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Girl Meets World / February 4th, 2015



Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here: http://bmwsequel.com/2015/01/30/part-7-of-girl-meets-world-writers-tweet-round-up/


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  • Farkle’s Choice: Maya and Riley “realize something that’s always been true about Farkle.” (x)
  • First Date: Riley will be watching when Maya gets kissed (x)
    • Farkle will be “seriously close by” (x)
    • Is Riley gonna be mad at Maya after the kiss? “No. Riley will be thinking about something else.” (x)
    • Will Riley and Lucas kiss? “One will kiss. One will get kissed.” (x)
    • Will Rucas fans be disappointed? “As long as we tell a good story, no one should be disappointed. Things will happen honestly.” (x)
    • Maya says “Yeah. Okay” then Farkle faints (x)
  • Demolition: “Riley and Maya change somebody’s life. And you all know who she is.” (x)
    • It’s for a special Disney Channel weekend (x)


  • Gravity: Hint: “what holds you together…” (x)
  • Secret of Life On scale 1-10 how much will Lucas’ secret affect the way his friends see him? ”10. You’ll see.” (x)
    • It affects everyone, but it affects Riley, Maya, and Zay the most. (x,x)
  • Hurricane: William Russ (Alan) is directing the episode (x) Matthew Nelson wrote it. (x)
    • Riley is happy for Maya (x)
    • Will there be tension between Angela and Katy? “They each take the high road. We shot the scenes yesterday. Absolutely magnificent.” (x)
    • “The last person and first person she would want to” make Maya cry (x)
    • Someone will ask Shawn  ”Is she the one?” (x)
  • Will Lucas be jealous at all because of Riley in season 2? “Well, actually, there’s this semi-formal see…” (x)
  • The detention episode’s title is Girl Meets The Rules (x)
  • Rider Strong will be directing more episodes (x)


  • Feeny will be in Gravity (x)
  • A line from Eric: “Hi, Riley. Hi, Moesha.” (x)
  • Does Shawn still write poetry and will we see/hear any in the future?  ”He does. But you know how reluctant he is to share it.” (x)


  • Was Maya held back? “No, she turned 14 at the very end and will be 14 in 8th grade.” (x) “Don’t look for logic or continuity. We don’t like it or understand it.” (x)
  • What is the date of Maya’s birthday? “I refuse to answer on the grounds that no answer puts her in 7th grade.” (x)
  • “Awright, one’s 15, one’s 13, so in my head I make ‘em both 14 and they both just started 8th grade. So there.” (x)


  • Please don’t make GMW centered towards a love triangle “It will not be.” (x)
  • Since you like references as much as I do and Adam Scott was on BMW, are we going to ever get a reference to Parks & Rec? “Mayyybe.” (x)
  • Josh and Maya’s relationship gets interesting. (x)
  • Josh says he is too old for Maya. but there’s only a 3 year age gap. Do you think that’s too much? “When you’re 14, yes.” (x)
  • “Josh has known Riley since she was born and Maya from when she was a little girl.” (x)
  • Maya cares about Lucas (x)
  • Will Riley ever be interested in another boy that will make Lucas jealous? “Not intentionally.” (x)
  • Does Mr. Feeny know about Farkle Minkus? “Mr. Feeny knows everything.” (x)
  • Is Farkle a world traveler? “Absolutely. With his dad, Stinkus.” (x)
  • Girl Meets Farkless seems too good a title not to use one day…  ”We have it on the list. ” (x)
  • How does Riley stay positive? “She knows life is a gift and that each person is in charge of their own. Make another person happy. Then watch what happens.” (x)
  • Lucas’ parents are still together (x)
  • We will see flashbacks of Riley when she was younger (x)

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