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Mar / October 14th, 2016


Dear Rowan,

First of all HAPPY BIRTHdAY! I can’t believe you are 15. I feel like you’ve grown before my eyes. I’m so beyond proud of you for all that you have accomplished in your young life. You have evolved into such a wonderful, inspiring, young girl that this generation can idolize and look up to you. You’re character on Girl Meets World is inspiring to young girls as well and I’m glad that young teens have Riley whom they can relate to and you’re so lucky to be the one portraying and playing that character. This world needs more people like you in it. I admire your strength and who you are as a person. I honestly couldn’t be more proud. I love you, babe! It’s been a pleasure to meet you both times I’ve come to set.  Happy Birthday again and I hope you enjoy all these messages for your birthday.


Happy Birthday!!!! miss Sarah & Rowan!!!!…hope both of you have a
fantastic day and enjoy the love from one of your biggest
fans 💞💟💞💟💞💟💞 – Lyythos


We just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. I grew
up on Boy Meets World and still watch it. Got my kids hooked on it. Just
wanna say you girls are amazing and having continued the legacy
beautifully. We love Girl Meets World and your quirky personalities.
Whenever a new episode comes on we watch it together. Always! Have a
fantastic birthday and to many more!

Jason, Jacob and Katy Wallace

Happy birthday Rowan
You are a incredible person and already changing the world.Thank you for being who
you are.
From Belgium.
Jada kennedy ❤

Happy birthday Rowan,I love you so much! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I am
so proud of you. – Kristin

Happy 15th birthday Rowan your amazing you are my hero I want to be like you. – Megan

Happy Birthday Rowan!!! Thank you for inspiring myself and so many others to be who
we are and not be afraid to mess up sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful day! –
Rachel (@PlumRachel on Twitter)

Dear, Rowan Blanchard

My name is Anne and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope
that you see many many more. You’re a blessing to so many people and an
inspiration to lots. You are such an intelligent young lady and an amazing
actress. You are educated and ahead of your youth and that’s an
incredible thing. You spread so much knowledge and love and I know that
will never leave you as you get older. You’re not afraid to speak how
you feel and as a girl who is also fifteen you help me see that I
shouldn’t be afraid either. You’re absolutely wonderful and I adore
you. I hope you have an amazing birthday and spend it surrounded by the
people you love and who loves you. Hope you eat lots of cake !

— sincerely,
anne (@fadedramirez / twitter)

Dear Rowan,I’m a fan of yours,I like following you on Facebook and we love singing
together on Sing! karaoke by smule,I like to wish you a happy birthday!
Yours Truly,Savannah

Rowan you are MY QUEEN, the one who introduced me to feminism,and the right
kind and you showed me that I can be questioning my sexuality and that’s
okay,you showed me that I don’t have to fit society’s stereotypical
standards and I don’t have to be sorry for not acting “lady like”and that
fashion is more than just clothes you wear that cover your body.You opened
up my eyes and mind and made me realize how much people mistreated me and
how I shouldn’t let people thinking little of me affect me.I am so thankful
for finding that one tweet of yours about black ppl being excluded at the
Oscars,which led to me stalking your acc all night and figuring out things
that I never had.You were 14 at that time and so am I,so it made me realise
how much potential and that I’m never too young.So Happy birthday
Rowan,wish you the best.Please don’t ever let people’s comments on your
looks,or character or anything get to you except if they are nice and
admiring ones like mine:YOU SLAYYY.Also thank u for introducing me to
bEyonce.May God herself be with u lol. – Sandy

Happy Birthday Rowan! You are very awesome and I hope you have an awesome
Birthday!!! – Chelsea

Hi Rowan!

Firstly, I want to say happy birthday! Secondly, I would like to say how awesome,
funny, talented and creative you are! I love Girl Meets World and I’m not kidding
when I say I binged watched as many BMW episodes that I could find so I could be
caught up on GMW 🙂

I hope you have an amazing day!


Happy Early birthday Rowan. Thanks for being such an inspirational person
to people everywhere. I wanted to thank you because when you came out as
queer, it gave me the courage to do the same to my family. Thank you and I
hope you have a wonderful day. – Robert

Happy 15th Birthday, Rowan!

