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Girl Meets World / August 29th, 2015

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Picture Credit: Will Friedle’s Twitter account

(Old picture from the set of Girl Meets World)


Exciting news Boy Meets World fans! Shawn and Mr. Turner will be reuniting. The writers have answered a fan on last night’s Q & A and a fan asked if Shawn and Mr. Turner will be reuniting. The writers said they’ll be reuniting in a very special moment. So exciting!

Source: @GMWWriters on Twitter

Girl Meets World / July 25th, 2015

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Picture Credit: Anthony’s Twitter account

Happy Birthday, Anthony! We wish you a very happy birthday! We were so thrilled when we saw you on-screen as Mr. Turner again. You did an awesome job coming back. You haven’t missed a beat. We can’t wait to see you in more episodes.  We hope you have an amazing day!

– Bmwsequel.com Team

Girl Meets World / July 18th, 2015

We are the Stars.

A photo posted by Anthony Tyler Quinn (@anthonytylerquinn) on

Source: Anthony’s Instagram Account

Anthony confirmed today on Twitter to a fan that he will be in more episodes! We’re thrilled to hear this.


 Source: @TheAnthonyQuinn on Twitter

Girl Meets World / July 14th, 2015

TVInsider.com shared an exclusive clip of Anthony Tyler Quinn who’s reprising his role Mr. Turner  from Boy Meets World on Girl Meets World. TVInsider shared this on their article on why Mr. Turner is returning:

Cory (Ben Savage), who is now a teacher himself, will need to call in the educational big guns. And judging by the school official’s objections in the exclusive clip below, Mr. Turner still has a few lessons up his sleeve.

Does this mean he’s only appearing in one episode? We’re not sure.

Watch the fantastic clip over at TVInsider.com here: http://www.tvinsider.com/article/26076/girl-meets-world-anthony-tyler-quinn-preview-video/

Is it me or does it feel like I’m literally watching a Boy Meets World episode? The way Anthony talks to Ben is amazing.

Girl Meets The New Teacher premieres this Friday at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel!

Source: TVInsider.com

Girl Meets World / July 13th, 2015

Episode description for Girl Meets the New Teacher:

A new teacher is hired and uses non-traditional ways of learning to engage the students, and the principal does not agree. Cory defends the teacher, which ultimately gets him in trouble too.

Guest starring Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr. Turner

Girl Meets the New Teacher premieres this Friday at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel!

Credits: Disney Channel’s Press Website

Source: Disney Uploads YouTube account

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Girl Meets World / June 26th, 2015


Picture Credit: Anthony’s Twitter account

A fan on Twitter tweeted Anthony and asked: “ will you be in more than one episode of girl meets world or just one ?”

Anthony tweeted the fan back and wrote: “ I might be in more. :)”

How exciting is this?!

Source: @TheAnthonyQuinn on Twitter


Girl Meets World / June 11th, 2015

CHPkrrQVAAE7I7l.jpg large

Ben tweeted a picture of him with showrunner Michael Jacobs, Will, Matt, Anthony and Rusty on the set of Girl Meets World. We think this picture is from the episode they were filming which was “Girl Meets Semi-Formal” since it seems Will and Matt are wearing similar outfits. If this is the case, then most likely Anthony was visiting them. Rusty is a part of the production team.

Source: Ben’s Twitter account



Girl Meets World / June 6th, 2015


Michael Jacobs spoke to International Business Times at the ATX Festival red carpet.

He said the following about Anthony:

Tony came back and nailed this thing,”

According to the creator, Mr. Turner will be a familiar face in a sea of new ones, and actually help introduce a new character. He’ll star alongside “Dinosaurs” voice actor Stuart Pankin, who will play a villainous principal who has a “severe misunderstanding with a new teacher.”

“Just like ‘Boy Meets World,’ we’re trying to spin out the world and the characters,” Michael Jacobs explained. “And then Tony comes in. I won’t tell you his position, but it’ll become very apparent and obvious what we needed to happen with Tony.”

“From his first line he is Mr. Turner, grown a little,” Jacobs continued of Quinn. “Such an authority and so wonderful that, how [Rowan Blanchard] responds to [Ben Savage] as teacher, Ben must respond to Tony as teacher.When you see that I think it illustrates this series. You go one jump Rowan to Ben, and then we ask you to jump again. It’s a lovely episode.” Mr. Turner will appear in “Girl Meets New Teacher,” which will air this September on Disney.

Source: Ibtimes.com


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