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Girl Meets World / May 23rd, 2014

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Experience by Ava


Tonight’s episode was called “Girl Meets Mastermind.” I can’t speak for everyone but for me, the air was bittersweet. It was the last taping of Girl Meets World Season 1 and after this baby is released, everything will be up in the air. This could be it for now or this could be it forever. No one knows. The taping began with the playback of the original pilot that was shot back in March 2013 just to catch us up on who is who. Once that was done, the taping began. They introduced all the characters in the episode which included The Matthews, Maya, Farkle and Lucas. In addition to the regular characters, Maya’s mom, Katie and Shawn Hunter were also in this episode. Auggie Matthews was also introduced but he was not in the episode they taped tonight.

So it’s Maya’s birthday and Riley has decided to give her BFF a friendship ring. After gifting the ring, Maya reveals to Riley that her mom had forgotten her birthday and left for work before she even woke up, which had upset Riley. Meanwhile, Shawn comes to visit the Matthews because he is doing a photo project, “New York on less than $100” and asks Cory if he can crash there for the weekend. Upon seeing Shawn bonding with Maya, Riley has an idea which she wants to consult with her parents about. They go to Riley’s room to talk, leaving Shawn and Maya in the living room. Riley proposes that her dad revisit his scheming days with her which is when he stated in a Godfather-like demeanor that his scheming days were over. However, he gave her one minute to wow him. It was then that Riley tells his parents that she wanted Shawn to be Maya’s dad. Cory was into it so he helps Riley. To do this, they had Lucas tie up Maya with a rope so that she couldn’t go
anywhere. Then they plotted to get Shawn to meet Katie, hoping that they will date.

When Shawn hears from Maya that her mom forgot her birthday, he asks Cory if he knew that. Cory said that was why he bought Maya a cake but Shawn felt that that wasn’t enough. So Shawn goes down to the diner where Katie worked and told her she wasn’t being a very good mom by ditching her daughter on her birthday. All the while, Cory and Riley are watching them from behind menus at the diner but they left when they heard Shawn and Katie arguing and felt like they had failed. Riley goes home & reveals to Maya that they sent Shawn to meet her mom. Maya freaked out because she was afraid her mom was going to drive Shawn away the way she had driven her dad away. Maya had grown to like her bond with Shawn since they were living similar lives where people they love tend to leave them. Shawn later discovers that Katie was working because she was trying to buy a locket for her daughter’s birthday but she was still $50 short so Shawn paid for it. Shawn also forced
her to tell Maya that it wasn’t Katie who drove her dad away and that it was he who left on his own. Katie felt that Maya should have good thoughts about her dad even though he left but Shawn felt that Maya should have good thoughts about the parent who stayed. The episode ends with Riley tied up with a rope and apologizing to Maya for tying her up.

I was so ecstatic to see that I had chosen to attend a taping that Rider Strong was at. He had directed a short film called “The Dungeon Master” a few years ago (which you can buy on iTunes for like $3) and I loved it so much that I was inspired to direct my own short film which I completed this year. I know Rider had said he wanted to focus on directing so to be able to witness him act again was a rare treat, especially since he was reprising such an iconic character.

My favorite moment was when Rider & Ben started dancing with each other to the music that the DJ was playing. They truly invented the term, “Bromance.” I don’t know what else to call it. The host, Robert Koch, gave out some Girl Meets World posters as prizes in addition to some Zapped posters, some random DVD movies and T-shirts. (If you’re wondering who Robert is, he was in the “Quiz Show” episode of BMW as the company executive who offered to buy advertising for the quiz show.)

I had such a good time! I am really hoping they get more seasons. It seems the team worked really hard on it and it deserves an audience. All the Boy Meets World references are too precious. Some that were mentioned tonight included Shawn’s mother & how Shawn met Angela. Oh and one more observation: Peyton Meyer is obviously the pretty face for GMW that Will Friedle was for BMW. Girls were swooning over him the same way I swooned over Will in the 90s. It was cute to see. :0) Oh and the stalker family was there!



