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Girl Meets World / November 19th, 2013 / 3 Comments


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We have found an amazing post over at IMDB and it speaks the truth. Here is the post:


I really think that everybody is blowing this concern over GMW being on Disney Channel way out of proportion. Now I don’t mean to get off on a rant here, but while it’s true Disney shows are not exactly the best of quality or maturity. I have to admit that I’m 33 years and I have been a fan of everything that Michael Jacobs has produced in the last three decades, and I still believe very much in his work and his ability to make this show work even on the Disney Channel. IMO, he has never made a bad television show yet, and I doubt he’d start now. This is the same man who not only produced Boy Meets World, but was also the man behind Charles in Charge, My Two Dads, Dinosaurs, and The Torklesons. Not all of these shows made it for very long on TV, looking at you Torklesons, but they were still television programs that were better than anything that Disney has had on it lately.

I’ve done a lot of reading and research into this show and I can tell that Michael Jacobs understands the concerns of the fans and so does the actors, especially Danielle Fishel. It’s also necessary to note that many of the writers that worked on Boy Meets World will work on Girl Meets World and I find that very reassuring. Even if this show is not as “perfect” as Boy Meets World I definitely believe that it will be better than anything else on Disney. Doesn’t take much, does it? After all, Michael Jacobs has been around a lot longer than most of these hacks and from everything I’ve read he is definitely in touch with the fans.

Heck even from the picture below and the looks on each of the character’s faces I can tell that this show is light years ahead of other Disney channel shows as it shows a definite connection between parents and child. A connection that doesn’t seem to be there in other shows. To put it simply as long as Michael Jacobs stays true to form, as long as Cory and Topanga remain Cory and Topanga then this show will be great no matter what channel it’s on.

So, before you and everybody else that’s concerned with it being on the Disney Channel write this show off, I say give it a chance and I think if you keep your expectations at a reasonable level you just might be surprised. At least that’s my opinion I could be wrong, but one’s thing is for sure I cannot wait until this show begins early next year.


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