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Mar / March 2nd, 2016


Hello Everyone,

As most of you know Sef will be stepping down from bmwsequel.com and handing the website over to me. I wanted to make a post to thank him and let you all know that this website is not going anywhere.  4 years ago Sef created this website and came across me on Twitter when he saw that I had tweeted about the Google Hangout that Danielle Fishel was doing with OK Magazine. He approached me via Twitter and asked me if I would be interested in helping him with BMWsequel.com and of course I said yes. I would like to thank Sef for giving me this opportunity to work beside him in keeping you all updated on news with Girl Meets World. It has been such a wonderful journey and I’m so excited to be able to keep that journey alive.

One of the things, I want you all to know is that even though Sef didn’t put himself out there as much as I did, he did work diligently to keep you all updated on news pertaining to the show. He dedicated so much time and effort into this website so without him it wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to help out with it or even meet the cast. Sef, I want to personally thank you for all you did and have done for this website, the show, and the fandom. You are a great friend, and a great partner with a heart of gold who really cares about this show, the fans, and the cast. Thank you, for giving me this opportunity to work along side you as it has been such a wonderful journey. I promise you that your baby will be in good hands. I will take good care of it and you know the door is always open for you to come back and help me! I love you and I wish you all the best.

To the fans, bmwsequel.com will not be going anywhere, I am going to be here to keep you all updated and my friend Kendra will be helping me out as well. I am looking forward to continuing to help this website be your number 1 source for Girl Meets World news!


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