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Girl Meets World / June 5th, 2013 / No Comments

BMW Ending
This beautiful article was written by https://twitter.com/kt_downs (Twitter). They gave us permission to post their article on our website. Its beautiful on how she went through many details on Boy Meets World. Read the article below!


The news of Girl Meets World was basically earth shattering for anyone who had ever enjoyed even one single episode of Boy Meets World. After hearing that Ben and Danielle had signed on to reprise their roles, all these thoughts started running through my head, and now I have expectations for a show that eight months ago was just an idea; my world is in shambles, here! If Disney doesn’t order the pilot to series, I feel like the collective groaning of my generation may cause an earthquake that would vibrate all the way to China. Please Disney, don’t ruin this for us.

I’d be lying if I said Boy Meets World didn’t have a hand in my upbringing. In fact, a lot of important life lessons I learned because of it are still valid in my own life. My personal favorite: life’s tough, get a helmet (obviously, blog title, hellloooo).

Sure, the show wasn’t huge in its day. In fact, Cory Matthews didn’t become a cultural and generational icon until long after the show ended. While the show was on the air, we were too invested in the week to week happenings to truly understand the enormous impact it was having on our lives. Seeing the show in syndication allowed us to see things that we’d missed the first time around, and enabled us to watch Cory’s life progress naturally. We were growing up alongside Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric, although we probably didn’t realize it at the time. I was definitely too young to realize it at the time. After watching the show years later in its entirety, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the wisdom that it offered.

So, for my wants/needs/hopes/dreams. Let’s begin.

1. Continuity. Please have some.

  • Ages: When Boy Meets World began, the kids were 11 years old. Eventually, they magically skipped two grade levels all together and the characters became the exact same age as their actors, which was perfectly fine because it made more sense to me. They looked 15 instead of 13 and playing younger wouldn’t have worked while they went through their awkward stages. It would’ve made them appear to be early bloomers. On Girl Meets World, will Cory and Topanga be 32 like Ben and Danielle are now? Will Riley jump two grades with no explanation like her parents? Hopefully they find one line for the ages and stick to it.
  • Story of Us: Young love is sometimes a little fuzzy, I’ve been there, and I get it. Luckily, we have video evidence from past Boy Meets World episodes that help us piece together the timeline of their relationship. We know Cory and Topanga were stroller buddies as toddlers, best friends to the point of knowing her favorite food and color at age 2, “together” since age 4, obviously ”married” when they met Shawn around 6 or 7 at the Llama pen and of course the lost years that occurred between 6 and 13. But then the continuity falters. As we previously established, Cory was 11 in season one but Ben was 12/13. Cory tells his mom that when he was 13, Topanga pushed him up against his locker and gave him his first kiss. But Cory wasn’t 13, Cory was 11. So… a little clarification for the future generation would benefit the older generation immensely.

