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Mar / April 22nd, 2016

B8YMx5qCUAAidi3Photo Credit: Cheryl’s Twitter

Cheryl was awesome enough to agree to a question and answer with us! She answered some fan questions as well as some of our own! She as well as Kendra and I are excited for you all to see it! You can check it out below. Thank you to all who sent in questions!  Make sure you check out her awesome Youtube Channel! youtube.com/user/MsLilTex

BMWSequel.com : What made you decide to get into acting?

I just always wanted to perform. I grew up watching Annie wishing I could play in that world. At six years old, I realized there was an actual profession called “acting” – so, I begged my parents to put me on TV… and twenty years later, I got that opportunity. LOL!

BMWSequel.com : What have you enjoyed about the growth in Maya and Katy’s relationship?

I love that they’re closer. I think there’s still a ton to explore with them, but I feel there’s more of an appreciation and understanding of each other now than there was in season one.

BMWSequel.com : Do you like the development so far of Shawn and Katy?

Of course! What’s not to like? I think they’re such a fun couple – and so adorably awkward together. I love seeing what the writers give them. The lipstick scene is probably one of my favorites.

BMWSequel.Com What inspired you to write and produce your web series “Confessions of a Bartender”? (It’s hilarious by the way)

Aw, thank you. Well, Confessions of… The Series on YouTube started while I was taking a class about how to create your own work for the web. During the time, I was a bit stressed out planning my wedding -which is great for comedy- so, I came up with the concept: Confessions of a Bride-to-Be. It started off as just a vlog/sketch series where I played a bunch of characters acting out scenarios that either actually happened or easily could have happened. Then, a year later, I wanted to do one about acting -because there’s just so much material- and I called it Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress. This time, I brought on two amazing producers: Ryan Demaree (who writes all the original music) and Peter Marr. We really ramped up the quality and added in a bunch of hilarious friends, and it became more like a variety/sketch show. During that shoot, I wanted to do a Bartender series… so, a year later, we did! Now, I’m working on Season 4: Confessions of a Yogi. ☺ youtube.com/user/MsLilTex

BMWSeqel.Com What is it like working with Sabrina Carpenter? The mother/daughter casting is so perfect.

She’s awesome. Sabrina has a very sharp wit about her, and she’s so grown up for her age. I was not at all put together at 16. Her along with all the kids – they’re not even kids really anymore – but they’re all so charismatic and mature. I could probably take pointers from them.

BMWSequel.com We know you like dancing. Would you ever do Dancing With The Stars if you were asked about it?

What a fun question. Yea, I totally would. I’d probably make a fool of myself the first few weeks, but if I stuck around, I think I’d get the hang of it. LOL!

BmwSequel.com What advice do you have for someone who is into writing? Kendra and I particularly love to write.

It’s gonna sound cliché… but just write. Decide what it is you want to say, then sit down and write it. Having a strong POV is crucial. It helps push through those moments where you feel you might be lost for words. But honestly, if you really want to write and you don’t know what to say – write anyway. It’ll come.

BMWSequel.com Do you have any upcoming projects we can look forward to seeing you in?

Girl Meets World Season 3!


@motley_91 what’s it like working with @RiderStrong?

So fun. He’s a great actor and really open to just playing – which is so important.

@passion4music89 What do you enjoy most about playing Katy Hart?

I love her silliness and quirks, but I also love her vulnerability and strength. I feel really lucky that I get to play her, honestly. The writers have been so generous with giving her levels and depth that I just look forward to whatever they have for me when I get a script.

@JustSayinTee was it hard to move to LA from the east coast?

It was and still is extremely hard to be away from my family. But I visit them as often as I can. And they visit me. My parents were actually just on set – which was incredibly special. —But LA is pretty great. It took about a year or two for me to really feel settled, but once I did, it became a 2nd home.

@JustSayinTee How did you first get settled in LA?

I had a couple friends out here that I crashed with for 3 weeks. Then I found my own place where I moved in with a roommate who became one of my best friends. Surrounding yourself with good people will make any transition in life easier.

@sabsupreme what was your favorite moment on set?

There have been so many. Working with Cloris Leachman was incredible. She’s so brilliant!

@MimiFanFic1239 Did you grow up watching Boy Meets World? 🙂

Oh yes! I was all about the TGIF! 😉


Jasmine Goodwin on FB: What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned from working on Girl Meets World?

They are truly some of the nicest people in this business. From top to bottom. The fact that they have been working together for what, like twenty years, and they treat not only each other but everyone who visits the set like family has been so eye-opening. The entire cast and crew has shown me how amazing working on a show and being part of a 2nd family really can be. It’s what I hope to bring to any future shows I work on.

Catherine Baldwin What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be yourself. As quirky, or dorky, silly or weird that you are – own it! People that are supposed to be in your life will flock to you, and those that don’t belong there, will find their way out.

Sunehra Farhana What’s next on your YouTube channel?

Either Confessions of a Yogi or another season of Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress OR random dance videos of stuff I choreograph. … I really have no idea. ☺

Michael Borror What are Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel like as Directors?

They’re awesome. Ben loves rehearsing scenes and feeling out the jokes to see what plays – and Danielle lays out the foundation for what she envisions for a scene, then really lets her actors play.

Sean Kelley Did you turn to any sources of inspiration while playing Katy – the single mother: a character that many adult viewers would relate to?

Whenever I play a character, I like to get inside their mind as much as possible and ask questions that can help bring clarity to how they might approach a situation if it’s different from the way I would. I have a few single mothers close to me in life, and their stories have certainly affected me. I feel like any relationship in my life that’s even slightly mirrored Katy’s has either consciously or unconsciously played a part in how I approach her.

Jenna Mairs How do you think life on set is different for you as an adult who grew up alongside the hype of Boy Meets World?

I feel like I’m able to enjoy and appreciate the fans excitement on a different level. Growing up with Boy Meets World is one thing, but to be able to see how much of an impact their characters still have on audiences is… it’s just really special.

Rachel Duarte In what way do you think Katy and Maya relate to each other other than the mother daughter relationship?? Do you think they have anything in common which is significant??

I think there have been moments where they’ve been able to learn from each other. Whether or not they would know it. And what they have in common is they’re both really strong women – but they showcase their strength in very different ways.

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