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3 February 2015
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  ET Online has exclusively learned that Angela and Chet Hunter are going to be returning to Girl Meets World for Season 2! Here are some details on Angela’s return via Michael Jacobs the shows creator: “We know that [Shawn’s] relationship with Angela Moore was a very important relationship to the audience, but we also know something more which is that with Shawn, nothing good ever really happened to him,”

2 February 2015
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So excited that it is for sure confirmed now! We can be friends…right? — Trina McGee (@realtrinamcgee) February 3, 2015

30 January 2015
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Last night the writers teased some more about the upcoming season 2 episode “Girl Meets Hurricane”. They said that they have watched the run through of the episode and that it’s the best show they have ever done. For those that don’t know what a run-through is, it’s a rehearsal/practice before they start filming the episode which is on Tuesday in front of a live audience (whoever is going, have

6 September 2014
Filed under Uncategorized   3 Comments would like to wish Trina a very Happy Birthday!

22 May 2014
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  Sure sounds like it!   @nsideguy25 thank you. my return is imminent. yet unpredictable. — Trina McGee (@realtrinamcgee) May 22, 2014

26 February 2014
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Whoever is going to tonight’s live taping, you’ll be seeing Trina McGee! (she’s only visiting the set I believe). Will be at girl meets world taping in 15 hours!!!!!! — Trina McGee (@realtrinamcgee) February 26, 2014

29 January 2014
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30 December 2013
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Thank you to shawnandangelasoulmates456 over at our forums, they found an interview about Trina McGee. Trina reveals past 1:46 that Shawn and Angela will have a storyline. Check out the video here! UPDATE:   The quote kinda seems out of context. We talked about a possible storyline but nothing official yet. U guys a soooo crazy!!!! — Trina McGee (@realtrinamcgee) December 31, 2013

29 June 2013
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Matt Lawrence, Trina Mcgee, Lily Nicksay, and Betsy Randle talk about if they will make an appearance on “Girl Meets World”.