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Girl Meets World / April 10th, 2015


Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here.

Source: RileyAndAuggie.Tumblr.com

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  • First Date:  Thank you for [the] full circle bus scene finale. [Riley] Went from not being able to speak to giving kiss. Beautifully done. How a Cast grows in 21 weeks 😉 “That was the intended takeaway. Thanks for getting it.” (x)
    • I loved the continuity errors reference when it comes to Corpanga’s first date in the last episode! “Yeah. One was purposefully out of continuity.” (x)
    • I was kind of confused when Maya asked Lucas out how did it help Riley? “It pushed Lucas. Maya has been pushing Lucas all along.” (x)
    • okay, one question. When Riley+Maya were sat in the window, did Maya hint that she liked Lucas?! Or was I dreaming it?! “y’know, dreams are manifestations of what people think.” (x Did she hint it or not?! I’m confused! “So are we” (x)
    • Why did Lucas call Maya the other one? Was it lucaya foreshadowing? “No, they already have an interesting relationship. Foreshadowing would be if I said: Look at those leaves in the wind…” (x)
  • DemolitionCan you give me another Corpanga line from demolition please! You know I love them ”You’ll love that [episode]. Lots of Cory and Topanga. Well there’s 1,200 bucks I’m not getting back.” (x)
    • Are we going to see more Cory and Topanga scenes like just them, no kids? “Not their show, but strong in next episode.” (x)
    • Give me a word that someone says in Demolition. Give the word and who says it “Timberlake. Auggie. Last word of episode.” (x)
    • Maya line: “Agg-hugghh” (x)


  • Gravity:  Didn’t shed a tear during The Notebook, yet I was an instant puddle when Riley kissed Lucas. “Wait til Gravity” (x)
  • The New World:  Does Cory ever know about Riley and Lucas’ Kiss? “The New World.” (x)
  • Secret of Life: I’ve watched every single episode multiple times, I still can’t find these “hints” about what Secret of Life may bring. “If you’ve watched Lucas carefully, it will all seem correct and very real.” (x)
  • Pluto: “Riley cries in Pluto.” (x)
  • The Tell Tale TotDoes Maya Hart walk to and from Riley’s house alone in NYC at night? “Nope” (x)
  • Hurricane: Can you spill one line from Hurricane episode? “Could this be any more awkward?” (x)
  • Rules:  Can you give us a really cute line that Lucas says to Riley in season 2 that you haven’t told us? “He puts her in a bag.” (x)
    • Can you give me a laya quote? “You will like Girl Meets Rules.″  (x)
  • The New Teacher: Mr. Turner in the hospital “He’s out and he’s back.” (x)  He’s back? Like.. in gmw? Or what does that mean? “Girl Meets The New Teacher.” (x)
    • Will he be replacing Cory or not? “Not” (x)
  • Girl Meets Mr. Clutterbucket is now Girl Meets Forgiveness. (x)
  • Will any of the characters actually be in a relationship with each other? “Season 2 will be interesting.” (x)
  • Will Riley and Lucas’s relationship extend throughout the new season? “Yes. There will be changes.” (x)
  • Will Lucas and Riley’s relationship mature throughout the next season? If so in what way 🙂 “In the right way.” (x)
  • Will you ever consider having crossovers with different shows? “One next episode. One on Halloween.” (x)
  • Riley will try to cheerlead again. (x)
  • Will we see more Smackle? “Yes. In a very important episode this season.” (x)
  • Will Olivia Stuck (Missy) come back in any episodes? “Could be” (x)
  • Are we going to see Josh’s prom in season? “interesting idea. We will definitely see the spring formal.” (x)
  • Will we ever see Lucas jealous of Riley and someone else? “Will Friedle is writing an interesting episode.” (x)


  • Whatever happened to Nebula? “We may find out.” (x)
  • Is Cory still a hypochondriac? “Absolutely still a hypochondriac.” (x)
  • Will Maya’s mother Katy and Shawn ever have a relationship? “They seem to have a pretty good one right now.” (x)
  • Shawn Marries Angela and they are together for good. everyone goes to the wedding. perfect ending “Yeah. When have we ever done that?” (x)
  • What can we expect from Shawn and Angela seeing each other for the first time? “Resolution.” (x)
  • if Angela left him, he should be happy, he should be Cory’s  wacky neighbour. What do ya think? “He is not usually so happy, but maybe things change for him in Hurricane.” (x)
  • Is Angela married huh “Huh” (x)
  • Will Lucas ever meet Alan and Amy? “Not certain” (x)
  • Chet’s life was being a drunk. What’s Maya’s dad’s story? Something addicting…. “secular” or gambling? “Chet was never a drunk. His dreams overwhelmed the reality of his life. He wasn’t there, but he wanted to be. Maya’s dad doesn’t.” (x)
  • Is Farkle’s mom Corina from Shallow Boy? “No, but great guess! You’re the first one who guessed Leisha I think.” (x)


  • When you began talking about GMW was Disney always the network you wanted it to be on? “They brought it up to me, so yeah.” (x)
  • If I asked do you have an idea how GMW ends what would you say? “I’d say no. A good story tells itself.” (x)
  • Will you ever talk about certain signs to tell you’re in love? “Yes” (x)
  • Will you guys ever make a character gay? “Discussing it.” (x)
  • There should be an episode that Maya is not in and it shows how everyone’s lives would have been different without her in it “It’s A Wonderful Maya. We’ve discussed it.” (x)
  • Is there every going to be an episode on feminism/gender equality? “We’re talking about that” (x)
  • Please show Riley and Maya a video of Cory and Shawn dancing from the Boy Meets World episode Last Tango in Philly! “Huh. I wonder how they’d react to that.” (x)
  • Did Riley and Maya have different friends before they met each other?  “We will find out.” (x)
  • Describe Riley and Maya’s friendship in one word “Forever.” (x)
  • Why are you ignoring me when I talk about Maya saving Riley or Riley saving Maya? “Maya saved Riley’s life when they were very young. She was bobbing for apples and Maya said You have to wift your head!” (x)
  • Will Auggie ever talk to Lucas as a protective little brother towards Riley? Or is he ok with them being..whatever they are? “Oh, he has his opinions.”  (x)
  • Is there gonna be a boy besides farkle and josh that maya falls in love with and goes it with? “A new boy? Hmmm.” (x)
  • Will [we] see Maya in a relationship? “Yes.” (x
  • Is it possible that josh has some sort of feelings for Maya? I mean the way he looks at her THERES OBVIOUSLY CHEMISTRY  “No question” (x)

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