention was always coming from a good place. Also, I share her optimism. I think Katy is an utter optimist. Or maybe that’s just the way I play her – But I think she’s able to see a silver lining in everything.

If you were Maya’s mother in real life, who would you want her to be in a relationship with? A lot of fans are tied with Lucas, Uncle Josh and even the possibility of a same-sex relationship with Riley.

Oh boy. I’m pleading the fifth on this one. I cannot get tangled up in these ships.

Any secrets from the set you can spill to us?

Everyone is freaking rad and it’s truly one of the nicest groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Mar / April 22nd, 2016

B8YMx5qCUAAidi3Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Twitter

Cheryl was awesome enough to agree to a question and answer with us! She answered some fan questions as well as some of our own! She as well as Kendra and I are excited for you all to see it! You can check it out below. Thank you to all who sent in questions!  Make sure you check out her awesome Youtube Channel! youtube.com/user/MsLilTex

BMWSequel.com : What made you decide to get into acting?

I just always wanted to perform. I grew up watching Annie wishing I could play in that world. At six years old, I realized there was an actual profession called “acting” – so, I begged my parents to put me on TV… and twenty years later, I got that opportunity. LOL!

BMWSequel.com : What have you enjoyed about the growth in Maya and Katy’s relationship?

I love that they’re closer. I think there’s still a ton to explore with them, but I feel there’s more of an appreciation and understanding of each other now than there was in season one.

BMWSequel.com : Do you like the development so far of Shawn and Katy?

Of course! What’s not to like? I think they’re such a fun couple – and so adorably awkward together. I love seeing what the writers give them. The lipstick scene is probably one of my favorites.

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