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Mar / October 7th, 2017

Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

So excited to tell you all that Peyton has landed a new role in a new series on AwesomeTV. According to JustJaredJr.com he is going to be playing a character named Ethan alongside Megan Nicole and 13 reasons why star Brandon Larracuente.  Here is a summary of the show which will premiere on Verizon’s go90 platform later this year.

When rival lacrosse players Madison (Camille Hyde) and Lauren (Maddie McCormick) are forced to play on the same team in an unprecedented summer tournament with major college prospects. Now, the two must learn how to deal with their differences, confront personal conflicts, and come together as a stronger unit with their teammates.

Source: JustJaredJr

Mar / April 18th, 2017

Photo Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Peyton is in this weeks episode of Celebs React! You can check it out by going to the link below. You a get a free trial the first week. My advice is if you wan to see Peyton to just sing up but cancel the subscription afterwards. It wont’ take any money out because you get the first week free. 🙂


Mar / March 2nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Hancsicsak Instagram

This past weekend Peyton was interviewed at Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite Honoring the Academy Awards. He talked about Girl Meets World, what he’s been up to, and more.  He’s such a sweet kind hearted guy! I’m so proud of him for all he does.


Mar / January 5th, 2017

Photo Credit: Image Found on Tumblr if anyone knows source please let me know

Amir and Peyton have release statements in regards to the cancellation of Girl Meets World.  Peyton shared a post on his Instagram and Just Jared Jr reached out Amri. Here is what they had to say.

Source: Just Jared JR

JJJ reached out to Amir to see what he had to say about the news.

GMW has been an extraordinary experience that made such a positive impact on my life,” he told us. “We created a family and nothing can break that! It’s sad to see the show end but so blessed to know what we left the world!”

I will forever carry with me love and gratitude to each and every member of the GMW family, and especially Michael Jacobs who taught me so much.

A photo posted by Peyton meyer (@peytonmeyer) on

Mar / November 6th, 2016


Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

Peyton was interviewed by Alexis at TJ Martell Family day last month where he talked about what he’s up to, briefly mentions Girl Meets World an does a fun speed round q and a.

Source: Alexis Youtube

Mar / November 6th, 2016


Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

Hey guys,

Peyton turns 18 years old on November 24th! We are going to do what we did for the other cast members and take fan messages for him. The only difference is with his project is that I’m also going to take video entries as well. I really want to show Peyton the love because as of late fans haven’t really been that nice to him. I want to make sure his birthday is special so I want to make these messages also positive for him. The rules for the video is that the clip of you must be no longer than 20 seconds long. You can wish him a happy birthday and then say anything else you’d like. I’m going to combine all clips and put them in one video. The other option you have is to do what we did with others and just send a written message. The written messages I will just copy and paste into the post like I did for other cast members. Don’t make them to long though! We don’t want it to be a novel. Lol Anyways I will send the post to him once it’s all done with so that he can see what you guys did for him! 🙂

Email everything to: birthdays@bmwsequel.com


Mar / October 9th, 2016

csww4aevuaeogyePhoto Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Peyton is going to be attending Family Day a benefit for the TJ Martell Foundation. While there he is going to be doing a meet and greet. The event is from Noon PST to 4PM PST. For more information go here:


Mar / September 23rd, 2016

Photo Credit: Lizzie Meyer (Peyton’s Mom) Twitter

Hey guys,

As most of you already know Peyton and his family have opened up a Juice Bar in Burbank CA. On Monday September 26th at 4PM EST BMWSequel.com will be going live via the Facebook page(thanks to my friend Heather who lives in LA) with Peyton and you guys will be able to watch him make smoothies. There may also be some appearances by two other cast members but we are not sure on that yet it might just be pictures of them.  😉

Make sure you all tune in! We will keep you posted if anything changes!

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