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Mar / March 6th, 2015


Picture Credit: JustJaredJr.com and Disney Channel

Cheryl was interviewed by DizRadio.com. She talked about acting, the audition process for Girl Meets World, and went on to discuss the show and cast.  If you would like to listen to the interview you can go here: Cheryl’s Interview. Forward it to 59:17 to hear exactly what she said about Girl Meets World. The interview starts at 56:43 if you would like to listen to the entire thing.

Here are some interesting things that she had to say about Girl Meets World:

– She said that the whole thing is awesome. She loves being Sabrina’s mom, the cast and crew.

-She said that her character has evolved and that Katy’s storyline is still evolving too. They are adding layers to her storyline, character and everything.

-She says that when Katy was introduced, she was over-the-top. Cheryl enjoyed it because it was similar to her sketch comedy.

-She talked about how Michael Jacobs is really good about keeping the realism to the storyline and that he keeps it very grounded.

-In regards to Katy and Maya, she said there is a lot to be explored there with their relationship. She is very excited about what is coming with that storyline.

-On Shawn and Katy, she says that it was a lot fun working off of Rider. As far as the storyline goes, she couldn’t’ say much about what is going to happen but said that there were a lot articles that came out that hinted to what is going to happen with that storyline.

-Loves the entire cast and said they are amazing. She says how how Michael is writing to a new generation but at the same time, he is trying to please the older generation. Cheryl thinks that he is doing a great job with that and talks about how her friends and their kids love the show and how it’s awesome because they are passing it down to their children.

-Fun fact – Cheryl says there is candy all around the set. She said that this is something they used to do on Boy Meets World as well

SOURCE: http://www.dizradio.com/dod/DOD_3_5_2015.mp3

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