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Mar / October 2nd, 2015 / 8 Comments


Hey guys, Uriah tweeted tonight that he was in a horrible motorcycle crash that left him in the hospital for a full month. He gave an update via Twitter on what happened with him. Uriah, we are so glad you are okay and made it out alive. We adore you as Josh and hope you continue to have a speedy recovery. Check out his tweet below:

Source: Uriah’s Twitter

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  • Hannah Bryant Benchekroun

    the writers could work this into the show. an episode along the lines of dangerous choices have dangerous disasters…. like titanic sinking without enough lifeboats or something like that.

    • kswheels

      Maybe have Mr. Turner give this lesson, rather than have it be a class lesson.

  • Shardae Cotton

    Well that explain why he haven’t been on any new episodes of GMW but, wow thank the Lord that Uriah is okay.

    • Kat

      The episodes are written and filmed so far in advance that the ones we’ve seen over the last couple months were probably planned out and done well before this accident happened. He just hasn’t been on the show because they haven’t needed him for any of the story lines.

  • Holly Fulton

    I Hope he is all right Because he Became my favorite person on the show and I Really Like him

  • Amy Cooke

    I’m glad he’s okay. My husband’s father passed away due to a motorcycle accident when my husband was old 10 months old, so my family truly knows how bad this could have been.

    Kudos to him for not only posting this, but pointing out that he was riding recklessly. It’s hard to admit when you are wrong, especially in such a public forum. If just one person reading his post rethinks their actions or their own reckless behavior, thus possibly saving their own life, it’s a good thing.

  • Shane Mcabee

    I’m really really glad u are okay,I really hope too see u on Girl Meets World?pss…please be very careful next time.don’t rush to get back on the motorcycle.wait until u grow up first.do not be in a hurry to grow up.please injoy been a kid okay u got every one in your family and on Girl Meets World who loves u and wish u well okay.Thanks,Shane Mcabee.Be safe.And enjoy your life it’s very delicate.

  • Ty Cox

    I’ll be praying for u Sheldon didn’t know u was an accident l continue to pray for u get better soon buddy

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