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Girl Meets World / November 20th, 2013


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 Tiffiney’s experience

I went to the live taping of GMW and it was phenomenal! I’m a 35 yr old mother of 3 and a huge BMW fan. I even went to a taping of BMW years ago! My daughter & I were the 1st people in line 5 hours before the taping started. Once we were seated in the studio, we had the awesome pleasure of watching the pilot episode of GMW which was fantastic. Then we were greeted by Michael Jacobs the creator. The sets are perfect and the entire cast is just amazing. Since they brought back all the same writers from BMW, GMW has the same “family values” instilled in it. Rowan is such a great actress and fills the shoes perfectly with her innocence and spark. And Sabrina has so many Shawn tendencies it just bring you right back to the Cory and Shawn days. August is such a fine actor for being only 5 yrs old and his wit and cuteness will definitely add to the greatness that is GMW. Of course seeing Cory and Topanga together again will bring a smile to anyone’s face. In between the takes, you can clearly see the family that the cast and crew have become.

After the taping, I was like a 10 yr old girl again when I finally got the chance to meet, speak and get an autograph from Ben Savage. We got to meet Rowan and Sabrina who also signed autographs for us and were just so thankful and appreciative to all the fans. As a mother myself now, I like my kids to watch good, wholesome TV shows and let’s face it, some of the shows on Disney aren’t. But now that I’ve seen 2 episodes of GMW, I can honestly say that this show will be just as good if not better (if thats possible) then BMW. I know people are grumbling about it being on Disney channel, but it WILL be different than those other shows. It will stand out on it’s own. It will still be witty, funny and teach valuable lessons for this generation. It will still bring us the lovely banter between Cory and Topanga. It will be a show you can watch if your 4 yrs old or if your 50 yrs old. You can watch it with your friends and you can watch it with your family. This show cares about what all us fans think and they have gone above and beyond to bring us a show that will live on in history just like our beloved Boy Meets World!

Girl Meets World / November 20th, 2013




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It really sounds like this show is going to be amazing.


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