You are truly one of the most magnificent, beautiful, and talented actresses around.
You’re such an inspiration to many young adults out there- including me- and you’re
not even 16 yet! Thanks for making Riley such a unique and relatable character, and
thank you for showing everyone just how amazing woman are! You are going to go so
far in life, and I’m so excited to see where it takes you.

Love you, Rowan, and happy birthday.

Love, Lauren.

Hi Rowan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just wanted to say that you are a huge
inspiration to me. Especially since we’re about the same age. I know that
you will keep going further with whatever it is that you do. You have been
doing so much for so many people and so many of us care about you! Keep
doing what you love and don’t listen to people who tell you otherwise.
With love,
Brenda ❤

*********Happy Birthday Rowan!! Hope you have an amazing day!! We love watching you
on Girl Meets World and we’re so proud of how far you have come since Season 1. It
is an absolute pleasure to see what a lovely young lady you have become and seeing
all the fantastic work you do on and off screen is just wonderful. We hope you enjoy
your special day.

Sending you love and best wishes,
from all @B_G_M_W_Fans XX 🙂 – Charlie

Wanna wish you a very happy birthday! Enjoy your day! – Robert

Dear Rowan, I am michael leon (twitter @axel7material) i want to say Happy
birthday to you and i hope all your wishes and dreams come true because you
deserve the best in life for helping this world to be a better place,You
have inspired me to become something that would make me happy in life i
wish to met you someday because i really look up to you for advice and i
look at you as a my own guiding hand.You have made me into a better
feminist and a better person.Overall i wish you have many good/blessed day
and i hope you hvae outstanding moments in life-Love Michael Leon p.s.
people change people

Dear Rowan,

Happy Birthday and many more to come! – Brandy

Happy Birthday! I love the show and hope you get many more seasons. We need more
shows families can watch together.-Kim

Dear Rowan, HAPPY 15th BDAY!!!!!! I LOVE YOU😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍!!! You are
such an awesome person. One of my favorite characters on GMW is you!!! You
are so inspirational!!! Hope you have. Fun BDAY!!!!

Lots of love ,
From your fan,

Happy Birthday this Friday the 14th to MSRB (Multitalented Star Rowan Blanchard)
Love her work as Riley Matthews on “Girl Meets World”
She’s multitalented because she can act, sing, dance, give wise advice, and so much
more. Alexander

Dear Rowan,
I think of you as a role model, an inspiration, a hero, but most of all,
someone I really look up to. Words cannot describe how much I respect and
love you, I just hope that your day might just be a little brighter after
reading these messages, your presence brings sunshine and beauty to the
world, your influence over young men and women expanding by the second. I
hope your birthday is as sweet and awesome as you are.

Love from,

Happy Birthday Rowan!!! I hope you have an amazing one :). I love Girl
Meets World, and you’re an amazing actress! Your show has changed my life,
and so has everything you do outside of the show. All the causes you stand
up for, and how you always stay true to yourself has inspired me. So have a
great birthday, and don’t ever stop being you.

Dear Rowan,

I can’t believe you’re 15! It seems to me like it was just yesterday when I
first saw you on my TV screen while watching Spy Kids. If I’m being honest,
I never thought my role model would be someone who is almost two years
younger. But here we are today. Because of your beautiful mind and your
inspiring words I have found the part of me that was missing, a part of me
that was buried underneath the hurt. Your words, the way you express
yourself helped me realize some things about myself: I love how clumsy I
am, I love how I speak, I love the way I express my feelings, and so much
more. I don’t feel bad for not smiling, I don’t feel bad for saying what I
think out loud (well, most of the time). I love who I am. You are one of a
few reasons I believe in myself again. And I am forever grateful for it.
You have grown into such a beautiful, inspiring young woman and I couldn’t
be more proud of who you have become. So thank you; thank you for inspiring
me to be a better version of myself; thank you for being exactly who you
are. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You know, they say that blowing out another candle should mean that you
have lived another year of joy, and that you’ve made this world a better
place. I hope your year was filled with joy, because I’m certain you’ve
made this world a better place.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much
love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will
cherish in all the days ahead.

Happy birthday, Rowan! Sending you best of wishes from Lithuania ♥

With love,
Augustė (@a_jurc on Twitter)

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