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Mar / January 26th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rider’s Twitter

Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) talked about Girl Meets World on his most recent pod cast that he tweeted about today. He said that he would be in support of it continuing, that he’d love to see it continue. and that he’d even direct episodes again if it did. Rider does NOT have any involvement in the decision making and says he has no idea what is going on with the show at this point. As he said it’s not his show. You can listen to his pod cast by going here:


For more information on how you can help us save the show please go here for Contact Information for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Also don’t forget to send in those Paper Airplanes! Info on Planes4GMW Campaign.

Mar / January 26th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina is still doing her Radio Station tour and recently she stopped in at RadioNow1009 in Indianapolis, IN and was interviewed on the Hunter On Air show. You can listen to the full 19 unedited interview as well as hear Sabrina sing on the sound cloud player below.

Source: Hunter On Air’s Soundlcoud

Mar / January 25th, 2017

Photo Credit: Seacrest Studios Youtube

Sabrina Carpenter’s fans have come together as a united group to raise money for The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. These group of dedicated fans were inspired by the hasthag #DontTwiddleYourTumbs as well as the work Sabrina has done with Ryan Seacrest Foundation. She has visited Seacrest Studios many times in various cities to see sick children in the hospital as well as to sing to them. I applaud this group of fans for doing this and think its so wonderful they have come together to spread love instead of hate. Sabrina even shared the link on her own twitter page which is why I decided to make a post as well. I normally do not post anything like this but wanted to share since Sabrina did. This campaign project is explained in the quote below and you can go to the purple link to donate:


Part of the Sabrina Carpenter fandom was inspired by her hashtag #DontTwiddleYourThumbs recently used on social media. As a collective group we have decided to collect money to be donated to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which Sabrina has visited several times! When we reach our current goal the money will be immediately donated to the foundation and we will share proof of that. Feel free to donate as much or as little as you want and encourage people to do the same. Just by spreading the word you will be helping too!! Thank you in advance to everyone who participates!
Help spread the word!

Mar / January 24th, 2017

Just Jared Jr reports that Season 3 of Girl Meets World will go up on the Netflix platform on February 19th. To avoid any confusion this is the season that just ended last week!

Source: Just Jared Jr

For more information on how you can help us save the show please go here for Contact Information for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Also don’t forget to send in those Paper Airplanes! Info on Planes4GMW Campaign.

Mar / January 23rd, 2017

Photo Credit: http://brokenharted.tumblr.com/

Hello Girl Meets World Fans!

The support that you have shown for Girl Meets World, the cast, the crew, and the writers has I’m sure been overwhelming to all of them! It has been amazing to see the fandom come together. I wanted to make a new updated post about the Paper Airplanes Campaign! Keep on sending in those planes into ALL THREE Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu! Keep sending them to Gary Marsh at Disney Channel as well. Be respectful! Also if you want to I would love if you send in pictures of your planes because I will share them on the website’s Facebook page. With all this being said here is why I continue to encourage all platforms regardless of the reports. As a fan of the show myself I want this show to continue and won’t give up without a fight! Lol

Please Note: This has nothing to do with me thinking the reports are false.

The reason I encourage all three is that I have been told by two different people that are close to the show(for confidentiality reasons cannot name who) to keep pushing on Netflix, Amazon ,and Hulu. We DO NOT want to just focus on Netlfix nor do we want to cling onto hope for just Netflix! Send those planes to Amazon and ESPECIALLY Hulu! The reason I say this that on the shows end they haven’t been told by anyone “We’re not picking up the show” (this is my quote not theirs I am paraphrasing so people understand what I mean) and that they have been in active discussions with various platforms. The way I feel about all of this is that if people close to the show are telling me not discourage fans on Netflix then why should we stop doing our efforts with that platform? Our goal is to support the show and this is NOT me telling people to cling to the Netflix hope so I want to reiterate do not just focus on Netflix. We should focus on ALL THREE platforms. 

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Mar / January 22nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey Fogelmanis who as we all know plays Farkle Minkus on Girl Meets World has recently shown his support for the fans who are campaigning to save the show. He’s done two different interviews where he’s talked about the shows end. One was with Zimbio and the other is with Just Jared Jr and both quotes that include his thoughts on the efforts are quoted below! Make sure you check out both of his interviews.  You can check them out by click on the purple text! It will take you right to them. 🙂

Source: Zimbio and Just Jared Jr

Zimbio: So, if Girl Meets World were picked up by another network (cough cough Hulu), would you stay on?

Corey: I would like to think I would, yes, of course. It all depends. There are so many things to take into account. Of course if everyone else came back, we do have more stories to tell, so if we were given the opportunity, I think it’d be nice to pick back up where we left off.

Zimbio: It would.

Corey: Either way it’ll be alright.

Here is the quote from Just Jared Jr: 

What do you think about the fan campaigns to save the show and thoughts about Netflix picking it up?

I honestly don’t know what we did to deserve an audience so loyal. All I can say is thank you to everyone who has ever watched the show and supported our careers and a huge thank to everyone campaigning for the show on social media.

Mar / January 21st, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

Rowan (along with her Mom, Corey, Auggie’s Mom, and Corey’s mom) attended the Womans’ March LA. Rowan did a speech there and it was truly inspirational. I couldn’t be more proud of her at just 15 years old making an impact the way she does. You can watch it below.

Source: Auggie’s Youtube

Mar / January 21st, 2017

Hi guys,

I wanted to share this info with you and I’m also going to add it to the previous post. Here are more contacts for Hulu! We caution you when faxing to only do it once don’t blow them up multiple times. A lot should be directed and focused at Craig Erwich because he controls the content. Make sure you tell them how much you want Girl Meets World.

Hulu Contacts:

Mike Hopkins, CEO

Craig Erwich, Head of Content

Jenny Wall, Head of Marketing
Twitter: @JennyRWall

Corporate Phone
Corporate Fax:
(310) 571-4701

2500 Broadway Fl 2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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For more information on how you can help us save the show, please go here for Contact Information for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Also don't forget to send in those Paper Airplanes! Info on Planes4GMW Campaign.
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