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Girl Meets World / August 8th, 2015 / 27 Comments

There is currently a rumor going around that Girl Meets World has been canceled. At this point in time we wanted to let you all know that we believe this rumor to be false. There is no confirmation of it anywhere. Until we hear otherwise, we firmly believe that with what Michael Jacobs has said in the past that the show will be picked up for a third season.

Michael said it during the Boy Meets Girl Meets World panel at the ATX Festival interview which you can watch here:

Source: ATXFestival’s YouTube account

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Girl Meets World

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  • Menzer

    Where did you hear this rumor?

  • Holly Fulton


  • Scott Ward

    I really hope this rumor is exactly that. I will be a very sad person if it gets cancelled.

  • Scott Ward

    Especially since to me every episode really is getting better and better. It can only go uphill from here.

  • Alex Thomas

    Who is Will Freddie?

  • Alex Thomas

    Nope, and you said Friedle before, so Idk why you put Freddie. I doubt he said that it was canceled anyway

  • Alex Thomas

    then where did your “feeling” that he said it come from?

  • newsball

    why would disney even consider cancelling it, since one of there most recent episodes was the most watched

  • Sara A Collins

    The show teaches great lessons to the kids who watch it, finally a show with reasoning behind it. Live it and would hate for it to be cancelled.

  • Pajamaparty

    Why would there be a cancellation considering the show is doing well in the ratings for Disney. It is one of their higher rated shows.

  • Renee Oliveri

    As an adult, I can honestly say that there isn’t much television I look forward to. I have learned to put reminders on my phone calendar about new episodes of GMW. I am so tired of all the trash tv…Disney Channel, please don’t cancel this wonderful show. My heart would be broken

  • Andrew55

    Shawn and Eddie are not even related since Eddie is on Virna’s side of the family. We found Virna is not Shawn’s biological mother so Eddie is not even biologically related to Shawn. So forget about Eddie. Jack is a half brother to Shawn because they share the same father, Chet.

    Shawn’s mother was revealed to be a stripper that left after his birth. Nothing more was ever revealed about her. Also Shawn supposedly had a sister named Stacy in S1 but that was changed in later seasons and she was never mentioned again.

    If Girl Meets World ever wants to explore Shawn finding his biological mother then fine but if they don’t I have no problem with that either. So I guess I don’t understand your fascination with the Hunter family since the only thing left unexplained was who Shawn’s biological mother actually was. BMW ended without solving that mystery because Shawn had moved on and was ready to live the rest of his life without worrying himself about that anymore. So why would they want to bring it up in GMW is all I’m wondering?

  • Andrew55

    Where was it stated that Eddie and Jack are half brothers? What episode? I’m just curious so I can check. Jack and Shawn both have the same father…Chet but different mom’s.

  • Andrew55

    I’m sorry but it is hard following your argument. Everything I have stated is how I remember things on the show and backed up by the Boy Meets World Wiki site.

  • Andrew55


    And if that is not enough confirmation for you…here are the words from the writing staff itself…


    So there we have it. Eddie is not blood related. Neither Virna or Elaine are Shawn’s biological mother. And Chet is both Shawn and Jack’s dad. Jack’s mother is not Virna so he can’t be related to Eddie either. Jack’s stepfather is rich but he has no relevance to anything. This is not that hard to understand.

  • Andrew55

    Elaine McGinty has nothing to do with Eddie. He was Virna’s son. So there is no need to even discuss this anymore. What stunt did Jack pull? He knows who his biological father is and he knows who his biological mother is. We don’t know who Jack’s mother is but we know it is not Virna or Elaine. Plus it doesn’t matter who she is because it doesn’t pertain to anything on the show.

  • Andrew55

    Eddie was in one episode back in Season Two. What confirmation are you even talking about?

  • Andrew55

    I’m sorry if you think i am hurting you but all I have done is state facts and back them up. I have not insulted you or said anything bad about you. But your argument doesn’t make sense or you just don’t want to acknowledge the facts I have set before you. But this discussion is going in circles so I will just say have a great day and keep loving BMW/GMW.

  • Susan

    They better not cancel the show; I LOVE IT TOO MUCH and guess what, I. AM A 50YEAR OLD WOMAN!! But when I watch Disney channel shows like Girl Meets World, I don’t feel my age(50)!!!! So Disney channel and the writers of Girl Meets World make a Young 50 year old happy and DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryony

    Girl meets world is the best and I love watching it, it’s got some good life pointers in there too

  • jessie

    I really hope they keep the show on disney i watched all of boy meet world seasons and now i watch girl meets world with my kids and we love it i can’t wait what else they have instorw for Riley, mya, Lucas ,Farkle and the Matthews

  • Chris Hickey

    Why in gods name would anyone want to cancel this show? Girl Meets World is an amazing show. I really love watching this show. I love it as much as I love Boy Meets World. They better not cancel it.

  • Carl Anderson

    im an older male who got into the show due to work injury and there being nothing good on tv. i rediscovered my inner child watching disney channel. loved BMW and being the ever hopeful romantic optimist that i am im glad Cory and Topanga made out. glad i decided to check out GMW. started out a huge riley fan but have since become just crazy about maya. i think that maya is the girl who is meeting the world( through her friendship with riley) that character embodies all that i feel sometime. i hope that both characters stay happy but im really hopeful that maya gets all that she wants.

  • wakeupkent

    I’m just worried because it was renewed for season 2 back on August 6th of last year, and it’s now it’s November 6th with no news either way.

  • Steven Schooler

    I think girl meets world is one of the best shows there is this show is fantastic don’t take this off the air I watch this show every time the new episodes come I even watch the repeats this show is better then Gotham I would like to see Katy and shawn get married

  • nicol pike

    Is there a season 3,does the news year cont. I love watching all the new and reruns.

  • nicol pike

    Is there a season 3, and how does it going to air?

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