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Mar / October 5th, 2014


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Dear Entire Cast and Crew of Girl Meets World,

I am far too afraid I will forget someone so I couldn’t list out all the names, shout outs to follow.

I am a 90s baby. I own the complete series of Boy Meets World, I take it with me to college, so as a college senior I watch an episode of Boy Meets World every morning to make sure I have a positive start to my day. I only watch one so then the series “lasts longer.” I remember when Girl Meets World was first announced, forever ago…. I was all OMG OMG OMG OMG. I was ecstatic to know that Ben and Danielle were coming back. I admit, I was not even focused on the whole “daughter” idea, I was just too excited about Cory and Topanga coming back to my television.

I remember the first time I saw Girl Meets World. I remember going “OMG FEENY” (and I was talking about Cory being a teacher when I said that.) Then Farkle, I went Minkus! And then had an emotional moment when Mr. Feeny was at the end of the episode. Childhood doesn’t usually get to be relived, but Michael Jacobs and everyone at Disney have allowed people like me to re live our childhood. For that I am eternally grateful.

To Rowan-
You my dear, are learning so much from Ben its incredible. Every time you are on screen I see so much of Cory in you, but you also take the role and you put the “Girl” in Girl Meets World. You took what you saw from watching Boy Meets World and you just… transformed it for the children of today. All your hard work of reviewing 7 seasons and really connecting with it is paying off. My little cousin loves Boy Meets World and I take it she watches Girl as well. She’s still in Kindergarden/First grade, but this is the show that is speaking directly to her, or will in a few years when she understands it better. Thank you for showing her how she can grow and be a good person. I’m very proud of you.

To Sabrina-
I swear at times I want to call you Shawn. But then… you aren’t Shawn at the same time. You, like Rowan, take the spirit of the characters before you and run with it. I love how you play Maya. You every week project this strong, independent woman, even if you are not fully grown yet. That is impressive. Every week I’m excited to see what Maya will do or say next. You put your heart and soul in your role and it shows. Thank you.
In the interest of not making this email multiple pages- Farkle is a god. HA! And I can’t wait to see what happens with Lucas.
And finally…

You are still Topanga. I want the writers to give you slightly more screen time because I miss you. The episode where you buy the bakery and we see young Topanga… I rewinded at least 3 times on that recording. It was so touching and I was glad the younger generation got to see what I did growing up because it really is important to understand Cory and Topanga. And you married Feeny! I loved that realization. I’m asking for your book for Christmas, I must read that.


I have no idea if any of the cast will read this, let alone you since you aren’t on the show (yet.) Shawn was always my favorite character (sorry Ben and Danielle 🙂 The passion you put into your role as Shawn Rider, was… beyond belief. Not to say the others didn’t, but you just had… emotion. I cry every time when I watch the Angela and Shawn back together scene, and the Angela and Shawn “good bye Angela” scene. Also, at times I cry when Shawn talks to his dad in the hospital right before he passes. You are just… amazing. I’m excited to see you back on Girl Meets World, I know I and others are very worried about Shawn.

I look to Cory even today for life advice. I learned so much about love from Cory. I don’t give up on love, I always fight for my relationships if I have to, and I always put as much effort into them as Cory and Topanga put into theirs. Seeing you back on screen is great, every week I say to myself “Yep, he’s still Cory.” You still have that…. charisma you developed in the later seasons. Just once I want an outtake in the end credits of you yelling UNDAPANTS!! Just for old time’s sake. By the way, Best. Meme. Ever is that screenshot of you in that episode with UNDAPANTS as the caption. Good for you for coming back, but showcasing the girls. The balance of you giving the 90s kids our Cory and Topanga fix while focusing on the kids. Thanks for coming back.

Mr. Daniels-

I also hope you see this. Who didn’t learn something from Feeny? Love is the most important thing I could teach you. I remember that, and try to emphasize it over anything else. Seeing you at the end of the first episode was great, I hope you’re back on the Holiday show.

Mr. Jacobs-
Thank you for bringing back our favorite characters and introducing us to new ones. I’m not sure what else I can say besides that. It sums it up.

With lots of Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World love,


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