Experience and Pictures by Gabby


I went to the last taping of Season 1 for Girl Meets World. And it was one of the most gratifying, emotional and fun experiences I’ve had on the set.
This time, I brought along my brother and some friends. Seven of us, to be exact. I wanted my friends to experience being on the set of a TV show, and like myself, they too, are big Boy Meets World fans.
The episode was called “Girl Meets Master Plan.” I knew they had shot the finale last week, so I went to the taping with absolutely no expectations. I didn’t know what the episode was about, I was just happy to be there. But, much to my delight, we soon found out that this was one of the most special episodes of the season. Our beloved Rider Strong returned for this episode. Shawnie came back!
In this episode, we finally meet Maya’s mother. And we find out why she has been so distant from her daughter. Maya is celebrating her birthday and Riley finds out that Maya’s mom forgot about her special day. Maya acts as if she’s not bothered by this but Riley can see right through her best friend. And because she’s very much Cory’s daughter, she tries to fix the situation. That’s where Shawn comes in.
Shawn is in town and he stops by the Matthews home only to find out it’s Maya’s birthday. Cory and Topanga felt bad that Maya didn’t have the support she needed and deserved for her birthday, so they went out of their way to buy her a birthday cake to make it seem like it came from Maya’s mother. Only as Cory enters the house he reveals his master plan to Topanga, all while Riley, Maya and Shawn are standing behind Cory and they hear everything. “Why is everyone always behind me?” Cory asks, as he realizes Maya has heard the entire conversation. Also he cracks some jokes about Shawn’s mother and how “coo-coo” she was for ‘forgetting where she lived.’ It’s one of the funniest moments of the entire episode.
Riley asks Shawn about his love life and why he hasn’t gotten married. So he tells them he was in love with a woman named Angela. Cory and Topanga go into detail about how he fell in love with her: by going through her purse. Which makes no sense to Riley and Maya. Another really funny moment that has to be seen to be completely understood.
Now, before I go any further: I want to say that out of respect for the cast, who worked so hardtonight, I don’t want to spoil the entire episode. Trust me, guys: it’s a great one! But I will say a couple of things:
*Shawn really cares about Maya and vice versa. Their relationship was written and acted to perfection in this episode. 
*Shawn meets and confronts Maya’s mother.
*Apparently Cory has been out of “business” in the meddling department. He’s retired. But Riley convinces him to go back in business to try to bring Shawn and Maya closer together.
I will leave it at that….for now.
When Michael Jacobs introduced the cast tonight, and he introduced Rider (everyone went crazy. Such an amazing moment,) he said something that hadn’t exactly sunk in for me. He said that Maya’s character has borrowed a lot from Shawn Hunter’s character. I have read about it and I knew there were some similarities between them. But after tonight, there was no doubt that Maya and Shawn have gone through very similar situations. That they have a similar background and that they understand each other without saying much. Or opening up entirely to one another. They just get each other. My hats off to Sabrina who did an amazing jobtonight. Her acting was top notch, I didn’t see Sabrina Carpenter. I saw Maya Hart.
Every time I see Rowan, I swear I see a young Ben Savage. And that’s one of the highest compliments any young actress can get. Not only does she look like Ben (I swear Michael Jacobs did an amazing job casting her,) but she is just as charming, just as sweet, just as intelligent and just as talented as her TV father. Every time I visit the set, I always end up raving about how much I love her as Riley. I can’t wait to see her grow up on TV.
I absolutely adore Ben and Danielle’s chemistry. They are still perfect together. Their marriage reminds me so much of Alan and Amy’s marriage. I love how loving and encouraging they are with their children. I feel like in almost every sitcom, the parents are portrayed as out of touch with today’s society or they try to make them ‘funny’ to appeal to masses of teenagers out there. You don’t get that with Ben and Danielle. Cory and Topanga have the patience with their teenage daughter that most parents on TV, don’t have. They understand that Riley has to make the world hers and they guide her along the way, because, as they said in today’s episode, yes they’re from another generation. But they’ve still been there, done that.
I do want to say this about Ben: he is one of the sweetest and funniest guys I’ve ever seen on screen or off screen. Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve adore Ben for a little over 20 years now. I’ve always been a huge fan and supporter of his. I’ve never seen someone so appreciative of his fans and his audience. His interaction with the audience is so heart warming. I wanted to include this on here because I’ve read from people online and from people at the taping, complaining about how he doesn’t sign autographs at the end of the shows. It’s frustrating to hear these things because he, honestly, gives everything he has into his performances. He respects the audience enough to chat with them and personally thank us for driving there and for being there for the cast. To me, that’s worth more than an autograph. More than a picture. Case closed.
He waved and smiled at metonight and I got teary eyed. We’re a long way from Little Monsters. Clearly.
My friends and I got to take a picture with the amazing Rider Strong. I love that man! I am so thankful he was there tonight!
So my brother finally got to go to a taping tonight. And he is one of the harshest critics I know. He warned me before hand that if he didn’t like the show, he was gonna tell me. When he walked out the studio tonight, he was relieved. He said he loved the show. And he complimented the newer generation about how talented they all were. He loved Farkle!
All of my friends adored the show and they can’t wait to see it once it premieres on June 27th. So, I’m really excited about that.
Ben said something today that caught my attention; he said he hoped to see us again soon and that he hoped they will get picked up for a second season. Don’t worry, Ben, you guys will have many more seasons to come!
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