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Thank you to tumblr fan analyticalinsights for putting all this together on their blog. If you’d like to read the Twitter Q and A you can read all of it below. The answers are in bold!

Source: http://analyticalinsights.tumblr.com/post/146764898696/gmw-qa-complete

1. Will Cory and Topanga ever have another baby?

A:  No, we like these two.

2. Will we ever see more of eric? What about Jack? Angela? I want to see more of the BMW cast!

A: As our cast grows, we are concentrating on them

3. A lot of people think Riley is helping Maya, but I think she’s tearing apart her growth. Riley can be wrong, right?

A: Riley and Maya are the best things that ever happened to each other. In the end that is what our show is about. 

4. Is the parallel between Corpanga’s first “I love you” and Riarkle’s first “I love you” important?

A: Nope

5. Farkle is always there for Riley when she needs him. Will there b a future scene moment where Riley is there 4Farkle?

A: Yes.

6. Are we going to get another Rucas kiss soon?

A: Could be

7: I have so many questions but first, I wanted to say that I love this show and you are doing a great job!

A: thank you

8. When is the next joshaya moment?

A: Ski Lodge 1 and 2. Especially 2.

9. Please answer. Was there really an campfire kiss like in the photo. will lucaya ever kiss?

A: We shot the scene two ways. We felt the other was better for where the story was going.

10. Does costuming matter? The parallels between outfits are not merely coincidences? Right?

A: costuming matters and in the current episodes matters a great deal

11. Does Farkle have romantic feelings for Riley or Maya?

A: No he never has but he has loved them both ever since he met them. His romantic feelings are for Smackle.

12. Are you aware your show is helping kids improve their grades esp in English?

A: That’s great. We hope the show improves you in lots of ways. 

13. In which episode is the biggest life lesson? A hint about it?

A: People change people has always been our theme. In the current episodes it plays out.

14. Will Lucas ever have his moment with Riley?

A: Ski Lodge Part 2

15. Rucas has had their chance and it didn’t work out, doesn’t Lucaya deserve the same chance?

A: That’s interesting, about what works out and what doesn’t.

16. Who did Farkle write his letter to in GMtFP last season? Is it important moving forward?

A: Great question. Farkle asked forgiveness to the International Turtleneck Association because it was time for change.

17. Would you consider a Josh-centric episode? It’d be awesome to see how he met the world!

A: Josh plays a big role in upcoming episodes

18. Will we get any more emotional scenes of Riley dealing with her insecurities?

A: Riley and Maya because of each other are changed people. Their insecurities have diminished as their relationship grows strong. 

19. Can you tell us what was Maya and Josh’s reaction when they saw each other again? PLEASE!

A: You won’t want to miss that. Ski Lodge 1 and 2.

20. Will there be more storylines for Auggie and Ava?

A: Yes, very funny ones.

21. Is Lucaya gonna happen after upstate?

A: Rucas and Lucaya and all the other ships are never what we wanted to concentrate on. You will see as the show continues.

22. How excited are you for this season?

A: We think this is our best season and we are really proud of the other two.

23. Is there going to be a 4th and final season?

A: We don’t know. We are concentrating on finishing up Season 3 and then we will see what happens.

24. Is there a new couple thats going to happen soon?

A: There are two couples that happen soon and then a third couple that happens because of the two couples.

25. Will Riley become more confident with herself and her relationship with Lucas?

A: It is Riley’s friendship with Maya that makes Riley’s confidence stronger.

26. Is there hope for Riarkle to turn into more than a friendship?

A: We believe Farkle’s feelings for Riley and Maya to be equal. He wouldn’t change that. That’s why he is a genius.

27. Is there a chance of there being a baby Hunter? 😀 (Shawn and Katy)

A: Hmmmmmm

28. Where did Lucas find a horse in New York?

A: Central South Park. There’s millions of them.

29. Why was this triangle (that isn’t a triangle) started?

A: So it can be ended correctly.

30. Will Maya ever get sick?

A: She’s very healthy. She eats right and exercises every day,

31. Is it important that it’s the same bench in both pictures or am I just over analyzing?

A: Right. That was a story point. It’s why Maya painted that bench.

32. Does Josh coming back basically help resolve why it wasn’t a triangle in the first place?

A: Ding, ding, ding, ding.

33.If lucaya and riarkle aren’t endgame then what were all these hints for? (DO NOT ASK WHICH HINTS)

A: Every hint we ever gave pointed the story in the direction it’s going.

34. What is Josh’s reaction to seeing the new Maya, with all her matured clothing etc.?

A: It’s not the clothes he will find mature. It’s the person.

35. Do not play with the lucaya shippers’ hearts, please

A: We love the relationship between Maya and Lucas and wouldn’t change it for the world.

36. Are you planning to move to free form (abc)? Please say yes I really love GMW.

A: these things aren’t under our control. We will give you our best as long as we are allowed.

37. May has her talent in art. What does our smol bean Riley have talent in?

A: Clearly she is a psychotherapist.

38. Is there a friendship that will turn in to something more?

A: Yep, a few of them.

39. In the Upstate sneak peeks, why does Riley make everything about her??

A: Not so. She is all about Maya.

40. In Ski Lodge there’s a rumor that Lauren and her son come back… Will the sons dad be there too?

A: Part of that rumor is true.

41. If feelings tear apart growth then do feelings change when a character grows

A: Interesting question. The right feelings lead to the right growth. All feelings help you understand yourself.

42. Will we be shocked with girl meets ski lodge

A: Nope, it is exactly right.

