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Mar / March 2nd, 2016

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Kendra and I have noticed recently that Rowan gets a lot of mean comments on her social media accounts (twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) so because of this we want to send her nothing but LOVE. This project is a very simple one actually, one that all of her fans can get involved in. All you have to do is simply send us a video answering one question: Why do you love Rowan? We are going to put all of your videos together and combine it into one video which will then be sent to her. The video must be no longer than 15 seconds long (we want to make room for as many of her fans as we can) and you can send it to us via email which I have set up through fhsequel.com because there are technical issues through here. The email address you can send the videos too is: gmwsiteprojects@fhsequel.com  Another way for you to submit to this project is via twitter. You can tweet us your video.

Please send us your videos by March 10 at 12AM Eastern as that is the deadline for it.  

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