2. Kissing. I like kissing.

  • In season one when Topanga gave Cory his first kiss, Cory didn’t really kiss her back. He was startled, and a typical boy, so that’s forgivable.
  • Season two gave us their second and third on screen kisses. Season two baffles me in a way. Cory and Topanga obviously liked each other enough to kiss during Cory’s awkward werewolf debacle and were close enough to survive “the closet” together. They even made out at the coffee house, much to the excitement of everyone who was already rooting for them. Then suddenly, Topanga disappears and he starts dating Wendy until Topanga returns a few episodes later like nothing changed. But, I digress. They’d kissed three times in the series and they were just kid kisses. As a viewer, I appreciated the innocence that came with those kisses. No one understands physical passion at that age, and we didn’t want or expect them to.
  • As the seasons progressed, the kisses became more believable and the chemistry was undeniable. They looked like a real, happy couple.
  • Here comes the purpose of this section. Once they became an official couple on the show, Ben gave Danielle what appeared to be “real” kisses. You could see his lips, you could see his jaw move, and damnit you could tell he was into it. Granted, this is my opinion, but it seemed like all at once his kisses went from “boy in love” to ”I’m kissing you because I have to” and I’m still upset over it. It’s like they had an epic fight one day (which I don’t actually believe since they’re still best friends to this day), because there were only a few times in the rest of the series where it appeared to me that Ben was really kissing her. From then on I would notice subtle instances when I wish he would’ve puckered a little more, if even just for effect. I know they’re actors, I know they have to pretend, but Danielle always seemed to pretend better. She kissed him better.
  • My biggest kiss department let down? Their wedding kiss.
    Of all kisses, it was one of those subtle times where he didn’t look interested. It’s the moment we, as the audience, coveted for six and a half seasons, (and I’m still devastated over them being announced as ’Mr. & Mrs. Harold Peterman’. Why couldn’t we have finally heard ‘Mr. & Mrs. Cory Matthews’ like we deserved?!) and he tight lipped kissed her! You broke my heart on that one, Ben.And as for this? This is the side of his face! This is the only time Danielle ever let me down. So I forgive her. It’s fine. It’s also official, I’m too emotionally invested.
  • BUT, there is some redemption for our beloved Ben. Three incidents make me giddy inside like the eighth grader I truly am:
  1. “It’s Not You… It’s Me”: The episode where Cory and Shawn break up. Topanga kisses Cory and asks, “Did you enjoy that?” and he replies, “Yes ma’am.” He was into that kiss, and that makes me happy.
  2. “Honesty Night”: After discovering they’d forgotten to tell Shawn they were back together, Cory and Topanga agree to keep their reunion quiet to let Shawn think he helped them. Topanga throws Cory on the couch and they kiss through his line. They were just like every other high schooler in America during that scene.
  3. “His Answer: Part One: Cory accepts Topanga’s proposal with quite possibly my favorite kiss of the whole series. (And the fact that he has the cutest sleepy eyes afterward. Seriously, am I 12? I’m gushing, here!)
  • Long segment short: I’m married; I understand your relationship and kisses change over the course of your marriage. However, for the first few episodes of Girl Meets World while we’re getting reacclimated to them, I desperately need Ben to kiss Danielle hard and passionately (obviously if the script has anything of that nature but knowing this thing will be on Disney, I’d say I’m worrying over nothing.). I also need her fiancé to not hate me for wanting this so badly. It’s been 13 years, Tim. I can’t help myself if I didn’t emotionally mature past age 11!

3. Please let Cory still be easily confused:

  • Because I was 11 when the original series went off the air, I didn’t get the chance to be confused about life with Cory. Sure, I saw the episodes from week to week, but I didn’t get the chance to understand them until I was much older. Now, as a 24 year old wife, I’m perpetually confused about marriage, our future children and life in general, and I can’t wait to watch Cory react to those life changes as well. Boy Meets World taught real life lessons that are still applicable. I’m waiting with open arms to embrace the advice and wisdom that is sure to come from the new show. I have complete faith that Ben and Danielle will be able to recreate the most loved qualities of the characters in a capacity we’ll recognize.

4. I can’t wait for properly fitted clothes:

  • I know it was a 90s show, and I know the 90s was a horrible decade for fashion.


However, I also know that the clothing started to get much better in the later seasons, and for that, I am so thankful! I’m forever grateful that Cory wore a fitted tux for their wedding instead of the usual ‘two-sizes-too-big’ rented disaster most grooms wear, (my groom, included). I am genuinely excited for present day fashion. Plus, Ben looks amazing in jeans, so I’m selfishly dying for that. (Seriously. I’m not kidding. He wears them well!)


5. Cory’s thoughts on technology:

  • Technology was barely a topic of discussion in the original series. The internet was still fairly new, laptops were huge, and cell phones belonged to fewer people then than landlines do now. How will Cory react to his children using social networking? Will he be a helicopter parent who monitors their every move? How will he incorporate the new technology into his teaching? Will he be the teacher who confiscates cell phones and reads texts aloud? There are so. many. options. for this! And in typical Cory Matthews fashion, I can imagine him being completely flustered over each and every scenario. This is one facet of the new show that I can’t wait to see the cast explore.

6. Cory’s attitude:

  • Cory has always been his own worst enemy. He has always been quick to jump to conclusions, completely impulsive, neurotic and unable to control his emotions. Will he still be overbearing and childish when changes occur? Or will he be more calm? In my own mind, Cory has been on blood pressure medicine since about age 25. I’m also excited to see him as a father. Will he try to be a friend to his children? Will he be a nice mixture of his own parents? Oh the possibilities.

7. Their careers:

  • Cory and Topanga didn’t have to juggle the pressures of a career during the original show, they were still kids! Sure, there were episodes where they had jobs but now, in Girl Meets World, they are the adults. It will be so interesting to see how they balance careers, marriage and children. With each passing sentence, I’m growing more and more excited about this show.

