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Girl Meets World / February 2nd, 2015

Peyton Meyer

Naked Mag interviewed Peyton Meyer for February 2015 issue.

We quoted some important parts from the interview:

“Peyton’s sense of ease has a lot to do with the show’s crew, as Girl Meets World’s writers are the original writers of Boy Meets World. “I knew exactly what this was going to be.” Peyton says.
“I knew all the Boy Meets World fans were going to love it and have faith in the new show.”

“The second season of the show will bring a lot of new light to the characters and their differences from the original casts. Lucas’ relationship with Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) is often compared to the early stages of Cory and Topanga’s love affair in Boy Meets World, but Peyton is quick to notice the differences. “I feel of an immediate love relationship, whereas Lucas’ and Riley’s relationship is more of a friendship building into a love relationship.” he says.

“Girl Meets World began filming season two this past fall, and after only a few episodes, Peyton can already feel the tone shifting a bit. “It’s been a really a huge transition for Lucas. I think my character has kind of changed the most so far into season two.” he reveals. “There’s a whole new side of him that no one’s ever seen before. It’s really interesting.”

Peyton hopes to instill good morals in his audience, both his personal choices and Lucas’ actions. He hopes Girl Meets World can follow in the footsteps of its parent show and become a method of teaching young kinds about tough times. “I feel like you can learn something every episode.” he says. He’s not afraid and hopes to get into more mature topics as he and his co-stars get older.” Hopefully down the road we can touch the subjects like alcohol.” he says.

You can read the rest of the fantastic interview here.

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