43. What is the real meaning behind this triangle, that was never really a triangle?

A: At this age relationships are so important that we decided to show what actually is.

44. Something big to look forward too in season 3?

A: Absolutely

45. There won’t be another triangle, will there?

A: There won’t even be a first triangle.

46. Will there be a season 3 kiss?

A: could be.

47. On a scale of 1-10 how shocked will we be during ski lodge??

A: Those who understand the story 1. Those who don’t 10.

48.Will we see more moments with Riley and her parents this season??

A: Yes. Blow out fight with Topanga. Coming soon.

49. When will we be getting a Zay centric episode? We want to meet his family

A: So do we.

50. What was the first thing joshaya say when they meet again?

A: Hey Kiddies. I’m wrong.

51. When will we be getting a Smackle centric episode? We want to meet her family.

A: So do we.

52. Why Shawn and Cory didn’t marry each other? I mean look at them!

A: We know, right?

53. When will we meet Lucas’ immediate family (mother/father, siblings, etc.)

A: We kind of like the Pappy Joe relationship.

54. Can we please get more Cory and Topanga moments? They are such a legendary couple, they deserve more

A: One of the most amazing things about them is how much they understand that the series is about their children.

55. Look out for me at your July 19th taping, I’ll be there! I’m beyond excited!

A: Looking forward Taylor.

56. Lets get this settled, has Maya liked Lucas since the very beginning, when she and riley met him on the subway?

A: No

57. Can y’all put Zay in the opening credits??

A: We wanted to. Amir chose to be semi-regular this season and therefore could not be in the opening.

58. Who is the funniest on set?

A: They are all remarkably funny.

59. Does Feeny Feheheheeeny give anyone advice in S3?

A: Yes.

60. Do you let the cast help with scripts? Like can they help with the subjects for an episode?

A: The scripts are created in the Writer’s Room. Once they get to the set we rehearse them and talk about them.

61. Maya’s a main character, right?

A: Very main.

62. It was really long so… (the person inserted a picture of Lucas and Maya in GMHS 2)

A: This is clearly answered in Ski Lodge 1 and 2.

63. Is there any significance behind Riley’s purple cat?

A: Yes, especially for Maya

64. Season 1 was friendship, 2 was growth, 3 is feelings. so what will season 4 be?

A: If we get a Season 4 we will absolutely come up with something.

65. If Rucas or Lucaya end up together will it be temporary or the end

A: There is only one Cory and Topanga.

66. Are the Seniors going to be in any more episodes?

A: They were great, weren’t they?

67. In gmski lodge is lucas choice final?

A: This is a show about real life. You only know what’s final when it’s final.

68. Is Riley the only one in her group of friends that is not the only child?

A: No, we’ve just elected not to focus on siblings.

69. rewatched a few season2 eps seems Riley likes two boys one like a bro… with that said will maya need to tell Riley

A: Like life, people don’t actually understand what their feelings are until they explore them.

70.Will we learn more about Zay this season

A: Yes.

71. Valley teen wants to change lay allowing corporal punishment in schools shar.es/1lqJvZ PLS READ THIS

A: It is interesting to us that many of the subjects we have tackled are in the news

72. Why do you think the ratings are so low now?

A: They aren’t. Girl Meets World is the most watched show on the network. We are proud of that.

73. Favorite episode so far?

A: We like so many of them it is hard to pick out a favorite, but the next few episodes are truly extraordinary.

74. I’ve got a list of questions for the @GMWWriter’s Twitter Q&A at 2pm central/12 pst. Hopefully one of them gets answered.

A: We hope so too.

75. This question is not about the show but you…… why do you like playing with my heart?

A: Thanks. We are absolutely trying to get you to think and feel. That’s why we do this.

76. How many of these will you actually answer?

A: Another few minutes and then we go back to the script.

77. Were these meant to parallel each other? (Picture of Adult Maya next to Lucas in Texas and Adult Riley next to Farkle wearing a turtleneck)

A: Sometimes these actually is coincidence.

78. Did Rider and Ben remember their handshake for gm upstate or did they have to re-learn it?

A: They knew it perfectly.

79. So are you going with the storyline of Maya was having an identity crisis this whole time and never liked Lucas?

A: This will be look at in upcoming episodes. It is not as simple as that at all.

80. Can we get a scene where Riley watches a game of the Knicks, Plz???

A: You don’t want to see that. The room gets turned upside down.

81. I feel like starting a drinking game during the Writers Q&A: Every vague answer, drink up!

A: Here’s something that isn’t vague. If you are lucky enough to have a true friend, hold on tight.

82. Do you understand that we ship lucaya & riarkle?

A: We understand

83. Why does maya get so much hate when she was influenced by Riley?

A: They all have changed each other. They have all influenced each other.

84. Ur favorite character?

A: Corn Chip Dave.

85. I’m hoping that once the nontriangle is resolved all the shipwars end. I’m tired of all the drama on social media.

A: This will be our last question of the session. We completely agree. We are hopeful that our wonderful audience will come to understand that this has never been about couples or ships. Our show is designed to teach young people that life brings you wonderful episodes, wonderful adventures, and they are even more wonderful when shared with friends. And the best thing you can do for a friend is to positively influence them, to change them, and to grow with them. We will continue to bring you episodes that are heartfelt and sincere. We hope you enjoy them and these characters and situations we have created for you. We were so proud of Boy Meets World and we are just as proud of Girl Meets World. We are grateful for your loyalty and we thank you for staying with us. Onward.

For all of those who couldn’t see the Q&A live!

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