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Mar / August 27th, 2016

14134594_673308532816896_1763491043_nPhoto Credit: Mark’s Instagram

Dear Mark,

We hope that you have the happiest birthdays! Thank you for being one of the many reasons we have such an incredible show that we can look forward to watching every week. Thank you for being so kind 13260173_10153449292296851_4318307627744812349_nwhen we have met you the times that we have. You’re an amazing writer and we love Girl Meets World. I know that Girl Meets World is geared more towards children but even at 31 years old and 23 years old it has taught us a lot about life.  Thank you so much for being so nice to us when we came and visited the set. You’re amazing and you were a big part of my childhood and now adult life. I can’t wait to see what you create next! happy birthday! Here’s to another year of awesome and hopefully one more season if not more!!  We hope you love these messages that your fans sent to us. 🙂

-Mar and Natalie-  

Hi Mark!

Thank you for all the wonderful episodes that you have written and shared with us. You’re one of my favorite writers. It’s a real privilege to see your writing brought to life. I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it! Here’s to hoping for a season 4! 🙂


To Mark happy birthday🎈🎂 and thank you for making GMW a fantastic show

for all us to watch, its an amazing show,And the cast and crew are
awesome, i also hope u have an amazing birthday and hope for a season 4!!!
Everyone one is great on GMW and the writes are sweet with the episodes the
and you write !! Yall Rock . happy birthday Mark and thank you from the
bottom of my heart !! Have a great birthday😎😀😎😀😎😀 -Michele-


I want to congratulate you on your birthday. I hate to let you know that
you’re getting a year older, but it’s all in good spirit!! As a 29 year old
man with no kids and a girlfriend; I often times find myself watching Girl
Meets World and I actually enjoy it despite the show being intended for
younger viewers. I fully believe that the writing of the show is critical
to the success of the show. How is it that you as an “older person” (you’re
only older in age not in spirit) can write such deep content about younger
people? It is absolutely incredible that you can keep this mindset despite
all that exists out in the world (war, racism, money, children, etc. etc.).


Happy birthday Mark Bluntman! Thank you so much for writing BMW/BMW. Keep
up the good work! – Molly

Happy Birthday, Mark! You do such a good job in writing this show (Girl
Meets I Do is one of my favorites now!). The episodes you write are amazing
and I hope we get to see more of your work.


Happy Birthday, Mark – Chrissy

Happy Birthday to Mark !! . Please continue with the series, I have been
taught much. – Brune

Happy Birthday To You All And Hope All Your Dreams and Wishes Come True

Love~ Mark
P.s Please Give us a Season 4

Happy Birthday Mark!! I hope
you all have wonderful birthdays with a whole lot of fun, and laughter.

I also wanted to let you know that I love your show!! I am sixteen
going on seventeen and I can relate to so many things that Riley, Maya,
Lucas, Farkle, Smackle and Zay go through, ( even though I go to a very
country high school, in which most kids wear camo, and blow duck calls in
the middle of class, haha). So many of the lessons in both BMW and GMW are
so real, it’s amazing!

Although I don’t remember watching the show when it was on, I remember
my older sisters watching the reruns when I was younger. And when I was
about 13 I fell in love with Boy Meets World, and the story behind Cory and
Topanga. I also loved Mr Feeny and the full of hope attitude he always had
towards all his students and the caring relationship he had for them (which
we need more of now a days). When I first found out that there was a
sequel, I couldn’t believe it, ( kinda like now and how I’m so excited for
the MacGyver sequel).

Anyways thank you for carrying on the tradition of life lessons in your
show. I believe that the generations now and the ones to come especially,
need to learn these lessons with everything going on, and so thank you. And
thank you to all the actors and actresses, writers, producers and everyone
in between, for teaching the things that are usually left unsaid,
especially in TV shows on the Disney channel. So overall thank you to
everyone. And I really hope that they will renew the show, because it would
be a shame to let such an awesome show go out to pasture. So once again


Happy Birthday!

So, I have to say thank you. I am 33 years old. I have a Bachelor’s in
Communications. One thing we learned in our Mass Media class was that some
people become so emotionally invested in books, movies, television shows
etc that the characters become real to them. This happens to various
extents, with some just becoming emotionally invested in the media and
others who have to be so cautious because they become so invested that it
impedes their life. Like they can’t get work done because they are so
worried about what is going on in the characters’ lives.

I become emotionally invested. Not to the point where it gets in the way,
but definitely to the point where I wonder what happens after. I had
wondered fort years what happened after they all moved to New York. What
happened to Shawn and Angela. To Eric. To Rachel and Jack. (Still wondering
on Rachel, btw)

So seldom do I get those answers. You’ve given them. Yes, now I will
someday have to wonder what happens to Lucas, Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Zay.
But even if the show doesn’t renew for Season 4 (which I hope it does) I’ve
been given answers. Everyone is OK. Better than OK. Good. Great. They
listened to Feeny. The did good.

Thank you.


P.s. IS Rachel OK? I know Eric kept in touch with her, but you must have
some ideas of what happened to her. Is she married? Does she have kids? Is
she happy?

We I would like to wish mark,a verrrrryyyyyy HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much for a great show for my two girls can watch and
love. Keep up the good work!!!!! So from my small family again HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-):-):-) -Mar-

I wish you the happiest of birthdays Mark I
love every story and every topic that you write on Girl Meets World they bring me
tears and laughter and sometimes I need that on a hard day I have been a fan of BMW
too and its been my joy in watching the two. To Auggie I love your relationship with
Riley it makes me smile when you two interact together it also brings me the
greatest of joy to see that you two interact with each other and to Ocean I enjoyed
your apprentice in tonight’s episode and I hope to see you featured in many more
future episodes to come . I respect you all and wish the most fun and kindest of
birthdays I have never missed an episode a continue you not to . From a older fan
who will keep on watching something everytime a episode comes on -LC

Hey, Mark! Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us. I absolutely love
each episode that you write and you are easily one of my favorite writers on the
show. I fondly refer to you as our Corpanga writer, so thank you for all the
Corpanga! :p Hope you have an awesome day! Happy Birthday!


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