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Girl Meets World / November 19th, 2014

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Experience by Joselynn

Hi, my name is Joselynn and I attended the Girl Meets World live taping for the Second episode of Season 2. I took my sister who is a huge fan of GMW and It was an amazing experience. I am not aware of what the name of the episode is called, but it focuses on Lucas. We were told to keep the spoilers to a minimum; therefore I won’t explain what it was about, but it was a great episode. We see a side of Lucas that nobody knows of him. I love the message behind it and how amazing it is explained. I also know that people will be surprised and will LOVE it. I wish I could say more but it is worth the wait. Even though the directors had to re-do the scene about 6 times, it didn’t seem like a long process to me. We did have to laugh over and over again for the same scene but it isn’t too bad, some lines really are funny. The cast was so professional and have amazing acting skills.

After the recording was done we had a chance to meet the cast. We were suppose to get in line and meet one person from the cast and take pictures but everything was chaos. It’s understandable since kids want to meet the actors and take pictures. While I was patiently waiting in line, the cast suddenly left and it was a bit disappointing because I waited and was patient. As I was leaving I asked one of the people who worked there and thanks to her my sister was able to take a picture with Rowan(Riley) and Sabrina(Maya). She was extremely nice and so was everybody else who worked there.

My favorite part was seeing the bloopers and how the actors changed their tone of voice after every take. And of course meeting at least a few of the cast. I can’t wait to see the final edit of the episode on Disney Channel. It’s an amazing experience and I am definitely thinking of going back again.

Pictures by Joselynn

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