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Mar / February 3rd, 2015 / 23 Comments



ET Online has exclusively learned that Angela and Chet Hunter are going to be returning to Girl Meets World for Season 2! Here are some details on Angela’s return via Michael Jacobs the shows creator:

“We know that [Shawn’s] relationship with Angela Moore was a very important relationship to the audience, but we also know something more which is that with Shawn, nothing good ever really happened to him,” Jacobs explained to ETonline.

“He lost his father, he lost his mother, he lost his girlfriend,” Jacobs said. “She left him, and her rationale for leaving him was that she had a mother who had left her. That plagued so deeply in [Angela] that she never thought that she would be a good parent, a good wife, a good anything, but clearly she cared very deeply for Shawn.”

Those quotes were basically the biggest part of the article. I’m sure Shawn’s dad will be returning as a ghost. To read the full article go here:



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  • Since there is still more story about shawn I don’t think shawn is a hunter he has a different last name

    There’s rider strong shawn Jack Hunter matthew lawerence maury sterling eddie hunter AND the looks of it seems to me jack and eddie are half brothers and shawn is the brother to jack.hunter and eddie Hunter IN VRINA LETTER IT IS CONFIRM THAT SHE NOT SHAWN MOM AND ELAINE MCGINTY INTERNET SEARCH RESPONDING CONFIRMMATION THAT SHE IS NOT SHAWN MOM YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED in BMW Family TREES
    i really dontwant to ARGUE ABOUT THIS when will we see maury sterling

  • Elaine McGinty is a women that shawn suspects might be his birth mother in family trees a search on the intenet says that she is not. Though, even though she spent alot of time with chet in het past she was last spotted in Boston she was in the middle of confirmation saying that she jack mom well jack realized he did didn’t confirm on the Internet who his mother was too

  • Maury Sterling was not shown In family trees and chet doesn’t know that vrina had been hiding her son eddie from chet for a long time

  • I have watch BMW all the time I love it I am always right about everything

  • Girl Meets world would like to a Girl Meets World pink flamingo episode where Riley see Uncle Eddie Hunter

  • Girl MEETS World i know you are not affiliated to michale jacobs but how can fans email michael jacbos

  • It’s shawn stepfather will be returning as a ghost and how would eddie would feel that he lost his daddy and how upset he will get and the only thing is shawn and jack will wipe eddie tears

    • Softballumpire

      that be interesting how they do chet hunter

      • I don’t know I have you seen boy meets world you might be interested in Boy Meets World Season 7 Family Trees and the third season pink flamingo when boy meets world end vrina letter confirmed that Vrina is not shawn mom and Elaine McGinty internet search ended up that she is not shawn mom

        and plus maury sterling eddie hunter

        • Softballumpire

          I seriously forgot about that till you said something… It be interesting to even see if son ever see his real mother

        • Softballumpire

          she may of not been her real mom but she did act like a mom so in a way she is still his mother.

          • in BMW season 7 Family Trees on the sad note is with Elaine McGinty search on the Internet says that she is not shawn mom and that means vrina Hunter and Elaine McGinty are not the parents of shawn Elaine McGinty is jack mom and jack and eddie are half brothers

          • Vrina didn’t want to be apart of shawn life because she had to care for her own son eddie

            We don’t know jack stepfather and assuming that his wife passed away some time ago and my feelings are jack stepfather is Shawn’s birth father and didn’t know how to take care of he’s son and stacey get this he may have left her back at home or left her somewhere it wasn’t specific of the confirmation if jack stepfather is shawn father but it’s definitely true jack stepfather is shawn daddy

          • Softballumpire

            I think she left as she didn’t have much more to give to son to learn as he had plenty of that support. as far as eddie wasn’t he a punk or something I think he was a lost cause

          • That’s was when he was on BMW he knows what he did to shawn. Eddie had a troubled past and I know he will defintely change. He’s just like eric matthew

          • Well eddie has been through alot his mother left him his father was never around so eddie to care of himself and it was hard for him too
            poor shawn poor eddie

          • Girl Meets World writers totally forgot about Maury Sterling and Eddie Hunter and they’re not bringing him up in GMW. Well they have too because the fans don’t know about his existence and we don’t know him. Eddie does exist but it’s all vrina fault because she wanted to keep her secret son hidden from chet and left the viewers asking questions now

          • Did you seem boy meets world season 7 Family Trees

  • I think ET Online needs to learn that Chet Hunter son is Eddie Hunter and he is jack father

  • When will maury sterling eddie hunter come in to girl meets world

  • http://www.imdb.com Eddie Hunter Maury Sterling

  • Chet doesn’t know that shawn has sister, so it’s uncertain and unconfirmed that chet may not be shawn father and eddie is chet son

  • Well Vrina hid her son away from chet because she was afraid that chet would hurt her son and that was leaving the viewers asking too many questions

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