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Mar / November 6th, 2016


Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

Hey guys,

Peyton turns 18 years old on November 24th! We are going to do what we did for the other cast members and take fan messages for him. The only difference is with his project is that I’m also going to take video entries as well. I really want to show Peyton the love because as of late fans haven’t really been that nice to him. I want to make sure his birthday is special so I want to make these messages also positive for him. The rules for the video is that the clip of you must be no longer than 20 seconds long. You can wish him a happy birthday and then say anything else you’d like. I’m going to combine all clips and put them in one video. The other option you have is to do what we did with others and just send a written message. The written messages I will just copy and paste into the post like I did for other cast members. Don’t make them to long though! We don’t want it to be a novel. Lol Anyways I will send the post to him once it’s all done with so that he can see what you guys did for him! 🙂

Email everything to: birthdays@bmwsequel.com


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