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Girl Meets World / September 22nd, 2014

Rowan Blanchard

Picture Credit: Axel Muench

Starrymag.com interviewed Rowan Blanchard about Girl Meets World.

Q) What can you tease that we will get to see when “Girl Meets World” return from hiatus?

A) From what I know, there will be a new level of maturity in all of our characters and our storylines. Still hilarious scenarios, but with a new sense of maturity and growing up.

Q) Is there anything about your role as Riley that you have added that wasn’t originally scripted?

A) Great question! I would have to say some of her quirks, some of which I have in real life. There are certain things like the way she walks, the little smiles in peoples’ eyes, that make fictional characters seem very alive. That’s where the actor comes in.

Q) What has been your favorite moment to film so far and why?

A) I think it would be the Harajuku episode (“Girl Meets Popular”). That was definitely a breakthrough week for me and I feel that that is the episode where Riley is somewhat defined. It was also a very important week for me, as the actor as well, as I kind of finally found my place with the character and on set.

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) You are amazing and beautiful and I love you! Also, keep watching, we only get better.

Read the rest of the amazing interview here.

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