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Girl Meets World / July 23rd, 2015

We’ve all waited impatiently for this episode – Mr. Turner returned!

Bravo to the Girl Meets World writers, cast, and crew. It was an incredible episode and a brilliant statement to the world. As a fan stated on our Facebook, all school administrators should watch the episode. We cannot agree more with that. This episode was connected to Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight”. A new teacher (Tania Gunadi, who played “Harper Burgess”) was introduced to Girl Meets World. She reminded Boy Meets World fans of someone who taught just like her – Mr. Turner. Ms. Harper was trying to teach the kids about good vs evil which was from the book which would turn into literature which makes it easy for the kids to learn. It encourages them to learn and they have fun that way instead of having to read books and study all the time (take notes schools, doing standard tests, etc. doesn’t help). The principal (Stuart Pankin who voiced Earl Sinclair in “Dinosaurs” (also created by Michael Jacobs)) who we’ve also met for the first time had an issue with Ms. Harper teaching comic books as it was against the school policy. Ms. Harper kept ignoring him as she knows this is the best way to teach the kids. Cory hoped it would get bad as he supported Ms. Harper.

The next day principal Yancy fired Ms. Harper. Riley and Maya grab Cory quickly who was most likely in his classroom and brought him to where Ms. Harper and the Principal were. Cory was defending Ms. Harper to Principal Yancy who then fired Cory as well. Later on during the day/evening, Cory, Topanga, the kids and Maya are the diner table. Topanga of course showing her lawyer skills to them at the dinner table with Maya there as well and Riley says “Do you know everything?” and Topanga replies “Yes”.

Principal Yancy had a meeting the next day with Cory and Ms. Harper. Mr. Turner came through the door shortly after while they were waiting for him. This was the first time we’ve seen him since Boy Meets World when he was in a motorcycle accident.  Mr. Turner says that he married his nurse, that he’s a superintendent and was the one to hire Cory. Cory also apparently bought Mr. Feeny’s car (Sedan) and that scene was hilarious.

Mr. Turner put Ms. Harper’s class to the test to see if they learned anything since principal Yancy had an issue with how she was teaching. Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas were explaining to the class on how the book went. They compared Ms. Harper to Batman and principal Yancy to Superman (what’s funny is how Topanga said it’s like comparing a fight with Cory and Topanga, haha). Cory and Harper was saved and Mr. Turner fired principal Yancy. Ms. Harper said her father named her after “Harper Lee” who was the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

“The world is dark enough and heroes are supposed to bring light”.

“Everyone in this room knows that someone with real power doesn’t need to hit a kid with a ruler to get the kid to get to learn.

“Because this is a new world, and we don’t do that here”

Mr. Turner also said that you can hit a kid with a ruler in 19 states.

I loved the Boy Meets World references with Mr. Feeny, Shawn being mentioned about Mr. Turner taking care of him and he said that he still loves him like a son. Cory and Topanga thanked Mr. Turner for being a good teacher after Riley and Maya complimented Cory for being a good teacher. Topanga telling Mr. Turner she wants her A- changed. Mr. Turner noticing that Farkle was Stuart Minku’s son. Mr. Turner told Cory that he knew it was him who hired Ms. Harper and he said “Is that because she reminded you of someone?” and he said “No” and he went “Okay”.

I’m not sure if this scene was foreshadowing or not for when Auggie finished reading a book in Riley’s room and telling Riley and Maya that these two girls like the same guy and they both stay best friends. “Would that really happen?” and Riley goes “Noo” and Maya goes “Okay”.

Also what was funny, Maya loved the teacher teacher and she was worried about her reputation.

I hope we get to see a reunion with Shawn and Mr. Turner in the future.

Comment below on what you thought about the episode!

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