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Mar / September 13th, 2015


We will be discussing “Girl Meets I Am Farkle” the latest episode that aired on Friday, Corey’s tweet about shipping, the Emmy’s, Rowan’s post that went viral on White Feminism, Sabrina’s look on positivity, and more. Those of you with Facebook can post on the event page as you are listening and we’ll read some of your questions and comments on air. People with Twitter can just tweet us their comments/questions  to @bmwsequeldotcom and if you don’t have social media account than don’t worry! You can either comment on our forums , or submit a question if you have a Gmail account through the Q and A feature that is on the hang out, or comment on the Youtube live feed video! We will read your questions and comments on air!

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Mar / August 22nd, 2015


First of all big THANK YOU to everyone who sent us questions and comments through Facebook, Twitter, and the Google Hangout Q & A application! We had so much fun with you all! Since it was such a hit we are going to extend the Hangouts to an hour and they will be every Saturday at 8PM EST/6PM PST. There will be another one next week but since there is no new episode on Friday it will just be us talking about the show. Sef is going to re-open the forums so that we can use them as a way for you guys to put all your comments and questions when we do the Hangouts as well as have bigger place to discuss the show!

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