8. Topanga as a mother:

  • Throughout Boy Meets World, I always saw Topanga as a maternal figure. She constantly took care of Cory and Shawn, even when her help wasn’t appreciated, she always had a soft spot for Morgan, she mothered Jack and Shawn when they developed chicken pox and she was Cory’s constant source of love and companionship. I have no doubt she will be an unbelievably attentive mother. I think that not only will she adore, advise and guide their children, she’ll serve as a buffer between them and Cory, who will probably intervene often more than necessary.

9. Selfish things I’m looking forward to: (Aside from the 8 other opinions I’ve selfishly imposed on you.)

  1. Cory nervously playing with his wedding ring: Few things are cuter to me than a young husband fidgeting with his wedding ring. It’s not that they’re fidgeting because they’re married, it’s just the physical presence of something new on that finger. Cory would always touch his fingers together, but after they got married he would grab at the ring and slide it down his knuckle while speaking. I find that to be incredibly adorable. Something about wedding rings just make me smile.
  2. Topanga, in general: For anyone who has ever seen anything involving Danielle Fishel, how could you not just adore her? She’s a hilarious, beautiful, humble individual and she deserves the success she’s had. Topanga was a wonderful role model for young women in that she didn’t ever give in to peer pressure. She was absolutely her own person and never lost her identity even though she was in a long-term relationship. She is part of the reason I wish Boy Meets World was a parenting requirement. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to learn from someone like Topanga?
  3. Ben as an adult, in general: Reason I say Ben and not Cory; for the past few years, anytime I’ve seen Ben, be it in film or a random TMZ stalking (what a disgusting entity, by the way) I search for some remnant of the Cory Matthews I once knew and I truly have a hard time finding it. I’ve seen some of his post-BMW movies (Palo Alto being my absolute favorite) and as much as I wanted him to be, he wasn’t Cory. I know very little about the acting craft, but I do find it fascinating that when he smiles in pictures, it’s not “Cory’s” smile. I have no idea how someone turns their expressions on and off that way, and that speaks volumes for the level of talent he has. I think he’s entirely more talented than he has ever been given credit for. (Sidebar example: One of my favorite episodes of the entire series came when Topanga broke up with Cory at Chubbie’s after the “Lauren incident.” Cory slammed his fist on the table and was so obviously devastated to lose Topanga. Ben outdoes himself in that scene. His cracking voice breaks my heart every time.) (Searching desperately to find an adult Ben picture that isn’t either paparazzi trash or him looking completely annoyed.) — Totally unable to find a picture of him that I didn’t hate. I feel like that’s a huge win on his part. He’s definitely got a way with the paps. Anyway. Google him, watch his movies, whatever you need, but he’s not Cory anymore. I hope he’s able to find him for Girl Meets World!

And since I’ve had your attention for what feels like 14 hours: I saved the most important for last.

10. I hope their marriage is strong: The description for Girl Meets World says that we find them happily married, but that isn’t enough. Cory knew he and Topanga would be together “for the rest of their lives”. Now that they aren’t fighting to save their relationship every other episode, how happily married are they after nearly 14 years of marriage? What does he still love and adore about her? Have they had any problems in their time away? I hope their marriage is as rock solid as they thought it would be. Cory and Topanga’s relationship became a model for the ideal relationship and all I can do is hope that they’re the magical, cohesive, beautiful unit that they’d envisioned they’d become.

In conclusion (yes, it’s finally over), I’m probably more excited for this show than is naturally necessary for someone my age, but if you really think about it, how often does someone get the chance to experience their favorite show twice in their life? (Like the Degrassi fans! Except after a while they completely phased out the older characters and that’s what I’m afraid of!) I’m so hopeful that Disney hasn’t built us up just to break our hearts by not developing this show. I’m not sure my own heart can handle the disappointment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that not only will Girl Meets World get picked up, but it ends up being even more loved than Boy Meets World was, if that’s even possible.

Thank you so much for spending your time on my new little blog. Truly, thank you.

– Katie.

PS. My new favorite picture of Ben in the world was taken with George Watsky, who is truly an amazing, talented human being. That being said, please oogle this picture with me. He shouldn’t be so cute.



Reading this article makes me even more excited about Girl Meets World!

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