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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Looks like Sabrina is going to be taking a little break from her music career to star in upcoming movie called “The Hate U Give”. She will be starring along side Amandla Stenberg, Russell Hornsby, and Regina Hall which is based on Angela Thomas new novel. I’m so proud of you Sabrina! I can’t wait to see your new upcoming movie. <3

Here are details on the movie:

Singer-songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter has been cast in The Hate U Give, Fox 2000’s adaptation of the Black Lives Matter YA novel of the same name.

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg is starring along with Russell Hornsby and Regina Hall in the adaptation of Angela Thomas’ debut novel that George Tillman Jr. will direct.

The story follows a 16-year-old girl named Starr who grew up in a poverty-stricken slum, but now attends a suburban prep school. After she witnesses a police officer shoot her unarmed best friend, she’s torn between her two very different worlds as she tries to speak her truth.

Carpenter will play Hailey, one of Starr’s friends from her prep school.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Sabrina’s team has uploaded a Tour Diary video onto her Youtube Channel! She talks about what it is like being on the road, what things he has to have with her, and much more! Check it out:

Source and Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Youtube Channel

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Check out Sabrna’s new interview with Johnjay! She talks about her music, tour, life and much more! You also get to see her interact with some adorable little puppies!

Source and Photo Credit: JohnJayandRich Youtube

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Tune into see Sabrina on Live With Kelly and Ryan at 9AM EST where she will sing her new single #WHY! We are so excited to see her perform on the show and we’ll be sure to post the performance here on the website as well for those who may have missed it!

Source: HollywoodRecords Twitter


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Ever since I saw Sabrina appear on Girl Meets World for the first time as Maya Hart I knew she was going to be something extremely special. Her talent is so raw and real when it comes to acting but then I heard her sing for the first time. I was absolutely mind blown at how incredible her voice was. In 2015 I had the opportunity to meet Sabrina on set of Girl Meets World and see her act live right in front of me. She (just as everyone else) was so welcoming to me. I’ll never forget her and Rowan bouncing excitedly to greet me that day they saw me on set. Experiencing that live taping is something I will never forget. The episode was Girl Meets Belief and as you all know that is very Maya centric. Sabrina nailed her scenes and didn’t mess up a line at all. My cousin who was with me that day had never seen the show before, and didn’t know much about the actors but I took her for the experience. She turned to me as we were walking out of the studio and said to me “Everyone in the cast is extremely talented but there is something about Sabrina Carpenter that is different from everyone else. That girl is going to go places.” I could have agreed with her more. It was that day that I realized Sabrina is one of the most kindest gracious human beings that you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. She is so kind and loving to her fans. I have never seen someone go so above and beyond for their fans before. Sabrina makes them feel loved and greets them with such kindness. Aside from her acting. music. friends, and family her fans are one of her biggest loves and I’ve witnessed this first hand when attending her meet and greets for the concerts she does. I have met her 4 other times since that first time in 2015 and each time hasn’t been any different. She’s always been so humble and kind.

Last night Sabrina was set to perform in Hershey PA at Show of The Summer. She wasn’t just part of the line up she was actually headlining the show this year. The weather in Pennsylvania has been awful this summer bringing in a lot of rain and storms. Tonight was no exception and Hershey got hit with some storms at the time Sabrina was supposed to perform. From my understanding she was only able to perform about 4 songs before having to cut the set short due to safety concerns. Sabrina was of course heartbroken that it came to this and put a out a series of tweets saying how sorry she was.

She was so concerned and apologetic to her fans because of this happening and promises that she’ll be back. How sweet is she? But to top it off Show of the Summer’s official Instagram added a video to their story of Sabrina putting on a mini outside acoustic concert after it got done raining for her fans that were lined up hoping to meet her because she felt so bad that she was forced to cut her set short. Sabrina herself also uploaded a couple of clips of the outside concert she put on for her fans.

Sabrina is so indebted and good to her fans It warms my heart to see how caring she is for everyone. Like who else would have done something like this? She cares about her fans so so so much. Sabrina if you read this thank you for being such an amazing person and role model to all of your fans. My little cousin and nephew had so much fun meeting you in Pittsburgh on Wednesday August 16. Thank you for making their entire summer so special and thank you for being such a down to earth kind caring smol bean.


Video Credit: Show of the Summer’s Instagram

rained out show means lil impromptu street concerts !!! I don’t think you’ll ever know how much our special bond means to me. I love you with all my heart. till the very end ♡ ps thx @calebjosiahnelson @mjambriz

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Hershey 😭💞

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Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey will be doing a meet and greet with fans on August 24th in Lowell, MA at the Lowell Spinner’s game. The VIP meet and greet will be from 5:15PM – 6:15PM. Tickets for the event cost $39. According to the website Corey will also meet fans who do not have the VIP experience package but have tickets to the game. The meet and greet will be in the Circle Health Picnic Area. For more information please go here:


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Huge congratulatoins are in order for Sabrina! Her song “Thumbs” has officially gone Gold! This is absolutely huge for her. We all know that she is going to go so far in her career. Thumbs is an amazing song with a great message behind it. We love you and are so proud of you Sabrina! <3

Source:  Hollywood Planet

As her single “Why” launches at radio, Sabrina Carpenter receives good news for her previous single.

“Thumbs” has been certified gold in the United States.

The award was issued by the RIAA on August 14, 2017. It confirms 500,000 in US units.

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Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey will be meeting fans in Detroit, Michigan on August 19th at Oakland Mall! The meet and greet starts at 1PM and tickets are free! For more information go here:


Source: Corey’s Twitter 

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