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Shout-out to http://rileyandauggie.tumblr.com for doing another amazing round up of the writers tweets! Check out their Tumblr for more amazing things: http://rileyandauggie.tumblr.com. To see the previous round-up we posted you can go here: http://bmwsequel.com/2015/01/22/girl-meets-world-writers-tweets-part-5-some-shawn-and-angela-tweet-round-up/

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [shawn&angela] [q&a]


  • Farkle’s Choice: “The closest we will get to Faya/Markle” (x)
  • First Date: Is Maya going to sabotage Josh’s date? “she’d certainly like to try.” (x)
    • “Hurts, doesn’t it?” is said by Maya, and is a Josh & Maya quote (x,x)
    • The audience “laughed pretty hard” when they shot Maya’s kiss. (x) Whoever kisses her has romantic feelings towards her (x)
    • “Lucas pushes Cory behind a door and says you know you like me, Mr. Matthews” (x)


  • Season two might have an episode that ends with a cliffhanger (x)
  • Mr. Squrriels: Maya and Riley get into a fight because of Lucas. (x)
  • Tell Tale Tot: Maya jumps on Josh’s back, “because she wants the letter” (x,x)
  • Hurricane “should run around 7th or 8th” (x)
    • why is it called hurricane though “because a hurricane blows through and changes everything.” (x)
    • “Hurricane actually offers a reason to live.” (x)
  • Zay has been in four episodes so far. They hope to have him back for more (x)
  • Sarah will be more involved (x)
  • There will be a “big change in Farkle” (x)
  • Can you give us a quote from Lucas to Riley or vice versa in season 2? “Get offa me you ferret.” (x)


  • Eric: “Eric will find love. We’re just not sure with what.” (x)
  • Amy and Alan: They’d like to have more Amy and Alan, and have considered “dueling fathers” with Cory and Alan (x,x)
  • “You will see Minkus and Shawn together. And wait ‘til you see their faces about something else.” (x)


  • Are you ever gonna do GMW crossover with another Disney show? “we are definitely going to have some fun with lots of different people.” (x)
  • Will Sabrina ever sing a song on the show from her album? “we’re trying not to do a singing show. But maybe one day.” (x)
  • If they could remake any BMW episode into a GMW episode it’d be The War (x)
  • Josh and Maya: “We love Joshaya, too. Because of its natural conflicts. We don’t know what’s going to happen.” (x)
  • there should be an episode about teaching you what to do when your blonde best friend makes out with your hot cowboy crush “We’ve seen that before. We have something much more interesting than that in mind.” (x)
  • Will Riley And Lucas Have Something Between Them? ” yeah. and she’s blonde.” (x) 
    • does the blonde’s first name end with an A 😉 “they’re are lots of blondes in the world.” (x)
  • Will Riley have other love interests? “right now she’s working on her first one.” (x)
  • How would Riley be in a relationship? “Loyal. Fierce. True as the North Star.” (x)
  • How would Maya be in a relationship? ” she would challenge you to always be at your best.” (x)
  • If Lucas and Maya kiss, then who do you think will initiate it? “if they do, it would be the writers that initiate it.” (x)
  • Lucas cares about Maya (x)
  • Lucas would like to sit at the window more often (x)
  • We may meet one of Maya’s half siblings when we meet Maya’s dad, and Maya will grow when she sees them (x,x)
  • They want to discuss how the girls met Farkle (x)
  • “Josh would never hurt Captain Howdy” (x)


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