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Mar / February 2nd, 2018

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

There is some very exciting news about Corey! He has landed a role in a movie which stars Octavia Spence, Juliette Lewis, and Luke Evans! It sounds to me like the role is NOT going to be a small one either so this is going to be so amazing for his career.  I have a quoted part of the article from deadline which means the plot of the movie. It sounds like it’s going to be a good movie and I personally am looking forward to seeing it. BTW you will recognize Luke Evans from the live action Beauty and the Beast he played Gaston. Juliette Lewis has been in so many movies as well! This is going to be so awesome for Corey!

Plot details are sparse, but Deadline understands Spencer will play a lonely woman who befriends a group of teenagers with torturous consequences for the kids. Also joining the cast are Diana Silvers (Glass), Corey Fogelmanis (Girl Meets World), McKaley Miller (Hart Of Dixie), Dante Brown (Lethal Weapon) and Gianni Paolo (The Mick).

Source: Deadline.com 

Mar / January 23rd, 2018

If you guys remember I made a post back in September announcing that Rowan was going to be releasing a new book titled “Still Here” in 2018! Amazon.com had on their site that the book was going to be released on February 20th but Rowan announced yesterday that the book was going to be officially released on February 13. I’m personally so excited to get this book and couldn’t be more proud of her. The book is up for pre-order and is already #1 in Teen and Young Adult Dating on Amazon!

Source and Photo Credit: Rowans Instagram

Pre-Order “Still Here” at the links below: 



Mar / January 19th, 2018

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina’s official Vevo Youtube channel has uploaded some of the performances she did on The Honda Stage at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC from the pre-show she did at Jingleball! If you would like to see them you can watch them below via the playlist I made on Youtube. Please note they didn’t upload the entire pre-show just 4 songs that she did from it which I also have listed below.  🙂

List of Songs she perofrmed: 

On Purpose


Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)

First Love

Mar / December 5th, 2017

Sabrina’s first JingleBall was last night in St Paul, MN! She was interviewed by KDWB’s Raven Brinson (who looked flawless by the way.) on the red carpet at the event. Check it out below! Sabrina looked beautiful and we couldn’t be more proud of her. I’ve always been a fan of Raven so I get excited whenever Sabrina is doing something KDWB related because I know Raven will be apart of it! Make sure you follow Raven on Twitter. Her username is @ravenonair 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: KDWB’s Youtube

Mar / November 16th, 2017

Photo Credit: Ben’s Instagram

Will Friedle has a new interview out that he did while in Australia. In it he talks about his anxiety, getting married, Boy Meets World and my personal favorite an Eric Matthews spin off! I have posted the part where he talks about Boy Meets World and the spin off. If you would like to read the rest of the interview you can do so at this link:


Source: thefix.nine.com/au

Boy Meets World was such a ’90s cultural phenomenon. Was it as much fun for you to make as it was for us all to watch?

Probably more so. While it was a big part of people’s lives during the ’90s, it was still just a half hour a week for the fans. For us, it was 24/7 for seven years. This was a show that was at a certain port in our lives that was so important to all of us. I was 16 when it started. Ben [Savage, who played Cory] was 11 when I met him. Danielle [Fishel, who played Topanga] was 11 when I met her. We really were like a family. It was an absolutely formidable part of growing up, and we did it together and we did it in front of a camera.

Any on-set mischief?

The guys – Ben, Rider [Strong, who played Shawn], Matthew [Lawrence, who played Jack], and myself – put together this ridiculous dance to the Backstreet Boys that we’d do in front of the audience every week. They’d push the cameras back and we’d do this lip-sync dance. We had an absolute blast.
Please tell me you all have a Boy Meets World cast group text.
We have two group texts going! Rider, Ben, Danielle, and I text pretty regularly. And I see or speak to Rider and Ben all the time. It’s a ton of fun.

And I saw William Daniels [Mr. Feeny] about a month or two ago. When he was working on his book, we went out to lunch, and he was asking me all kinds of Boy Meets World questions. And, of course, we were all in the final episode of [Disney Channel’s reboot series] Girl Meets World.

Do strangers ever do the Feeny call – FE-E-E-ENY! – when they see you in public?

I hear it all the time. It happens at least once a week where I’ll be somewhere, and I’ll hear the Feeny call. I’m not sick of it. It’s how they get my attention, and it’s usually from behind me and far away. I just hear it over my shoulder. Rarely does it ever come from someone standing in front of me in close range.

Did you keep any mementos from set?

I have a John Adams High Athletic Dept. sweatshirt! Also, you weren’t allowed to have brand names on TV back in the day, so our prop guy, whose name was Mark Papson, would put his name on things. So, I have a can of Dr. Papson because we couldn’t have Dr. Pepper. It was little things like that that I saved. I didn’t take anything big, though I wanted to take the red couch.

Girl Meets World was so well-received. Any chance of an Eric Matthews spin-off next?

There’s been talks for a while of doing something with Eric. Whether it’s an Eric Meets World kind of show, who knows. But I can almost guarantee you that you haven’t seen the last of Eric Matthews. You’ll be able to see him again… sometime soon.

Mar / November 16th, 2017

Photo Credit: AMA’s Twitter

The AMA’s official twitter account tweeted that Sabrina will be presenting at the show this coming Sunday, November, 19th! We are so proud of yet another huge accomplish made by Sabrina! You can tune into the show on ABC at 8PM EST/8PM PST!

Source: AMA’s Twitter 

Mar / November 2nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabirna’s Instagram

Sabrina is going to be a part of several Jingle Ball line ups in December! On top of that she will also be a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We couldn’t be more proud of her for all she is doing. Last year she was a part of the Jingle Ball pre-shows and this year she’s now taking part in the line up which includes several big name stars! I’d love to go see Sabrina at the Buffalo show but unfortunately my sister is due to have her baby boy on December 11 and I have to be around to watch her oldest for her. Here are the list of shows that Sabrina will be a part of along with links to get tickets. Also included is info on the Macy’s Parade.

November 24th – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 


December 4th – KDWB Jingle Ball – St Paul MN


December 6th – Q102 Jingle Ball – Philadelphia, PA


December 7th – B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash – Rosemont, IL


December 9th – Kiss 98.5 Kissmas Bash- Buffalo NY


December 10 – Kiss 108 Jingle Ball – Bostom MA


December 16th – 93.3 LFZ Jingle Ball – Tampa FL


Source: Macy’s Twitter and Sabrina’s Facebook

Mar / October 25th, 2017

Photo Credit: TRL’s Youtube

Sabrina has been making the media rounds again this time in NYC! Yesterday she was on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and today she hit up Billboard and TRL! If you would like to check out her appearances and performances.

Source: Jimmy Fallon’s Youtube, & TLR’s Youtube

Sabrina on Billboard’s Periscope:


Sabrina on Fallon:

Sabrina on TRL

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