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Girl Meets World / July 20th, 2015

ComicsOnline interviewed Will Friedle at SDCC 2015. Will talked about Batman Unlimited, Terry and Batman Beyond, and Girl Meets World. Below are some things he touched on in regards to Girl Meets World:

– Will Friedle was given permission by Michael Jacobs that we can officially refer to Eric as “Senator Eric Matthews”. He will be representing New York as a United States Senator.

– Will went out to lunch with Michael Jacobs and Michael told him he really wants him to be on the show. He hasn’t been on camera in 15 years. Will really wanted to write and Michael told him he can come on the show and write one of the episodes he’s in. He did 3 episodes and the third one he wrote. The episode he wrote is “Girl Meets Semi-Formal” which guest stars himself and Matthew Lawrence. He wrote for Matthew and he said it was really cool episode and that it was nice that he got to write for Matthew and him. There will be a special band in this episode as well.

– When Michael called Will and said they were going to bring back Tommy, Will was floored. Michael said it was going to be the original actor JB. Will said it was very funny and emotional for all of them.

– The Feeny Call: “I have officially passed it onto the two girls. I had to retire it for them. It is now theirs and their property and it wouldn’t be right if I took it from them. They will give it a wonderful, wonderful legacy”. We don’t know if he was being serious about this. It sounded like it to us especially because he never did the Feeny Call when the interviewer asked. However it could be that he was in fact joking about it.

Source: ComicsOnline.com

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