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Mar / September 25th, 2014



Our Fan letter of the week goes out to Amanda! Thank you for sending this to us!

Dear Writers and Directors and cast members of Girl Meets World,

My name is Amanda and I’m 26 years old. I grew up watching Boy Meets World my entire
childhood. Our Friday night sleep overs as a kid had us watching Boy Meets World
before we would do anything 🙂 The world before DVR. It was fun to watch the story
lines and learn life lessons from our TV peers. Girls wanted to grow up and have
relationships like Corey and Topanga, or just about anyone wanted or felt like they
had friendships like Shawn and Corey did! And for the kids who grew up in a divorced
families (like myself) it was nice to watch a family go threw hard times and work
things out. You knew it wasn’t real, and that these were just characters in a show,
but it gave you a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

So where am I going with this you may be asking. She’s 26 years old, grow up right?
I did I promise. But when I saw that y’all were bring the show back I got excited.
Finally a show that the kids can watch that won’t make me wanna hit myself with a

I coach soccer to a group of 8-9year old boys and girls. This past Saturday we had
a game and I have 12 kids on my team. We play 8vs.8 games which leaves 4 of my team
members on the sideline with me till I can sub them in and out. While 2 of my boys
were waiting, I over heard them talking to one another discussing their ages. One
is 8 and the other was is 9. The 9 year old then held up his hands and said “This
many <holding his nine fingers up> can tell this many <now holding eight fingers
up> what to do!” and both Boys started laughing. They over heard me chuckling and
asked me why I was laughing. I asked them if they watched your show ‘Girl Meets
World’. Both nodded and said they love it. I leaned down and told them I did too.
They were shocked and said “You watch it too?” I told them I was watching ‘Girl
Meets World’ long before it was ever a show. I knew the show back when Corey and
Topanga were Riley and Mya’s age. They thought that was pretty awesome!

So thank you everyone for bringing on a show that touches both the adults now who
never wanted the show ‘Boy Meets World’ to end, and to give kids a show they love to
watch both boys, girls. I know your show has helped out ALOT of kids on my soccer
team, and we all say funny quotes from your show now to boost morale. “I am Farkle!”
And thank you for making it enjoyable for the kids at heart adults my age, so it’s
fun for myself to watch so I can have something to relate to with my soccer kids.

A fan of both past and present,
Amanda A.

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