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16 June 2016
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Yesterday on Twitter. Bill Daniels confirmed in a tweet that he will have an appearance on Girl Meets World come August. This news came after a fan tweeted him that they can’t wait to see him back on the show. Source: Bill’s Twitter @cballart I'm told my next appearance on Girl Meets World will be sometime in August. I'll have to ask Bonnie for the exact date. -Bill — William

31 March 2016
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Photo Credit: Lin’s Twitter Happy 89th Birthday, Bill! We hope you have a wonderful day and hope to see more of you on Girl Meets World! Thank you for playing such an amazing influential character! Mr. Feeny has taught us so much!  

27 March 2016
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Looks like Bill Daniels went to see Hamilton! Lin-Manuel Miranda who stars in the musical tweeted the above picture of himself with Bill. We hope to see Mr. Feeny appear on Girl Meets World again! Source and Photo Credit: Lin’s Twitter

2 July 2015
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  Picture Credit: Ben’s Twitter account   Ben tweeted a new/old picture of him with Bill Daniels on the set of Girl Meets World. Source: @BenSavage on Twitter Learned from the best — Ben Savage (@BenSavage) July 2, 2015

19 May 2015
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Written By: Mar Bill and Bonnie recently did an interview with Pamela Roz where they discussed Boy/Girl Meets World as well as the memoir that Bill is writing. I have summarized some of the parts of the interview. It’s only 6 minutes long so it’s not a long listen. -He said that he doesn’t want to be a regular on Girl Meets World because he chose not to but that

14 May 2015
Filed under Uncategorized   No Comments shared a first look of Cory, Topanga, and Shawn’s reunion with Mr. Feeny! There is also a cute picture of the girls with him as well. In the episode, titled “Girl Meets Pluto,” the original BMW-ers return to their childhood stomping grounds to dig up a 15-year-old time capsule, inspiring the next generation to bury one of its own.   Girl Meets Pluto premieres tonight at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel! 

11 May 2015
Filed under Uncategorized   No Comments has posted an interview with Ben and Rowan! They give us the scoop about upcoming guest appearances from Boy Meets World cast members. There is also an adorable video of Rowan doing the Feeny Call! Below are some quotes from the interview as well as the video of Rowan doing the Feeny Call which we have to admit she’s totally got it down to a tee! Mr. Feeny: “He has a

9 May 2015
Filed under Uncategorized   No Comments interviewed William Daniels and his wife Bonnie Bartlett. They talked about “Captain Nice” 1967 NBC comedy created by Buck Henry in which William Daniels played in along with “The Graduate”, “St. Elsewhere”, “Boy Meets World”and more. We have copied the part of the interview where Boy / Girl Meets World was mentioned.  If you would like to read the rest of the interview you can do so by going

29 April 2015
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  Ben and Rowan teased in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Radio Disney Music Awards about Mr. Feeny, Eric and Angela’s return. Check out the quotes below on what Ben and Rowan said. “Uncle Eric hasn’t changed much in 15 years but he’s definitely joining us this season as are a lot of old guest stars and stars from Boy Meets World” “Uncle Eric and [Riley] have the