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Photo Credit: Ben’s Twitter

Happy Birthday, Bill! We hope you have such a wonderful day. Thank you for the many lessons you have taught us as Mr. Feeny. You’ll forever be a part of our childhood and we will forever remember the lessons you taught us. We hope you have a wonderful day and birthday! 🙂


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When Sabrina was in Japan last weekend for Popspring she was interviewed while there. In this interview she talks about her music, acting, her fans, the possibility of Girl Meets World coming back and more. It’s a really great interview. She’s so articulate. I’ve quoted the part where she talks about Girl Meets World.

Interviewer: There are lots of fans of the show here in Japan as well and they were disappointed when they heard that the show was ending. Will there be a chance for a reboot?

Sabrina: There is a chance for everything. I think stranger things have happened um and no its so funny you say that. Like I’m happy when people are upset about it ending because I feel like if they weren’t, if they were happy about it that’s a bad thing so um when they’re excited it means that we left something and I think that’s a really cool thing. Um we’ll see what happens. I don’t know.

Check out the rest of Sabrina’s interview below!

Source and Photo Credit: TVGroove Youtube

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Auggie will be at the Walk For Kids event at Expo Park this coming Sunday, April 2nd. The event begins at 7AM PST and ends at 10AM PST. The event raises funds and as well as promotes the services of the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. It looks like it will be a great event to take the younger kids to and to top it off Auggie is going to be there and would like to see you!

Fore more information go here:


Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Come hang out w/me this Sun April 2nd at the @RMHC @LosAngelesRMH #WalkForKids at Expo Park in Los Angeles 7-10:30am #KeepingFamiliesClose

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Photo Credit: bmwgmw on tumblr

Bill has been doing some signgins for his new book memoir that is now out. If you are unable to attend the signings but want a signed copy of his book here is how you can get one. All you do is o to the link below and you can order one of the signed books!


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Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Rowan’s episode of “The Goldbergs” airs tomorrow night March 29th at 8:00PM EST on ABC Network. Her characters name is Jackie. According the TVLine article the character that she is playing is an editor of William Penn Academy’s Magazine. I’m so excited to see Rowan on TV again! Make sure you tune int tomorrow to see her.

Source: Disney/ABC Press Site

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Hello Girl Meets World Fans,

The family of Haley Hauser, a young girl who was previously a background extra on Girl Meets World, could really use our help. Her mom was only 35 at the time she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Unfortunately, the efforts to beat the cancer have been unsuccessful and her disease has spread throughout her body; this in turn has made her terminally ill. Haley’s mom’s last wish is to go to Hawaii with her husband and four kids. A program who helps grant the wishes of terminally ill adults has been gracious enough to provide them with airfare and hotel, but for four out of six family members in total. As a result, Haley’s family still needs two round-trip tickets, hotel expense coverage for the additional two people, a rental car and spending money (for food and entertainment). It would be amazing if our GMW Family could come together and help this family out. Even if it’s only a few dollars, you have the ability to help this family create memories that will last a lifetime in their hearts.

Please follow the link below for more info on how to donate and also read the story about Haley’s mom and her battle:


Below(as the well of the one above) are few of Haley’s pictures from when she was on set of Girl Meets World:


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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina will be coming to Milan, Italy on May 22nd at the Magazzini Generali as part of her EVOLution World Tour. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM CET! You can purchase your tickets and VIP packages by going here:


Source: Sabrina’s Twitter

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Sabrina is going to be a part of the Tampa Bay Ray’s postgame concert series this summer. On June 25th after the game she will be doing a concert. If you are interested in going you can buy tickets at the “Buy Tickets Here”  link below:


The games start at 1:10PM and the concert will be right after it ends.

Source and Photo Credit: Rays Baseball Twitter


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