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Girl Meets World / May 8th, 2015

Girl Meets World cast photo

ETOnline.com interviewed Creator Michael Jacobs and he gave some scoop on the Boy Meets World guest stars and more.

Almost everybody from Boy Meets World are returning:

A good majority of Girl Meet World‘s first season was setting up the introductions of Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Auggie. Now that we know (and love!) this new generation of friends, it’s time to blend these two worlds. “We’re going to have guest appearances from almost everybody in the original cast,” Jacobs explained. “We’re going to resolve story-lines from the original show while keeping it the new show.”

“Will Friedle will visit us three times this year and his performances are absolutely brilliant,” said Jacobs. “He’s just one of the funniest people alive. The combination of his funny and his particular brand of heart is a signature for the piece.”

About Shawn:

“We’re about to reveal in an episode called “Girl Meets Hurricane”what is going on in Angela’s life,” Jacobs promised. “For Shawn and Angela, there will be resolution to that relationship.”

Jacobs continued, “We gave it so much thought and we decided that given the history of these characters and where they are in their lives, [that] will shape where they stand. We will be bombarded on Twitter after this episode airs. There will be people who love it, there will be people who don’t, but I will tell you that it’s real, and that’s what we were guided by.”

On seeing Boy Meets World references:

“There are remarkable things that we’re doing with old character references,” Jacobs spilled. “In the premiere week there’s a story about going back to Philadelphia and digging up the past — literally. They dig up a time capsule [in Feeny’s backyard], so we’ll see artifacts from the original series that were iconic artifacts.”

Plus, remember Chubbie’s — the hangout where Cory, Shawn and Topanga had some of their most epic moments? Well the new kids are going to be getting their own special place this year when Topanga takes over a bakery. “The kids need a place to hang out and to play,” Jacobs said. “Boy Meets World had Chubbie’s and in Girl Meets World it’s going to be Topanga’s.”

The storylines are getting more mature on Girl Meets World:

Girl Meets World is a different kind of world for kids today and we embraced that in this first season, but in the second season, we’re examining topics and story points that are, I think, much closer to Boy Meets World because these two worlds are merging,” Jacobs said.

“[Disney Channel] is embracing our ability to be able to take topics that if handled poorly should not be tackled,” he said. “But the handling of these topics and the events that are unfolding before you are really reminding us of the original construct.”

Read more at ETOnline here: http://www.etonline.com/tv/164122_exclusive_boy_meets_world_questions_will_finally_be_answered_in_girl_meets_world_season_2/

Source: ETOnline.com

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