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Mar / June 14th, 2018


Hey guys I don’t really post updates on the website anymore. My life has gotten to busy for it and I feel like all the actors have moved on anyways so I just don’t update anymore. If However yesterday I was asked via email(I have the gmail app on my phone so I get alerts to new mail)  to make a post in regards to this.  If I’m asked to post something for someone I’ll do it. Bill is going to be at this event on September 21, 22, and 23rd of this year. Info about the event can be found below: Make sure you go to that link for more info:

September 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2018
Showboat Atlantic City, NJ
Twitter and Instagram: @njhorrorcon

Mar / April 7th, 2017

Bill Daniels recently sad down with Buzzfeed for the fun interview where tells us 7 things we never about Boy Meets World. It was a great little interview with him.

Source and Photo Credit: BuzzFeed Facebook

Mar / March 31st, 2017

Photo Credit: Ben’s Twitter

Happy Birthday, Bill! We hope you have such a wonderful day. Thank you for the many lessons you have taught us as Mr. Feeny. You’ll forever be a part of our childhood and we will forever remember the lessons you taught us. We hope you have a wonderful day and birthday! 🙂


Mar / March 28th, 2017

Photo Credit: bmwgmw on tumblr

Bill has been doing some signgins for his new book memoir that is now out. If you are unable to attend the signings but want a signed copy of his book here is how you can get one. All you do is o to the link below and you can order one of the signed books!


Mar / March 10th, 2017

Photo Credit: bmwgmw on tumblr

William Daniels will be doing a book singing on March 28th at Book Soup in LA. for his new book “There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others.” which is out in stores now. If you are in the area you should totally go to his signing!  He will also be attending a Book Expo in NYC on June 1 and Book Con on June 3rd!

Source: Bill’s Twitter

Mar / March 4th, 2017

Photo Credit: bmwgmw on tumblr

William Daniel’s who plays Mr Feeny recently released a memoir titled “There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others.” which is out in stores now. He did a book signing for it the other day in NYC and there is also a new interview out with him that he did with ABC news which you can watch below. If you are interested in buying the book you can do so by going here:


Mar / June 16th, 2016


Yesterday on Twitter. Bill Daniels confirmed in a tweet that he will have an appearance on Girl Meets World come August. This news came after a fan tweeted him that they can’t wait to see him back on the show.

Source: Bill’s Twitter

Mar / March 31st, 2016

CegUnG4W8AAXYc6Photo Credit: Lin’s Twitter

Happy 89th Birthday, Bill! We hope you have a wonderful day and hope to see more of you on Girl Meets World! Thank you for playing such an amazing influential character! Mr. Feeny has taught us so much!


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