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Sef / September 2nd, 2015 / 17 Comments


Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

MultiChannel.com posted an article about the upcoming Girl Meets World episode “I Am Farkle” which tackles Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a disability that is on the spectrum for Autism. The episode premieres on Friday, September 11, 2015.

Here is a quote from the article which has information on the episode from Disney:

The episode follows series character Farkle Minkus — who may suffer from the autism spectrum disorder — and how his friends rally around him for support, according to the network.

Disney said it hopes that the storyline can spark conversation among kids and their families about the disorder. The network consulted medical experts to provide an authentic and accurate portrayal of the disorder, according to network officials.

Watch a clip from the episode below:

Source: Multichannel.com

  • David Tiberius Strock
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    This is fine. But how can they all of a sudden say Farkle has Aspergers and just expect us to buy it when he’s never shown any sign of being different in that way before? Sorry. But it doesn’t work that way.

  • Covarr
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    He’s absolutely shown signs of Asperger Syndrome before, though. His awkwardness, his bizarre yet consistent taste in clothes (which he made a central part of his identity), his frankness and lack of social nuance, Tourette’s-like tics (such as that “hah” laugh)… those are all pretty common traits in AS. He might not show it nearly as strongly as some people, but I have zero trouble believing Farkle as a character on the autism spectrum.

    The stereotype of autism spectrum disorder, particularly Asperger Syndrome, is cold, emotionless, and robotic. This stereotype is not a good representation at all, though. Most people I know on the spectrum (myself included) have emotions; they simply don’t know how to express them quite the same as everyone else.

  • Teresa Pilkinton Sullivant
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    I agree! Farkle is like a older version of my son who has Aspergers!

  • Annie T.
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    Farkle is defined by being different. Girl Meets Yearbook: “I got most likely to be Farkle”.

  • Tiana Donahue
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    As somebody that has Aspergers and whos parents are both psychologists, Farkle has shown many many signs of having Aspergers syndrome.

  • Brittany Dale
    Posted on September 04, 2015

    Aspergers can appear in many forms on someone…. I have it, and yet people don’t know it… they just think that I’m naturally gifted, about certain things…. what they don’t see is how much I beat myself up, to create something perfect… how many endless hours I spend to make a small craft, a masterpiece…. Farkle reminds me a lot of me…. that’s how I can believe it

  • Daphne Craig
    Posted on September 08, 2015

    Anyone who lives with or knows someone on the spectrum would know Farkle is on the spectrum on some level, it is obvious. I knew it the first time i ever watched the show. My son is autistic. I am glad they are embracing this topic, better late than never to some.

  • Shauna Sidnam
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    I thought the same thing as you David, But when i told my ASD son (who is 9) about the episode and about Farkle being on the spectrum, you know what he said? “COOL!!” he didn’t care that he never showed signs, he didn’t care that there was no mention before of it. He was simply happy because someone else on a TV show that he watches and loves has the same thing he does, Guess I could learn a good lesson from my son. Just go with it <3

  • Annie T.
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    I was a bit worried for a moment, then I saw the clip.

    Girl Meets World, I trust you guys to do this right. And I think my trust is well deserved.

  • Becky Smith
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    My nephew was recently diagnosed with Aspergers and honestly I had no idea he was anything but hyperactive until I researched the Autistic spectrum this past year. His behavior, somewhat unconventional for a 7 year old child, still was normal. His development within the classroom, was slower than normal; but it could had easily been dismissed, and was; for behavioral problems. He does not exhibit the stereotypes of an Aspergers child. He is loving, he is wanting to be social and outgoing; but reacts when his sensory is overloaded. He has a tic and it is painful to see him interact with others who do not understand him. He, like Farkle is curious and very intelligent. With patience, love , and guidance he, just like Farkle, will be as developed by the time he reaches 14. I think that Farkle shows those tendencies and I often wondered if that might be a storyline for the future. Thank you GMW for bringing a very real but relevant topic to light. I know many fans not only with children, close family, but struggling with their own battles will be moved and enjoy your interpretation.

  • Ashlee Shipe
    Posted on September 02, 2015

    It would be great if you could actually see the clip .. or at least find it on multichannel.com

  • newsball
    Posted on September 03, 2015

    again having aspergers myself when they brought this up, it explained farkle’s character, but it’s also why farkle makes friends easily

  • Norman Hammond
    Posted on September 03, 2015

    I have Asperger’s Syndrome I can’t wait to watch this episode! Thank you Girl Meets World! For show the world what it’s for people who have Asperger’s Syndrome is like and what they go through on a day to day base. 🙂

  • Brittany Dale
    Posted on September 04, 2015

    I was diagnosed when I was 14, but the from my earliest memory, which goes back pretty far, I asked my mom “Why am I different?”

    It took us years to figure it out… my mom tried her hardest to raise me the way she raised my brother, who doesn’t have A.S…. but it didn’t work, we had to find new ways for me to learn… I grew up smart, creative, loving, kind, but yet I also grew up a freak…. because I was so different, nobody wanted to hang out with me… I grew up, very much alone… My only true friend living hours away from me… it was a hard life, and it still is… but I’ve learned not to be afraid, I know what things I can handle and how I can handle them… My brother once told me that I’m not defined by the things I can’t control, but by the things I can, and that’s what makes me an awesome sister…. If I didn’t have my brother, mother, aunt, grandma and best friend by my side, I probably wouldn’t be on this earth anymore…. Aspergers isn’t something to fear, just something to be careful with…. Don’t let people tell you how you should be, even with a disorder, because they don’t know how special you truly are….. Thank You Disney Channel, for making this special episode…

  • Monica
    Posted on September 04, 2015

    So excited for this to raise awareness! This is my daughters favorite show & she has Aspergers. Thank you so much!

  • Jeffery Ford
    Posted on September 07, 2015

    I have Asperger’s Syndrome and have published articles about Asperger’s and the Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Mensa World Journal, Detroit News and numerous other publications. I also belong to 13 different high IQ societies and recently received a Certificate of Recognition from the State of Michigan for my efforts as an advocate for people on the spectrum and for my being an author whose works have been read by millions of people around the world. So, I definitely know something (a lot) about autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s manifests differently in each individual on the spectrum. Farkle definitely could be seen as possibly being on the spectrum. Farkle is loyal; of normal to above normal intelligence; shows sign of social awkwardness though he has his own tight group of friends; has a special interest in a subject (science) and until recently would wear the same type of shirt everyday to school. I’m eagerly anticipating watching Girl Meets Farkle and hope this will help bring understanding and acceptance to others on the spectrum. I also wish to applaud the other ASD posters on this site for having the courage to share their story and experiences here with everyone. That makes you part of the solution and brings even deeper meaning to your life. Thank you!

  • danielle8508
    Posted on September 14, 2015

    I hate the word suffers. I have spinabifida. Even though I don’t have the ability to walk and use a wheelchair full-time I don’t suffer in the least! Yeah life is tough,but you work around it!

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