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Girl Meets World / August 16th, 2015 / 5 Comments

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Picture Credit: Maitland’s Twitter

For newcomers, Maitland Ward played “Rachel McGuire” on Boy Meets World and was college roommates with Eric and Jack. They lived in the same apartment.

Maitland tweeted two days ago on Twitter that she cannot wait to see Eric and Jack in Girl Meets Semi-Formal.  She teased about a future appearance on Girl Meets World. She also watched the episode.

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  • Zero X Marquis

    I highly doubt they’ll let her come back on. She’d be a good addition, but she needs to learn to keep her clothes on. In the After-Google age, I can’t see Disney allowing her to be put on the show and possibly catch the negative press. However, maybe they’ll go meta and have her be on as a character whose life got ruined by selfies, as a cautionary tale as to why not to take half-naked pictures of oneself and post them on the net.

    • The_Shockerwave

      Realllllly The Original Boy Meets Workd was a Disney Show but Disney decided to put it on ABC and not Disney or ESPN as ABC Family was owned by FOX and Others when it OG aired. So She’ll be on no matter what as Disney has been Advertising Hannah Montana for their Disney Channel APP which was Miley “Humpty Dumpty” Cyrus. So Maitland will be on.

      • Zero X Marquis

        Hannah Montana is a different beast. That’s an entire show that they can’t just walk away from, as well as Cyrus went awol after she left the fold. Rachel is a tertiary character at best who posts provocative photos before (and likely during) the time she’d be asked to come back. I just can’t see Disney risking the press without a good enough reason.

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  • Holly Fulton


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