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Mar / May 5th, 2017

Dear Danielle,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day. I just want you to know that I admire you so much and you are truly one of the nicest most kindest inspiring people I have ever met. I’m so thankful that I can say I met “Topanga”. It is something I will truly never forget. Today on your birthday I have put together this post of random acts of kindness stories sent in my a bunch of your fans. My story for you is that twice a week I have been volunteering at my mom’s hospital. I volunteer on the Long Term Care Unit which is the nursing home part of the hospital and then on another day I in the lab where my mom works and I help bring up specimens from the downstairs lab. It’s been so much fun to be able to help out over there. I especially love volunteering with the elderly patients. 🙂  I hope that you truly enjoy the rest of the stories from you fans. I have put them below. 🙂


Faith writes:

I’m not sure if this counts as a random act of kindness, but I recently saved someone from suicide. I got her the help she needed right away. There’s so much to live for. And I always try to help people at school with little things they may be dealing with. Like, I’ll try to make them laugh if they’re having a tough day, or I’ll help them with a question they’re stuck on, or I’ll just encourage them to keep pushing, because nothing bad lasts forever.

Hoor wrote:

I am your huge fan and for the random act if kindness i bought a pair of boots and gave them away to a girl with the same size of shoe i had but that girl was poor and it was winter so i gave the boots to her

Cecia wrote:

Well first of all I’d like to say happy birthday and I hope you have an excellent day and I’d like to say you’re the best tv mom ever. My acts of kindness were I opened the door for two strangers and I helped a grandmother cross the street.

Dakota wrote:

A few years ago I went with a youth group to repair houses for those who needed repairs but were unable to do them. The trip lasted a week, but the lesson I learned from it will last forever.

Marcello wrote:

Hi Danielle! I want to wish you a birthday filled will lots of love, happiness and the best always! my act of kindness took place on march 8th 2017. I decided to bring a chocolate rose to each of the nurses at my doctor’s office for international women’s day! i wanted to show my appreciation to them for their hard work and kindness they show to patients who can’t afford medication or who’s insurance won’t cover a certain medication. The nurses would help them by giving them a generous supply of the medication they need through samples that they have in there office.

Lainey wrote:

I was on my way to work some years ago when my train pass wouldnt work and i had no money to top it up. A complete stranger scanned his ticket to let me through and nodded with a smile. Ive never forgotten that act of kindness!! Mainly because i would have had to walk almost an hour to get home

Keaton wrote:

Volunteering at an animal shelter. Serving food to homeless.

Maureen wrote:

I paid for a customer’s groceries before. They were behind me in line and I just felt the need to do it.

Jennifer wrote:

On April 10th, I was having a late lunch at Boston Market in Tallahassee. I noticed a man sitting in the parking lot. He looked like he had not eaten in a while. As people walked to their cars, they avoided making eye contact with him. After finishing my meal, I walled outside and asked him how long it had been since he had eaten a hot meal. 3 days!!! I handed him some money and told him to go and eat. I extended my hand and shook his hand. I asked his name. Bill. I told him that I would be praying for him. please pray for him!!!

Andrew wrote:

I was at a subway restaurant getting a sandwich for dinner and an older Hispanic lady was inline in front of me trying to order some sandwiches. She spoke mostly spanish, and the workers didn’t. So I helped her order her 2 sandwiches by translating for her and the subway team working last night.

Geneva wrote:

I do good acts of kindness everyday opening doors, letting someone in traffic, saying​ please and thank you, giving compliments to people, etc it’s such a great thing to do and an awesome feeling when you receive it back

Lainey wrote:

I was on my way to work some years ago when my train pass wouldnt work and i had no money to top it up. A complete stranger scanned his ticket to let me through and nodded with a smile. Ive never forgotten that act of kindness!! Mainly because i would have had to walk almost an hour to get home

Erin wrote:

I am a people greeter at Walmart in Monticello MN. I help people every day when they need it. Whatever it’s helping a disabled person to picking up stuff when a bag breaks.

Debbie wrote:

I drove 2 hours out of my way twice a week for 3 months to take my mom’s elderly neighbor to her chemo appointments. RIP Elaine

Rhonda wrote:

I donated movies to primary childrens hospital a couple years ago for Christmas that year I told my family I didn’t want presents I wanted dvds to give to the hospital

Robyn wrote:

I’ve been taking my 88 year old grandma grocery shopping every 2-3 weeks all year. She can’t drive and it gets her out of the house. She often times tells me stories of all the things she’s done in the past and how much it means to her that I take her. (I would do it even if she wasn’t family!).

Mario wrote:

Last act of kindness I can remember was like five years ago when I noticed a girl dropped her glove at the station and I gave it back to her.

Fernanda wrote:

I saw this girl all alone and I decide to go up to her and ask her if she’s ok and we instantly became friends and she said I had made her day by just asking how her day was and if she was ok.!

Katie wrote:

The other day I went to get my car washed and the wash was already paid for by the person in front of me. My kids loved the wash (age 1 and 5)

Holly wrote:

When I was in fifth grade I didn’t have to take the SOL’s and I got to help out with little kindergarteners. It was the best week of my life

Yvette wrote:

Don’t know if this count, but I made both her and my mom a cup of soda with ice . And I fix a cup with a soda with ice for my grandmother everyday.

Charles wrote:

A woman who works with me has a grandson that has a touch life and she had a tough life herself. Her grandson is about 2 years old with a beaten down car seat, about to fall apart, so my twin brother and I decided to buy her a Mickey Mouse car seat and the funny thing is it was new and he loves Mickey Mouse. When she walked inside her house she was so happy so burst into tears. My brother and I was glad to buy her and her grandson a new car seat because we love them and we knew God was telling us to do this.

Sarah wrote:

Just last week i was heading home from work I saw an elderly disabled gentleman in a motorized scooter on the side of the road in distress. I turned around and stopped to see if he was OK and I’m very thankful to the 2 men who helped me with getting him out of the mud and back across the street.

Amairani wrote

I helped an elderly couple cross the street as I was on my way to school. I saw them again as I was heading home waiting for the bus. They couldn’t afford their bus fair so I paid their fair.

Nicky wrote

I’ll be walking in the march of dimes fundraiser in honor of my amazing preemie hero son that was born 10 weeks early the walk is on May 6 🙂

Mathew wrote 

Happy Birthday To Danielle Fishel! Happy Seventeenth Anniversary to the Boy Meets World television series. GOD bless the cast!

Emily wrote

I have open a door in my family for my are step mom and my new brothers on 2013 and got to know them

Emily wrote: 

I’m doing a 30 your famine and raising money for people that are Hungary.

Mercedes wrote:

I helped someone who was far behind her work and I finished the work she needed done so she could finish her other stuff

Leah wrote:

I help my little sister her homework because she does like to do

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