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Girl Meets World / August 20th, 2015

This episode was written by Will Friedle, who by the way, did an absolutely fantastic job writing the episode. There were some really good emotional moments. We were re-introduced to Matthew Lawrence (Jack) in this episode. I have to say – what a wonderful way to bring him back to Girl Meets World. The storyline was perfect with Riley’s dilemma. It seems every time a Boy Meets World cast members return to Girl Meets World, the storyline perfectly matches with what their character is currently up to. I think it is a great way to introduce them to the younger fans so that those who haven’t seen Boy Meets World kind of get an understanding as to how the current situation relates back to the original show.

In this episode we met “Charlie” who asked Riley to the semi formal before Lucas had a chance her. Riley assumed that Lucas was behind the whole charade in the hallway with balloons, flowers etc that lead up to being asked to to the semi formal. She agreed to go without realizing that it was Charlie and not Lucas who asked her out.

Later on, Jack came back and we found out he works at an evil company trying to buy Eric’s vote. He and Rachel are no longer together. Jack joined the Peace Corps with Rachel, he left, she stayed, he joined an evil company and she stayed at the Peace Corps. It hasn’t been the same since. However Eric revealed that he and Rachel still talk all the time.

Eric and Jack reunited with Cory at the dance and Jack met Riley for the first time. He didn’t know Cory had a daughter. He was surprised and asked how it feels to have a kid. Cory said that he was going to let Jack deal with Riley’s dilemma as Jack would relate to what is going on the most. Riley asked Jack how to handle to her problem about Lucas and Charlie asking her out to the dance and explained that she wasn’t sure who to choose since she likes Lucas. Jack and Eric told her ot be friends as long as she can. Jack explained how he lost Rachel as he loved her while Eric and her remained friends till this day and they talk all the time. Eric told Riley that Rachel only thought of him as a brother.After that everything was resolved and Riley decided to continue being friends with Lucas.

Jack and Riley meeting was a wonderful moment. Beautiful job by the writers, Will Friedle and Michael Jacobs.

Boy Meets World references:

Eric yelling “RACHEL!”

Eric and Jack talking about the past and Rachel.

Eric and Jack reuniting with Cory and talking about the past.

Eric said the truth to Jack on what happened and sneezed. In Boy Meets World, he sneezed and saw the future.

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